Blog about family marriage and relationship

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blog about family marriage and relationship

Foundations Family Counseling Blog. • Marriage and Family Therapy Blog. Many people are unsure about what takes place in relationship counseling, but blogs. We've been blogging about our family and relationship for a bit, but we've learned a lot from Top Eight Marriage Blogs You'll Love by houseofroseblog. com. 3 days ago Free Relationship Tips and Information from Professionals - Without the Psychobabble.

You two can play your favorite love song anytime you want to hear it. You can probably think of many other things to add to this list. My point is that the internet adds value to our lives and our marriages in so many ways.

Then there are the negatives.

5 Blogs About Marriage and Family Therapy

It seems that for everything that has a positive there is also a negative. I really hate that.

blog about family marriage and relationship

For some reason, we can take something good and find a way to use it for bad. We cannot leave things alone. We have to change things, and that goes all the way back to Adam and Eve. The problems that these negatives cause us in our lives and in our marriages vary.

The gamut runs from irritating to devastating. Time is precious, and we talk about how important it is to be intentional in how we spend it. With the fascination and wealth of information on the internet, it is easy to get totally immersed in it at the expense of time with your spouse.

blog about family marriage and relationship

I can continue doing what I am doing on the internet or log off and be with her. I have a few seconds to make that decision. Then I have created a problem by sending the message that whatever I am doing is more important than Nancy. That is not the message I wanted to send. With online stores that offer everything we ever wanted, needed, desired, or dreamed of, the temptation to buy and overspend is real.

So, as a couple, you agree to a new budget. There is money in the budget for you to spend as you want, but the item in your cart goes over that amount. Now you have a decision to make.

If the budget wins, no problem.

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Once the impulse subsides, we are usually okay with not buying something. If the cart wins, then there is a problem. The ease and comfort of buying online is great until we cross a line that we agreed not to cross. I talk about the problem of porn so much that I am going to say only one thing about it here. This refers to the fact that, after a certain amount of time passes, all the initial excitement that accompanies something new and exciting, things settle down into a routine.

Therefore, after 5 to 7 years of marriage, people become so accustomed to one another that it can feel like marriage is boring. The myth that accompanies the crisis at this stage of a relationship is that happiness is to be found elsewhere. In point of fact, a second marriage also becomes routine after some time.

blog about family marriage and relationship

The cycle then repeats itself. Even though the divorce rate is high, there are many couples who seem to be resilient and weather the storms that come with marriage.

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What are some of the strategies that successful marrieds use to maintain the health of their relationship? There are a number of strategies that have been suggested.

Introducing humor and playfulness into the talk is also helpful and makes talking more fun.

blog about family marriage and relationship

In addition, listening helps validate what is being said. After all, the humdrum events are those that fill an average day of living. It is important for couples to make time to engage in this kind of talk each day. Talking sometimes involves one spouse communicating good news to the other. If anything, it is also important for a spouse to help their partner achieve the goals they have set. Marriage is a cooperative venture.

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It is equally important for couples to help one another cope with stressful and traumatic events. Who better to turn to then your husband or wife when facing difficult times. Add to all of this the importance of touch. It is amazing how a touch can feel reassuring and warm.

blog about family marriage and relationship