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The extra for them dating each other is not in the anime. Back home, Momoi is excited to show her present to Aomine, but he's not interested. So the first relationship we will we talking about is with Kuroko. So when they entered Highschool Momoi decided to follow Aomine so he. I'll be the one to initiate the interview and ask various questions to our guest * sips his tea* (referring to Akashi FYI they are already dating) . Aomine: am ( although Momoi calls Aomine thousand of times to remind him.

He would need all the help he could get once he lost to Momoi, anyway. Wakamatsu pointed at Sakurai, vindicated. How cheesy is that! She smiled sweetly and batted her eyelashes at him. Aomine stared at her. Then he very slowly took a bite out of his teriyaki burger, savouring every chew, leaning in close to her to rub it in.

Momoi glared at him. Susa had just stared at the two of them, leaning away from any flying food debris that might land on him.

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Wakamatsu threw his hands up, feeling completely justified, as Susa finished his story. One evil conniver was enough to handle one year at a time. Eventually, Touou gave up trying to decipher their relationship.

It was an enigma. They might as well be resigned to the annoying theme song playing every time Momoi and Aomine were together. She had tugged at his arm, pleadingly. He could have broken them apart, or locked them in a room together until they fought it out.

Or tied them together until they drove each other crazy. He could have re-enacted a scene from one of those mangas little girls, and Sakurai, liked to read.

What is the relationship of aomine and momoi?

One of those times in which their theme song had sounded completely different. A few days after their loss to Seirin, Imayoshi had gone looking for her after school.

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He had found her curled up, at a bench outside the convenience store near school. He would have approached her, but she was not alone. Instead, he decided to observe, from a hidden distance.

It would have sounded brusque and cruel, but then he was standing too close to her for it to seem uncaring. But it was obvious that Aomine could hear them loud and clear. Aomine stepped in front of her again, blocking her way, looming over her, almost threateningly.

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But then he shoved a magazine at her. We can go through them before our shopping trip. Touou could not understand their relationship, the same way one may not understand the feelings from a song. However, they could see that Aomine and Momoi treated each other somewhat like the way they treated basketball.

Momoi put basketball first, no matter what. She thought of her life as revolving around it, unable to stop herself from caring about it. For me they belong to a different category, but I do not want people to think that it contradicts my answer in both questions.

I believe in angel because Kurokocchi is one of them! For the second time I must agree with Kuroko and Kise, you're an idiot Aomine: Waste of time to believe in such things Murasakibara: Refer my answer to question First love never dies?

I would like to think so Me too my love for Kurokocchi will never die! Infidelity is not in my dictionary Kise: I don't have any in my entire life as a human Aomine: I never once like the idea of disloyalty especially to the one I love. Why am I being the bad one here? Did you sing today?

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No, I don't sing Aomine: Stop crying Atsushi and No Ever cheated on somebody? No and I will never do that Kise: Of course you don't, you horoscope freak… Me, I don't think you call it cheating when the third party doesn't even like you Murasakibara: Atsushi, I will tell your coach to triple your training menu same goes for you Ryota If you could go back in time, how far would you go? If you could pick a day from the time you were born and repeat it, what would it be?

Are you afraid of falling in love? Falling in love is one of the evidence you exist in this world as a human Kise: Oi Kuroko, are you telling me I'm not a human?