Astrid and hiccup relationship problems

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astrid and hiccup relationship problems

Heather knows how much Astrid cares about Hiccup and the inside, which also caused some problems on both Astrid and Hiccup's side of the relationship. Hiccup and Astrid's relationship extends far beyond mere hormonal when to step in and point out the problems in the other person's actions. Read Relationship from the story Hiccstrid One-Shots {On Hold} by Bluespirit21 with reads. hiccup, httyd2, rtte. Hiccstrid The relationship between Astrid and Hiccup was moving. They go through misunderstandings and problems.

Just because you can't see doesn't mean you're helpless. But that's exactly how I feel. Astrid, you and I have been through everything together. You don't think we can handle this? Astrid, you have me, no matter what.

Okay, whatever that means, whatever you want it to mean. I am with you. There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid. Toothless looked at them as if knowing something was going on. Not that there is something wrong with you, darling Gobber was guffawing at his friend's expression. Inside, however, he was also happy to see his apprentice do well on this front. Hiccup sadly smiled at the screen. He heard what people said, yet felt empty. Astrid wanted nothing to do with him.

And he probably deserved it. He did playfully nudge Toothless and ask: I am afraid that's it. Her heart tightened inside and she felt overwhelming emotion- guilt. She knew that she was rash, angry and unjust. And most importantly she knew that she got so worked up not because she felt she was right, but because she tried to protect herself from that warm feeling.

astrid and hiccup relationship problems

Yet, she longed horribly for it now. But could she just go back there now? End of the line for her and Hiccup.

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So did the couple in question, though they tried to hide it. Toothless only nodded vigorously, his eyes wide. Some vikings laughed at the dragon's expression. Stoick smiled at the dragon.

They both wanted the same thing! For Hiccup to be happy! He started liking the black dragon more and more. I didn't hear anything. There it is again. Okay, this guy has got to go. Hiccup could only blush. Astrid looked embarrassed too. Hiccup's in trouble, and Meatlug has have the quarry to eat. You know how she feels about her weight! Fishlegs, our dragon may be cool, but we like Meatlug too!

Fishlegs could only nod and smile before looking back with a loving expression to his Gronckle. The said dragon tried to smile which Fishlegs took ecstatically.

astrid and hiccup relationship problems

That's it, you two. Playtime in the sand is over. People were laughing at how Snotlout's usual phrase changed. The teen looked a bit embarrassed but tried to hide it. All right, Hookfang, let's get something straight.

I may not be Snotlout but I am a Dragon Rider. And, as such, I deserve the respect of a Dragon Rider. Fishlegs looked both embarrassed and proud. His parents certainly looked the latter.

Their boy has matured! Man, those guys are getting their buts kicked down there. I haven't got a clue. You really think this is the time for your stupid jokes, Snotlout? Give us our dragon back.

Twins continuing being serious was now creeping everyone out, even the twins. Their parents though looked happy. They knew their children were still Loki's children, but at least they had some of Thor's maturity. And that was enough for the desperate parents. Hey, what am I supposed to do? Could it help the teenagers? All I could think about was Do you guys here that? It's that same sound before every attack. Uh, what is she talking about? Uh, guys, a little help over here would be nice.

We need to surround it. It can't hit us all at once. Coming in hot, blowing out snot! Hiccup was worried about Astrid since he knew her idea was most likely crazy. Then again, he liked crazy. This is getting old. However, Snotlout, used to being embarrassed throughout the whole screening, laughed heartily. If he was getting pounced in the future, did not mean he can not laugh now, did it?

Did you see that? He totally stuck the landing! Twins could only shrug. Okay, bud, I guess it's Hey, when did she get her sight back? Eye rolls, even from some dragons.

Toothless could only snort. I got this, Hiccup. I've been listening to you guys get your butts kicked and I'm sick of it. Besides, I have this dragon figured out. Get out of there! I'm dealing with it. Triple Stryke is confused. The parents could only look proud of their daughter, their anger at her earlier actions forgotten for now.

Astrid also looked happy, though the smile on her face wasn't reaching her eyes. There was another nagging worry for the Vikings, though.

If Astrid so well now, then it was very much possible she was permanently blind. Or at least have some vision return, but not full. She's using the clicks to distract it.

Triple Stryke touches it with his snout] Applause came from everyone in the room. Vikings were on the feet, congratulating Astrid on an amazing achievement. Stoick even looked at her parents with a look that said 'You taught her well'. Dragons were also impressed.

A blind Viking got to tame someone like Triple Stryke? Astrid was thankful for the appreciation but tried to see what the person she cared about was doing. Hiccup was, to her incredible disappointment, not even looking at her.

She probably deserved it. But she did not want that to continue. So she pushed through the crowd to sit with Hiccup. The boy looked surprised at her, before smiling.

Astrid decided not to let the feeling go away this time though. So she hugged him, nearly crushing the boy in the process. Hiccup was shocked at first, but got over it to hug her back.

astrid and hiccup relationship problems

He could see Gobber smiling at him, and his father Or does he like seeing me Hiccup also caught the look of Astrid's parents. He got worried they would tell him to stay away from her, but they only nodded and smiled. Hiccup was gonna faint from excitement and happiness soon.

Finally everyone calmed down, Stormfly returned as well, and the screening continued. And that's how we get close enough to train it. Hey, I think Astrid just stoled you move. It's not my move, Tuffnut. Wait, so anyone can use it? Why didn't you tell us that? Some things never change. How'd she do that? She can't see a thing. She doesn't need to. She's using her other senses. Speaking of which, I'm sensing something big and out of control heading for us.

This is not respect! Welcome to my world, Fishface. Now everyone laughed not at Snotlout, but with him, his peers the hardest. He enjoyed seeing his True, now Fishlegs was the only one he could call friend.

But in the future it looked like they were all pretty close. Maybe even that dark-haired girl. Her vision clears] Everyone was cheering, dragons as well. Hiccup surprised himself by hugging her first this time. Then again, he got so worried over her. Astrid smiled and hugged back. Can you imagine what we could do to Snotlout when we get this thing trained?

The possibilities are endless! I will have you know, my dragon is the Monstrous Nightmare! Yeah, I don't think that's what Hiccup and Astrid had in mind when they asked us to start its training. Well, who's gonna tell them? They were too numb from happiness now. A certain demon wickedly smiled, knowing that it was time.

Astrid and Hiccup's Relationship

Are you sure you're feeling okay? You can stop worrying about me now. I never stop worrying about you. That's just the way it is. People were hungrily looking at the scene and cooing at the couple's interaction.

Stoick was probably jumping inside. He looked like an overexcited dog to his amused friend. I guess that goes for me, too. Can I ask you something? Back in the forest, when we were Were you about to So you felt that, huh?

I felt like maybe I got away with it. Some vikings were chuckling at the boy's stuttering. Astrid found it cute. Haddock's face was on fire- something Heather noticed. She giggled and Hiccup huffed good-naturedly. Well, why didn't you?

And I always thought that if it ever happened, uh And yes, I've though about it a lot. Uh, it had to be just perfect. Hiccup could only gulp. Well, this seems pretty perfect to me. Yeah, I guess it does. Hiccup was not moving an inch, much to Heather's amusement.

He looked like his brain got short-circuited.

astrid and hiccup relationship problems

Everyone else around them was cheering and clapping. Even an odd wolf-whistle could be heard. Toothless was continuing to nod his head towards Astrid, as if telling him to Astrid managed to control herself and said to Hiccup: Others were disappointed not to see any fireworks now. Stoick promised himself not to leave this room without making those two muttonheads kiss each other.

Were you not the one asking Spitelout or me to talk Valka instead of you? I hope you liked it! Now, I put it here because you won't be getting much of it in the future chapters. Yep, I can hear your groans all the way here.

But this is not a full Hiccstrid story even though I love this relationship.

Checkmate • How Calling Out Faults Improves Hiccup and

That and because some AC there are not known yet so I can't just put the conclusion without giving the start. And Stoick shipping Hiccstrid was funny. I always thought he liked Astrid so no surprise here. Plus, I feel when he was younger he had a softer side to him. Valka's loss hardened him which affected his relationship with Hiccup. Anyway, enough for now.

Next scene is AC discussing the episode. It won't be long, but I don't want them to miss on the action. Viggo could not believe it! They just captured that dragon!

How did it end up with those teenagers? He was not looking happy in the least. As soon as Hiccup fell asleep, Astrid wrapped her arms around Hiccup, and slept like that the whole night. I slept alright for the most part untill I saw you had your hands wrapped around my chest and I couldn't move. Other than that, I slept fine. Quiet, peaceful, and relaxing. How abou-" Hiccup was about to say what he's been meaning to ask her for forever, when they heard a loud knock at the door "Hiccup?

He then noticed a window on the floor above, but it was to high for him to reach. Stoik still kept banging on the door as if he was about to headbutt it open "Astrid, give me a boost. I need to get out that window. Astrid then opened the door "Hey Stoik. I know you're hiding him. He first looked under the bed, he wasn't there. He then started searching every inch of Astrid's house, but Stoik couldn't find his son anywhere. She looked for Ruffnut around the Plaza, didn't have any luck there.

She eventually found Ruffnut talking with Gobber. What've you and Hiccup been up to? We're actually The Forbidden Lovers of Berk. Stoik won't let us be together, but we just meet in secret. It was pretty complex on how it started. It was like one surprise after another.

Remember the snowstorm that hit? I just headed off into the forest, and all I wanted to do was find Hiccup. How'd you almost die? Right as the branch broke off and fell for a few sixteenths of a second, Hiccup grabbed my wrist and pulled me up. You two love birds. So that'll be fun. I have no idea. Can you keep this on the down low? Stoik doesn't know that we're dating yet. We kind of don't know how to tell him. Seems like trouble though" Gobber asked sounding more serious "Yeah, don't remind me.

Just don't tell anyone.

astrid and hiccup relationship problems

Hiccup is very special to me. I gotta head off. Me and Hiccup are gonna go flying. Basically daydreaming about what a good time her and Hiccup will have when they go flying. Did Hiccup say where we'll meet? The might just be on one of the cliffs in the plaza. Her guess was right. As Hiccup neared the plaza, Toothless caught him by the slimmest odds possible. Astrid had a sigh of relief when Toothless caught him.

Coudln'tve gotten any close than that huh? Told ya he'd catch me. I just need to tell you something.