90210 liam and naomi relationship advice

90210 liam and naomi relationship advice

Though Naomi was reluctant, she eventually followed the advice and reconciled . Liam half-naked, Naomi left the room after declaring their relationship over. Naomi gives Annie a gift to thank her for her advice about Liam. that Liam doesn't like her, he was just freaking out about their relationship. Liam Court is one of the main characters on CW teen soap The two entered into a mutually flirtatious relationship, though Naomi did not initially know of his status as a high . Liam takes her advice and gets back together with Naomi.

Then Liam asks Jen if she confessed to Naomi. She says that she told Naomi that she is married and is now broke. She thanks him for forcing her hand and says that Naomi will never believe that they slept together.

Back at his house Liam plays back his recording of Jen when she admitted that she slept with him. Liam walks toward Naomi to have her listen to her sister confess that she slept with him, but sees that Naomi is crying.

In Ryan's class, a student grabs Liam's phone. Ryan confiscates the phone and tells him to pick it up after class. Liam waits for Ryan to return to his classroom after school, but he doesn't show up. He breaks into Ryan's office to look for his phone and Ryan catches him and gives him detention. Ryan informs Liam that his parents asked him to call them if he gave them any problems. Liam tells Ryan he doesn't understand that his stepfather is a jerk. Liam's dad Jeffrey comes to school and tells his mum that he was only going to give Liam one more chance.

Jeffrey announces that Liam is a bad seed. Ryan arrives, overhears Jeffrey and tells him that Liam is doing a great job and he should be proud of him. Later, Liam tells Ryan that what he did was very cool but Ryan says that he still has detention and returns his phone. Liam asks if he missed the deadline for the writing contest and Ryan informs him that he has three days left.

At the beach club, Liam sees Naomi and readies his phone to play Jen's confession that she slept with him. Just before he reaches her table, he sees Richard sit down with Naomi and give her a kiss. Liam walks away, goes in his car, and erases the recording of Jen. In Halloween Liam butts heads with the newest member of the surf team, Ivy Sullivan. Liam, with the help of Dixon, Teddy and Ivy, devises a plan to seek revenge on Jen.

He is determined to open Naomi's eyes to see how evil her sister it. With the help of Dixon, Teddy and his new friend with benefits, Ivy, they prove Annie is innocent. After she finds out she goes to talk to Liam but sees Ivy kissing him. Liam and Naomi talk, after Ivy texts Naomi. Liam shows Naomi the boat that he is building and tells her that whenever he is angry, he works on the boat. Then, Naomi decides to give Liam another chance by sharing a kiss.

Liam later catches his stepfather kissing another woman and confronts him by punching him. He then leaves home and moves in with Naomi. He finds out that Naomi was sexually harassed by Mr. Cannon and confronts him at school, calling him a piece of garbage. Liam is sent to Mr.

Wilson's office and is about to kick Liam out of school unless he tells him why he confronted Mr. Liam refuses to talk, believing he would be betraying Naomi but Naomi walks in and gives the reason, that Mr. Cannon sexually harassed her. At the hearing, Naomi feels guilty and tells the truth about how Mr. Cannon never sexually harassed her. Liam moves back in with her mother and stepfather, preferring to be there than with Naomi. When he goes back home his birth father, who just got out of prison, is waiting for him.

He tells him that he wants to reconnect with Liam. His father wanted Liam to move in with him and run a bait shop together, so Liam steals some coins from his stepfather's coin collection so they would have the money and gives the coins to his father. He is eager to be back in his life but soon realises that he has taken the coins and abandoned him. Later, he goes to Annie's house to do their homework, but sees how messed up Annie's parents really are.

So they go out for fresh air, Annie and Liam have a moment and it seems they were about to kiss, but she tells him he should forgive Naomi. Liam takes her advice and gets back together with Naomi. Naomi and Liam both start to get distracted as things go on, which Liam tries telling Naomi but keeps being interrupted by her, Naomi keeps telling her side of the story not paying attention to what Liam is trying to tell her.

Then Liam tells Naomi that she has no idea what is going on in his life and she says she will pay more attention and she will never ignore him again. When Liam calls Naomi she says she's in bed sick, when she's actually spying on her sister. He hears the traffic on her end of the call and knows she is lying again. He calls Annie and tells her his problems. Liam starts to develop feelings for Annie because she listens to what he has to say and Annie starts to develop feelings for Liam too.

Later on, Liam is having dinner with his mother and finds out she's trying to hire another housekeeper after she fires the current one whom she accused of stealing his stepfather's coins. He looks for advice from Annie, not Naomi. In the Season 2 finale Liam breaks up with Naomi because of all her lies and then takes Annie on his newly finished boat that he has spent so much time on.

After Annie confesses to Liam about her killing Jasper Herman's uncle she decides to tell her parents. When he returns to his boat later on, he sees that it's on fire and sees Jasper, who's on crutches, trying to get away. He knows Jasper lit his boat on fire and attacks him in rage, beating him up until the police arrive. Season 3 In the Season 3 premiere, Liam is mad at Annie for not calling him back during the summer.

There is an earthquake on the first day of school and they get trapped in the same classroom. Annie apologises to him and they have a moment to talk about their summer. School is cancelled for the day because of the earthquake and Dixon leaves to go to the beach with Ivy, leaving Annie without a ride.

She has no choice but to ask Liam for a ride and he takes her to an interview for an internship. After the interview, Annie runs into Liam while he is working on his car and they kiss. Annie stops and walks away because she doesn't want to betray Naomi. Liam goes to Naomi and tells her he wants to date Annie and she tells him he can do whatever he wants, she doesn't care. So Liam takes Annie out on a date to a pier where Liam pretends to have a new boat until the owner shows up and starts chasing them.

The owner calls the police and forces them to spend most of the date hiding. Annie gets mad at Liam because she is on probation from the hit and run and leaves telling Liam that he is trouble for her. Liam crashes at the Wilson house for a few days. Annie says she's met someone else and he's picking her up for a date. Charlie shows up and it is revealed that he is Liam's half-brother and they haven't spoken in years.

Charlie finds Liam sleeping in the car and offers him help but he rejects it. At the bachelor auction, a girl named Laura gets to buy Liam for a date, he doesn't really like her but decides to use her to make Annie jealous. A woman he is helping can tell that he hates it and offers him a new job, one of the perks is to be able to stay in her pool house.

He accepts immediately and moves in only to find out that the woman is Laura's mum, and she made her give him the job to be close to him. Liam freaks out but stays because he has no where else to go. Liam continues doing his job and hanging out with Laura even though he hates it. At the "Undies" awards, Laura makes him carry around her multiple handbags that she is trying to sell.

After the awards she sends him a text to meet him somewhere, when he finds her she is with sketchy looking guys. He finds out that the handbags contain drugs and she is actually a drug dealer. She tells him that her ex-boyfriend broke up with her because she was too good and she wanted to prove she could be bad. Liam is still driving Laura around and getting annoyed with her but when she starts crying he immediately feels bad and tells her she's a great girl.

Laura explains that she is in love with her ex-boyfriend, Dex. Dex shows up to the luau. Liam feels bad for her so he cozies up to Laura and kisses her in plain view of Dex to make him jealous. While Liam earns Laura's gratitude, he also wins a brutal beating from Dex later on. In "Holiday Madness" Liam is taken to the hospital where Dixon shows up for support and offers him to move in to his house while his wounds heals.

Although Annie is still in a relationship with Charlie, she says she can't live without him and they then sleep together for the first time. Charlie notices that Annie is acting weird and thinks it has something to do with Liam.

Liam tells Charlie that he hasn't forgiven him for what happened to him when they were kids. Charlie had let Liam take the blame for something that he didn't do and he got a beating from their uncle. Charlie tells him the truth and says that he set him up so he could be taken away from the house and get away from their uncle to protect him, while he received multiple beatings over the years. Liam forgives his brother and moves in with him.

Their relationship starts to improve and Liam feels he has a family again. Annie is still conflicted because she likes Charlie but she loves Liam. Charlie notices what is going on between them and knows it's much deeper than what he has with Annie.

He decides to do a semester in Paris and leaves them so that they can finally be together. Silver yells at the gang for being weird and tells them to stop being awkward and to be better friends to Teddy. Taking her good advice to heart, the boys recruit Teddy for a night out.

Wanting to show him just how cool and non-homophobic they are, they take him to a gay dance club. He and Liam bond over their respective discomfort and have a pretty good talk outside. Liam apologises for still not being totally comfortable with the gay stuff. Teddy tells him he feels the same way, he's still trying to figure out all this stuff too. Liam and Teddy ditch Navid Shirazi and Dixon in the club and go grab a burger.

In "The Enchanted Donkey" the gang goes on a trip to Mexico where Annie wants Liam to do romantic things until a monkey bites her making her sick so Liam prepares her something special to enjoy the spring break in the bedroom.

Back in Beverly Hills, Liam goes with Annie to a presentation of one of the moves of Marla Templeton, an old actress who is Annie's new boss. After Marla passes away, Liam goes with Annie to her funeral where they meet her daughter. Liam goes to prom with Annie where they talk about their future in the season finale.

Before graduation Liam tells Annie that he is not going to college and she breaks up with him feeling betrayed.

At Ivy's bachelor party Liam talks to Annie about his plans to go into a fishing trip over the summer on the day of Ivy's wedding.

Annie runs to him before he leaves where she tells him that she will wait for him to figure out what he really wants and he leaves while both of them stare.

Season 4 In the premiere, Liam is back and proposes to Annie but she says no because he didn't call her over the summer and she is not ready to get married. Liam becomes upset and asks for advice from his friends; Liam shows up Naomi's party wearing a tuxedo along with a group of Mariachis and proposes to Annie again. Annie turns him down again and a depressed Liam goes to a bar on the beach and spends the night drinking.

The next day it is revealed that he had bought the bar the previous night. In the next episode, Liam wants his money back but decides to keep the bar and start over. Later, a girl named Jane shows up and Liam and Jane share a kiss. In the next episode, Annie shows up at Liam's bar to ask for a favour and another chance but discovers that Liam has hooked up with Jane, who decides to move back to Alaska but Adrianna tells Liam about Jane's pregnancy and not to leave her alone.

Later at Annie's sorority party, Liam gets jealous after seeing her kiss another boy confronts Annie, telling her that maybe they aren't meant to be together. He later asks Jane to stay and raise the baby together. Liam is doing well with Jane when out of nowehere Jane's supposedly dead husband appears leaving Liam and Jane shocked.

Jane moves in with her husband, leaving Liam. While talking to Adrianna, Liam discovers that Jim had been spying on them all along and rushes to save Jane. At the apartment, Liam and Jim get into a heated fist fight, accidentally hitting Jane in the head. Liam and Jim rush Jane to the hospital and Jim apologises for lying while Liam apologises for dating Jane. Jim tells him that he is thankful for Liam taking care of Jane and the baby. Liam's bar starts to become popular with patrons hoping only for Liam's autograph, leaving Liam being frustrated until a modeling agent shows up and asked him if he is interested in modeling.

He initially turns down the offer, but after noticing his growing debt, Adrianna convinces him to give modeling a try. Liam decides to go but he does not feel comfortable with showing his body to sell watches to the camera and gets angry when his pay in minimal. Later, the modeling agent gives Liam more money, telling him that is doing a good job selling watches.

Liam Court

He goes out in public and gets swarmed by women. His agent gets him a spot on a billboard, but he turns it down because he doesn't want to become like Adrianna. Liam sees a motorcycle that catches his eye, and he agrees to the campaign in order to pay for the bike. When the group goes to Vegas, Liam gets an invitation to play poker from Vinny Jersey Shore where he almost loses all of his money. In "A Thousand Words" Liam turns down many modeling opportunities, until a cologne campaign offers him a race car driving campaign.

He is bummed when he finds out he's not allowed behind the wheel or to be part of any of the dangerous stunts. He throws a fit and sneaks onto the racetracks with Teddy, late at night. Liam gets caught and sprains his ankle while attempting to flee. Now he cannot be part of the cologne campaign, which costs the agency a lot of money, and Liam is stuck modeling for covers of romantic novels. For Thanksgiving, he wanted to make a nice dinner for his friends but finds it hard to cook a turkey.

Annie decides to help him, and Liam's estranged mother knocks at the door telling him that she has separated from Jeffrey, and that she wants Liam back in her life. Liam is ecstatic until Annie finds out that she is lying. After hearing the news, Liam confronts his mother about it and decides that she won't be part of his life anymore because she only wants his money.

When Naomi has an opportunity to be in a fashion show, she asks Liam to model for her, but he is forced to model Holly's clothes. Liam unintentionally butchers his runway walk, as he has no idea what he is supposed to do, as he has only done print ad campaigns.

Naomi mistakenly thinks that this is his attempt to humiliate Holly. Vinny invites Liam to a party in Beverly Hills and asked Annie as his date but she rejects him because she might be leaving to Paris with Dixon. At the party, Vinny introduces Liam to girls he hires as escorts where he finds out that Bree is an escort.

He tells her that she can have another kind of job, and she tells him that Annie is also an escort, and about everything that has occurred with Patrick. Liam storms over to Patrick's apartment, demanding to know where Annie is. Liam discovers that she went to LAX, and after beating up Patrick, he leaves for the airport. Liam spends the Christmas break at the hospital. The day he was leaving, Annie came back from Paris and visits him but he is mad at her because she hadn't called him and leaves with his new friend Vanessa.

Liam brings Vanessa to the bar and says he wants to do something fearless, like skydive. Vanessa tells him to start breaking his patterns and they leave to go skydiving. Later, Liam shows up with Vanessa at the beach after Annie called him to surprise him with his fixed bike. He is happy but says he'll pay her back and he leaves with Vanessa.

90210 liam and naomi relationship advice

Dixon tells Annie that Liam has no idea how much work it took to fix the bike, and that the mechanic took weeks to get the maroon paint off the bike. Annie realises that Vanessa's car is maroon. Liam shows up with Vanessa to Annie's New Years party where she confronts Vanessa about Liam's accident and the paint on the bike, but Liam ignores Annie and sleeps with Vanessa anyway.

When Annie is on her way out of town, she realises that she and Vanessa switched bags by mistake at the party and finds multiple fake ID's in her purse. Annie goes to Liam's bar and makes an excuse to get Vanessa alone so she can tell her she knows everything and to stay away from Liam. Later on, Vanessa asks Liam about Annie but he says that they're over.

Vanessa then says she has something to show him and takes them to a house in a dodgy neighborhood.

90210 liam and naomi relationship advice

She tells Liam that she grew up there and then tells him that she hit him with her car and that she's been in trouble with the law before. Annie then shows up out of the blue and says she doesn't trust Vanessa so she used Liam's GPS on his motorcycle to track them down. She tells Liam about Vanessa's criminal record but Vanessa then says that she used to bounce around different families and she understands if this is all a deal-breaker. Liam then defends Vanessa and calls Annie crazy, saying he is not her responsibility anymore.

In "No Good Deed" Liam talks to his manager, Sheila, about taking things to the next level in his career but Sheila's hesitant and says to start small with commercials and to try auditions in a year. Vanessa comes in and tells Sheila that Liam's ready now. Vanessa gives Liam a new wardrobe and says he has a daytime TV guest spot. Liam also got a job working as a celeb guest at Annie's benefit.

Vanessa surprises Liam at the "Your Day LA" taping and tells him he's going to be on a cooking segment, which Liam is completely unprepared for as he though he was just going to be talking. He then stumbles and embarrasses himself through the show and knocks down the fish he is meant to be cooking, creating a huge mess.

At the benefit, Liam tells Vanessa that he can't change into something he's not and that maybe he's just not star material.

90210 liam and naomi relationship advice

While Annie's talking with Liam, he notices a woman drowning in a bay nearby. Liam then dives in and saves the woman, looking like an action start when he does. Liam gets interviewed by the news about the incident and Vanessa tells him the rescue got him noticed by a couple of casting directors and that he is star material. Vanessa gets him an audition for a supporting role in a major movie.

Later, Liam tells Adrianna that he got a movie role and didn't have to audition because Vanessa ran into the producer and got him the job. But Adrianna suspects that Vanessa stole the meeting from her and Dixon because they were stood up at their other meeting and that made them late.

Liam goes to work on the set of his first movie and Silver gets a job working as a PA and ignoring her doctor's phone calls. When Silver drops a tray of glasses on set, Liam goes to see if she's okay and she tells him that she might have the cancer gene. He is shocked and doesn't know how to respond. She asks him not to tell anybody. Meanwhile, Adrianna is onto Vanessa and realises that the girl Liam saved from drowning is an actress.

She shows Liam a headshot and tells him that Vanessa is lying to him. At the music festival, Liam confronts Vanessa about the actress but she says that there are many actresses in LA and its a coincidence, she tells him that Adrianna is crazy and has it out for her. Liam tells Silver that he researched breast cancer and he's there for her, he apologises for not being helpful when she told him.

He tries to distract her from thinking about the test but she can't take it off her mind. Liam tells her that she should take the test otherwise she will live her life in fear of not knowing. There is commotion at the music festival in Adrianna's trailer, when Liam runs in, it appears that Adrianna has beaten up Vanessa. Adrianna says she was set up and Vanessa beat herself up but Vanessa says that Adrianna is crazy and she found her snooping through her phone.

Liam doesn't believe Adrianna and leaves with Vanessa. Later, Silver asks Liam if he'll go with her to her appointment because she hasn't told anyone else and she doesn't want to do it alone, he says he'll go. Vanessa starts to suspect that Liam is cheating on her with Silver because of the amount of time they've spent together, he lies to Vanessa and says he has to take publicity photos but he will actually be at Silver's doctors appointment.

Vanessa becomes very jealous and makes Liam tell her what is going on, he is hesitant but tells her so she won't get angry. Vanessa and Liam go to their meeting with Cynthia who offers Liam a small part in a movie where he will have to take his shirts off a lot.

He feels like its degrading but she tells him to take acting lessons. Vanessa gets angry and says that Liam is a star and he should have the main role and storms out without any part for him. Liam thinks Cynthia may be right and decides to read a book on acting and realises that he could learn a lot from lessons. Vanessa comes in and hands him a script for the movie, telling him he got the lead role and it starts shooting next week.

He is confused about how she managed to do it but is happy. Silver later confronts Liam about Navid knowing she was taking the tests, knowing he was the only one she told. Liam says he didn't tell Navid and they both realise it was Vanessa. Liam asks Vanessa about Silver but she says that Silver is lying, he knows thats not true because the only other person who knew was Vanessa.

He asks her how he got the lead role in the movie and after lying again, finally admits that Liam got the role because she blackmailed Cynthia about her affair with her assistant.

Liam realises that everything everyone has told him was true and he should have known it from when she lied about being the one who hit him with her car. He tells Vanessa he wants her out of his place by the time he gets back from Raj's wake. When he gets back, he finds that Vanessa has taken all the money in the register and his money from the production company.

Silver comes home after the wake to find her results in the mail. She goes over to Liam's and he starts to tell her that Vanessa took everything, but stops when he sees her face and the letter in her hand. She starts to cry and he quickly hugs her, realising that she must have the cancer gene.

Both feeling vulnerable, the start to kiss and then sleep together. When they wake up in bed the next day, she tells him that they should pretend nothing happened because she finally has a chance to repair her relationship with Navid. She asks him not to tell anyone and he agrees but he has developed feelings for her.

Liam spends the whole day with Navid because they have to transport an ice sculpture for Naomi's engagement party. Navid asks for Liam's advice about Silver and what to do about their relationship. Liam takes this as an opportunity to manipulate Navid into ending the relationship for good and to go back to Princeton, but Navid takes the advice differently and tells Silver he's going to stay with her and be there for her with the doctors appointments.

That night, Silver goes to Liam's bar and thanks him for not telling Navid about them, she asks why he didn't say anything and Liam tells her that he just wants her to be happy. She says she is but he doesn't believe her and kisses her. She kisses him back but pulls away and says it can't happen. He tells her that she can't say that she doesn't have feelings for him because they both know thats not true.

Navid goes to talk to Liam while he's getting ready for his premiere and thanks him for being a good friend to Silver and asks advice about what to do when he takes her to the doctor. Liam tells him just to be there for her. Later on, Navid goes over to the bar and tells Liam that Silver didn't take the mammogram because she might be pregnant but she had said that it was just some random hook-up with a stranger.

At the premiere Liam tells Silver he knows about the potential baby and says he only left her alone because he thought thats what she wanted but he knows that this means they're meant to be together. The paparazzi then mistake Silver and Liam for a couple and ask for pictures of them together.

Navid sees how intimate the two of them are and when Silver leaves to take a phone call he goes to confront Liam and says he knows that he was the one Silver slept with.

Liam asks if she had told Navid, but that confirms it, and Navid punches him. They then have a fight on the Red Carpet about Silver until she stops them and says the doctor just called and she is not pregnant. Naomi is upset that she has been paying for all of Jen's bills and asks when she is going to be paid back. Jen says that she is going to return to Olivier where she will live with an open marriage. She says once she is back with Olivier, she will pay her back.

Naomi tells her that she is worried about her and says she doesn't want her to go back to a loveless marriage. Naomi aspires to attend California University after graduating high school. Naomi is told by a teacher that she will not be able to get into CU. She then schedules tutoring sessions with the Dean's son to get close to him.

Meanwhile, Jen continues to manipulate Naomi and manages to convince her to lend her a large amount of cash. Naomi meets Jen at the beach club and Jen says she felt bad after their fight the other day.

Jen tells Naomi that she is best friend. She announces that she wants to move out until she figures out her divorce. Jen tells her that she will be better off without her dragging her down. As Jen is about to sign a new lease, Naomi arrives and gives Jen a check to cover her divorce lawyer fees. Jen thanks her and gives her a hug. They chatted about her love of the university. She breaks off her fake relationship with Richard and asks Jamie to the Halloween party.

Adrianna says Navid might still be angry after they broke up, but assures Naomi she is clean but Naomi says she lied to her before. While visiting Navid at the hospital Naomi asks Liam to hold the elevator and uncomfortably rides down with him and Ivy.

Naomi hangs out with Silver at her house after Silver's mother's funeral. Jen takes Naomi to the racetrack where they look at her new horse. Naomi later discovers that it was Jen who Liam slept with and not Annie. She makes Jen leave her house and gets a therapist to "de-Jen" her life.

In " Winter Wonderland " Naomi asks Annie to talk to her in the bathroom. She admits she made a huge mistake when she accused her of sleeping with Liam and says she knows Jen was the once who was with Liam.

Annie tells her she put her through hell and then Liam tells her he just wanted to check in and make sure she is okay. Naomi tells him that he could have put a stop to the lies a long time ago but Liam explains he didn't think she would believe him. Naomi gets upset and leaves. At the dance, Naomi and the gang prepare an intervention to help Annie and she also gets a text from Liam asking her to meet him at his house.

Naomi visits Liam in the garage and sees that he is working on something that is covered by a tarp, but he says it's nothing. Naomi says she got a text from him, and they ask each each other if they have something to say. Naomi says she hoped he was different now from his secretive self. She says she realises that he is not even willing to show her what is under the tarp but before she leaves, Liam uncovers a boat he has been working on.

Liam says things are bad at home and explains that when he is upset he works on his boat. He says he used to sail with his dad before he went away.

Liam says Jen told him that she was Naomi's neighbour and explains he didn't learn the truth until it was too late. Liam asks for another chance just before they kiss. After the winter break, Naomi returns from her vacation in St. Bart's excited to spend time with Liam and finds that when they spend time together it feels awkward. Confused, she asks Adrianna for advice. Adrianna tells her there is only one way to establish whether or not the two have chemistry, sex.

She follows Adrianna's advice which leads to the two getting up close and personal in his newly built boat.

'': Naomi comes clean, Ade and Gia are over, and Ivy and Dixon are … on? – Screener

Ivy agrees but secretly uses the time she spends with the pair to get closer to Liam and push Naomi away. It doesn't take long for Naomi to realise that Ivy likes Liam. She and Ivy have a fight on the beach over him and Ivy insists that she is a better match for Liam, causing Naomi to break down and confront him, telling him that they have nothing in common and that she has been pretending to be who she thinks he wants her to be.

However, the outburst only makes Liam happier because he feels that she is finally being herself, the girl he fell for. Cannon says he wants the club to have journalistic integrity. Naomi asks what happens if her work gets edited out by Navid. Cannon and Navid agree they shouldn't use the paper as a tabloid, but Naomi says she wants it to be.

Naomi insults Cannon's presence since he is not making much as a teacher. Later, Cannon calls in Naomi and asks her for an apology since she was insulting.

After Naomi refuses, Cannon kicks her off of the paper. Naomi begs to stay on and says she might want to pursue journalism. Naomi says she is willing to do anything in which Cannon takes as her asking to sleep with him.

He tells her that it is inappropriate then tells her the decision is final. Naomi asks Silver is Cannon was out of line but she doesn't agree with her. Silver says Cannon is a douchebag and says Cannon told her that she has to sleep with him in order to get back on the paper. The girls are shocked to hear about the sexual harassment.

Naomi gives a presentation to the Blaze group to try and rally the students to rise against Cannon and demands to be reinstated. Navid arrives and asks what is going on. Naomi enthusiastically calls for a strike, but no one joins her. Navid says he will talk to Mr. Adrianna and Silver arrive and tells Naomi that she can't let Cannon get away with his harassment. After Liam asks what happened, Silver describes what Naomi said and Liam suggests that she report him.

After Liam's stepfather cheats on his mum, Naomi agrees to let Liam move in. Liam suggests to Naomi that she report Cannon but since she's lying, Naomi says she thinks she is like Jen.

Liam tells her if she was like her sister, he wouldn't be with her. Liam then drives Naomi to the medical center for her therapy session and she tells him she will be done in an hour. After he drops her off, she sits down at the outdoor cafe, orders a drink and reads her magazine. Back at Naomi's, Liam asks her about her therapy session and if she is ready to come forward about Cannon. Naomi says she is worried what people will think if she reports her teacher.

After she pretends that she is upset, Liam says he hates Cannon. After Liam confronted Mr. Cannon, Harry tells Naomi that there will be an investigation on Cannon. Naomi says she doesn't want to press charges, but Harry insists since they can't take a chance with a teacher who may be harassing the students. Before she heads to meet the school board, Naomi sees Cannon in the hallway who asks why she is accusing him even though nothing happened.

Cannon shares that he has a wife and feels that Naomi is ruining his life. Liam arrives, tells Cannon to stop bothering his girlfriend and tells Naomi that he loves her and knows she is a strong person. Naomi tells him she loves him too just before they kiss. While in the room with Cannon and his wife, Harry asks Naomi what happened. She describes how nothing happened and she lied.

Cannon's wife is happy to hear that her husband is innocent. After the meeting, Harry tells Naomi there will be severe consequences, Naomi admits she didn't think it would get that far. Naomi sees that Liam took off after he heard the truth. Liam gets in his car and speeds off. Naomi finds Liam at her house and apologises for what she did.

She says she regrets accusing Cannon and she explains that things got out of control. He says he is going back to his mum's house. The next day at school, Naomi realises that her classmates are looking at her as they whisper and call her a liar.

While Annie visits her, Naomi describes herself as a terrible person and Annie says she can relate to her situation. Naomi is upset that Jen is back. At school, Naomi is forced to perform clean up duty as punishment for falsely accusing Mr.

Cannon of harassing her. Liam visits her at her house and apologises for not supporting her. He states that she the right thing in the end. After Naomi tells him she loves him, he says he does too. Naomi arrives at the beach club and orders shakes for herself and her friends for a boost before they take the SATs.

Jen surprises Naomi and admits she received the beach club as a gift from her husband. Jen tells Naomi that it wasn't nice of her to turn her back on her. Naomi and Jen are back to wreaking havoc in each others lives and just when Naomi thinks she has the upper hand, Jen slaps her back into reality by taking control of Naomi's finances and puts her on a tight budget, resulting in an instant meltdown by Naomi.

Without her credit cards, Naomi is too distracted to realise Liam is in need of support to deal with the departure of his father. In the second season finale, Liam breaks up with Naomi because he thinks she is too self-centred. Distraught, Naomi talks to Mr. Cannon and he shows her a documentary that he has been working on. After she compliments him, he takes her hands and tries to give her a kiss but she pulls back. He tells her he knows he wants her, but she pushes him away. Cannon slaps her and tells her no one will believe her since she already cried wolf before.

Season 3 In the season 3 premiere, Naomi is seen walking to class with Annie and asks her about having Mr. Cannon for 1st period. During an earthquake, Naomi is frightened because Mr. Cannon was behind her and she experiences the flashbacks of being raped in the season 2 finale.

Teddy later walks in on her doing a striptease while drunk and, while defending her honour, Silver walks in a see's Naomi hitting on Teddy and walks out. Naomi becomes alienated and loses touch with her friends. She receives hostility from Silver, who herself is spending time with Mr. Naomi warns Silver she should stay away from him and Cannon plays this off to Silver as Naomi being obsessed with him, which he claims inspired the initial harassment accusation.

Naomi, still distressed over the rape, tells Silver. Silver doesn't believe her initially but later changes her mind after hearing Naomi in a school interview using a phrase that she also heard Mr.

Cannon use in an unwatched documentary. Naomi later decides to press charges against Mr. Cannon and reconciles with Jen in the process.

New evidence is discovered about Mr. Cannon that reveals him as a predator but before he can be captured, he flees. Naomi begins to get back to her normal life and puts the rape behind her.

She regains her relationships with her friends, and even makes amends with Ivy. Cannon is in the apartment with her. She and Silver are taken hostage by Mr. Cannon, who vows to get revenge on them for ruining his life. They find a way to escape and they apprehend him. Naomi contemplates killing him, but after reasoning from Silver, stops. They then call the cops and Mr. Cannon is sent to jail. The retreat is an eye opener for Naomi and she decides to stay a little longer.

Although in denial at first, since Max is a nerd, she decides not to fight her feelings and kisses Max, after he helps her with her laptop. Max then turns her down, citing that she is not his type. She then tries to impress him by meeting him in her lingerie, but he turns her down again saying that although she is beautiful on the outside, she is too shallow on the inside.

90210 liam and naomi relationship advice

She tries once again and this time dresses up as an avatar, but he turns her down again and she is left embarrassed by his friends. She storms out of the theater and Max goes to apologise to her and tells her he is flattered by her gesture. They decide to give a relationship a try, but keep it a secret as they don't want to ruin their reputations. Naomi brings Max along with her for a spring break vacation to Mexico, as her math tutor.

However, the couple spend most of the break distracted with sex, until she confesses that she really is failing at math, to which Max makes her do some test papers. Naomi and Max continue to keep their relationship a secret, sneaking around campus. They have a last minute cram session, leaving Naomi jealous.

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Naomi charges into the cram session and accuses the pair of having an affair. After a heated argument, Alex decides to leave the team, due to the tension caused between the team by her and Max's relationship. Naomi decides to fill that spot hoping to give the West Beverly team a three-peat win at the Invitationals. She ends up losing the final question for the team. In spite of this, Max tells Naomi he only has eyes for her and says that he wants their relationship to go public.

Max gets accepted to MIT and has accepted their offer. This makes Naomi rethink her college plans. It has always been her dream to go to CU, but she decides she would rather be closer to Max so she makes up her mind to go to BU.

Max realises that he could not let her throw away her dreams for him. He decides to go to Cal Tech to be close to Naomi. After Naomi is named prom queen and Teddy prom king, Naomi has her moment in the spotlight ruined when a teacher comes barging in and accuses her of cheating on her final paper.

Naomi immediately begins to defend herself, until Max tells Naomi that he made a few edits to the paper before he turned it in for her and both Max and Naomi face expulsion because of this. Naomi decides to take all of the blame to save Max's academic future. During Max's valedictorian speech, he realises it would be wrong for Naomi to take the blame for everything so he confesses to what he did in front of the entire school, and friends and family.

Raj has his bachelor party, and upon realising he has mistakenly hired male strippers he sends them over to the girls' party. While the stripper is dancing, Naomi decides she wants to tip him, and throws her purse at Annie, telling her to give him some money. Annie tells Naomi that she only has hundreds in her purse, so Naomi asks aloud if anyone has singles. Adrianna announces that she does and Naomi thanks her and grabs her purse.

She then stats dancing with the stripper and swinging the handbag above her head. In her excitement, she drops the purse and the contents spill out onto the floor. Liam turns on the lights and Naomi and Silver begin to pick up the items that fell out, with Adrianna picking up the bits that fell further away. Naomi apologises and looks down at what she picked up, realising that she is holding Silver's missing bipolar medication.

After asking Adrianna why she has Silver's medication in her purse, Silver connects the dots and realises she was right all along. Adrianna attempts to explain to the group that they are wrong but Naomi sees through the charade and makes her leave the party.

On the day of Ivy and Raj's wedding, Naomi is ensuring that all of the arrangements she's made are completed when Max drops by to talk to her. He tells her that due to the expulsion, his parents believe that Naomi is a bad influence on him and have forbidden him to see her. His parents have also decided to send him to a summer programme in Cambridge with the hope that MIT will still take him in the fall. Naomi is completely heartbroken and spends most of the wedding moping with Annie, after her recent split from Liam.

When Ivy throws her bouquet in order to follow tradition, it flies towards Naomi and causes her to be pounced on by the large crowd of girls who were hoping to catch it. In the confusion, Naomi gets gouged by someone's stiletto and later has to go to the emergency room to get a tetanus shot. After the wedding party, Naomi pays a visit to Max's house and wakes him up by throwing rocks at his balcony windows.

He comes down to the front porch and they share a kiss. Naomi then tells him all about the bouquet toss at the wedding and her visit to the emergency room and tells Max they they had to do some blood work while she was there.

She reveals to Max that the blood work shows that she's pregnant. Season 4 Naomi found out she wasn't pregnant and got her heart broken by Max. She bought a mansion that had a guest house for Ivy and Raj to live in. When she purchased the house, someone had already placed a bid, however Naomi outbid them by paying extra.

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She wanted to join a sorority and talked Annie into joining with her. It was found out that the house was original going to be owned by the sorority so Naomi had no chance at being accepted in. Annie still stayed since Naomi wanted someone on the inside.

Naomi joins and becomes the President of another sorority so she was able to go to all the Greek party's. Holly lies and says it's a Toga party, however Naomi still one ups her. Holly said to Naomi when all of the sorority sister 's could hear how Naomi called them all losers.

They forgive her and plan to take Holly down. At the Greek games Naomi has the plan to use Annie to make Holly lose but Annie quits the competition. A desperate Naomi asks for help from Austin and they end up having sex. Austin agrees and takes Naomi to the football field at night where he kisses her in front of Holly revealing that he is Holly's boyfriend.

At the Greek games, Naomi tries her best to win but suddenly Max shows up making Naomi lose one of the games against Holly. Max told Naomi that Holly called him and they both make up and start dating again and in the end, Naomi won the games with Annie's help. In " Party Politics " Naomi is with her sorority sister encouraging students to vote. Noticing that everyone is ignoring them she decides to make voting more fun.

With the help of Max, they throw a "Strip the Vote" party at her house, and during the party she struggles with her growing feelings for Austin and kicks him out of her house. She ends up with him inside a van because the security thinks they want to break into the party. In the van they take their clothes off and almost kiss until Max shows up.

Naomi explains to Max what happened with Austin and tells him that she doesn't have any feelings for him and she loves Max because he brings out the best in her. Naomi gets obsessed with winning making Max notice that she just wants to beat Austin's new girl. After the event, Max breaks up with Naomi telling her that she has feelings for Austin and he will never be who she wants leaving her crying on the beach.

Later, Naomi shows up at Austin's house to give him the prize money for the talent show and tells him that Max broke up with her and he can go to the island with his new girl.

Austin tells her that she is his cousin and is leaving soon. There is an online contest to get CU recognises for being a top party school and Naomi decides to throw a huge party to win the contest for her school.

She reluctantly accepts Holly's help. What Naomi did not know is that Holly was helping her to sabotage her. She publicly broadcasts Naomi's love confession to Austin and Naomi gets Holly kicked out of the party who goes straight to the Dean and brings him to the party. Naomi gets kicked out of the Greek council because of the strippers at the party, that Holly had ordered. Austin eventually sees Naomi's love confessions and gives her a big kiss, much to Holly's chagrin. After that, Naomi continues dating Austin and it's revealed that he has moved in to her house with her.

When she didn't get invited to Austin's birthday party in Vegas so she decides to go crash it anyways. The party is hosted by Austin's father and we find out that the reason Austin didn't invite Naomi is because his father would spend the entire time harassing Naomi and putting down Austin, which he does. Naomi confronts him and Austin gets mad and storms off. At the end of the night, Naomi apologises to Alana and it turns out that she met a new boy thanks to Naomi.

For Thanksgiving, Naomi and Austin are having trouble in their relationship and Annie and Ivy tell her that the man needs to feel like he is in charge. Naomi plays the damsel in distress card but Austin's not buying it. They talk about what is going on and Austin opens up about his parents' divorce. They decide to celebrate by jumping into bed together.

In " Project Runaway " Naomi is ecstatic to have made into CU's fashion design competition, until she finds out she's going to be competing against Holly. The two get very competitive, both looking for Liam to model their clothes. Holly steals some of Naomi's designs, and at the night of the fashion show they end up fighting. Neither of them win, and they call a truce. Naomi gets approached by a well known event planner from Hollywood and is offered an internship.

This woman turns out to be Holly's mum. Naomi is starting at her internship and wants to make a good impression on her boss but starts having issues balancing her internship, and her relationship with Austin and Holly. During Holly's birthday party, she is called out for being the one that stole the internship with Holly's mum. Things with Naomi and Austin have been rocky and at the party Holly finds out that Naomi is the one who got the internship and decides to take revenge on her.

At the end of the night when Naomi comes back home, she finds Austin and Holly making out. At the Debutante Ball Naomi grabs a cadet to sleep with, but her rebound sex is short lived when the curtains at the ball open up and everyone sees her half naked.

Rachel is disappointed and fires her, until Naomi tells her why she did that and gets her job back. After that, she goes to Annie's party where she talks to her friends and then heads to bar and tells Austin how hurt she was by his cheating and that she is not ready to have a relationship because she needs to change herself, and then she kisses him goodbye.

After Naomi talks with Annie and Ivy at the campus cafe, Holly runs into her and spills coffee all over her documents. Before, Naomi would have gotten into a fight with Holly, but now she turns the other cheek. Naomi then sets out on fixing Holly and Rachel's relationship so she can get a promotion and not have to deal with a nemesis. Holly then comes in and Naomi asks Rachel if Holly can work the event as well.

Naomi reluctantly convinces her and Rachel gives Holly the job of being Naomi's assistant. Naomi asks Holly if she'd like a bigger job and gives her the task of bringing Mitchell to the red carpet.

Holly shows up and says Mitchell wasn't at the hotel, but Rachel says he was under a different name and to fix the problem now. Naomi and Holly then drag the drunken actor across the red carpet, where he slurs and hurls. Rachel blames Holly and Naomi tells Rachel to blame her. While Rachel appreciated her honesty, she was still annoyed and fired Naomi. Again, Naomi later shows Holly a bunch of press about the event and Holly tells her that Rachel gave her Naomi's job.

Holly also said that Mitchell was impressed by the event and gives Naomi his card. Naomi's trying to put together a fake portfolio to entice clients when Annie mentions that she wants Mitchell Nash, the actor Naomi literally dragged across the red carpet a week ago, to show up at her benefit. Naomi then realises that she could use Mitchell as a reference.

At the party Naomi tries to find Carla, but a girl tells her Carla went upstairs with a football player. Naomi tells her she's gonna pull the plug on the party. After Naomi pulls the plug, Mitchell asks her what the problem was and Naomi tells him that she gave Carla terrible advice and can't stand by and watch her make the same mistakes she did. Later, Mitchell comes back and pays Naomi for the party, asking her to throw one for him in a month.

He also tells her she opened his eyes a bit about his parenting.