Cagalli and athrun relationship questions

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cagalli and athrun relationship questions

Athrun left Cagalli to face his duties and responsibilities as the new Chairman of PLANT. There are still problems that are difficult to solve. truth, but he have to do it for the sake of Athrun's relationship with his sister Cagalli. molar absorptivity and concentration relationship questions GSD was the beginning of Athrun and Cagalli's relationship, therefore Morosawa. and betaing, and the members of asucaga for quick answers to thorny questions. Though not passionate, their relationship would make a comfortable marriage. Cagalli and Athrun do not meet until episode 24 of Gundam Seed, halfway.

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Specifically, who is it who's deciding this is 'notable dialogue' for this and other entries? Hence why I removed the examples I cited. Over on the Miriallia entry, someone kept adding what was basically a generic bit of dialogue where Miriallia wishes Dearka good luck. Specifically for Athrun, I don't think every dramatic scene needs to be quoted. Something like the scene where he admits he 'killed' Kira should, since that's important. It's where he spells out his motives and where Cagalli gives him the words that start changing his mind.

Again, this is a general problem with the CE entries- voice actor trivia.

cagalli and athrun relationship questions

The fact is, there are several big name anime VAs in Japan who will often work togethor. I've kept the current mentions since they seemed relevant but I think this is starting to venture into trivia better mentioned in the entries for the actual actors themselves, not the pages of characters they've voiced. Do we need this much detail on some of the battles and do we need the trivia at all?

Deleting most if not all of the trivia wouldn't bother me. Axed the bit on love interests pointing pistols at each other - there's too many examples of major cast members pointing pistols at each other for this to mean anything. Also axed references to voice actors appearing together in other shows.

If it needs to be listed, it should be under the appropriate VA's, not here. Axed the reference to the Libyan city, Al Athrun; there's no evidence that the city, if it exists, has anything to do with the character's name. The trivia related to the Infinite Justice mobile suit belongs on that page, not this. Most of the rest should probably be melded into the rest of the atricle or axed. He's the only illustrator credited in the novel; there is no mention of Hirai Hisashi.

Basically, the character art at the start of the book is from model sheets Hirai did. The actual full page art seen in the rest of the book is by Tomofumi -- HellCat86 So I guessed Hirai-san did not get credited then.

I see no reason why people keep editing her out as that. If you have solid evidence that she is not a possible love interest, please show it. Otherwise I think it should stay as it is. Still, other people even had more chance. As far as I know, it's only one-sided from Meyrin. Some people think it should be Athrun and Cagalli others think it should be Athrun and Meyrin. I said, they were killed.

If you want to keep believing so, go ahead. A shot of the Saviour Shinn: Why do you say such a thing? Anyone who has cried over their powerlessness…would think like that, perhaps. He had more power, yes. So he still tried to make her abandon Orb the Orb forces this time for him. He also tried to control her so that he would become able to help and protect her.

cagalli and athrun relationship questions

He was still acting the same way. After his defection from ZAFT, he was back to the powerless state. But he still tried to do something, to protect Cagalli. In episode 41, he insisted on helping the Archangel fight for Orb. Then, he got the Infinite Justice, the power he could finally use to protect every part of Cagalli, protect both Cagalli as a person and Cagalli as the Chief Representative of Orb. The first one is unlikely, too.

It means that he needs to accept that if anything happens, she will choose Orb instead of their relationship possibly for the rest of their lives. I doubt the day when Cagalli puts their relationship before Orb will ever come. He must have learned something from his experiences. He gave Cagalli the ring and tried to make her abandon Orb for him because he was powerless and impatient.

We can deduce that he feels that way at least partly because now he has power and can do something. What does his having power have to do with waiting for the day Cagalli puts their relationship before Orb? There is nothing he can do to make the day happen. Well, he can use the power to force her to put their relationship first.

But I seriously doubt that is how he is supposed to use the power or he is planning to do something like that.

cagalli and athrun relationship questions

Then, there is no reason for him to feel all right just because he has power. The only explanation that makes sense is that he is fine with their current situation because now he has power and can do something to change it.

He feels that what he is doing, with his power, will lead to the future he wants. Although it will probably be a long way, he is on the right track to realize his dream. So he feels no need to unnecessarily hurry. In other words, he can be patient because now he has the power he can use to create a future with Cagalli, to solve the problems making it difficult for them to be publicly together: After all, how is his impatience related to his decision to give her a ring in the first place?

That he had no power to realize his dream. He was quite unsure about how he and Cagalli could become publicly together someday. What he would have had to do then was be patient and figure out a way to create a future with her without making her abandon Orb, and do it. However, he was impatient and therefore chose the easy way: Considering these, we can narrow down our options to two: But at least one thing is clear.

Athrun believes he and Cagalli are going to have a future together; he is hopeful that the day when they can be publicly together will come. He now knows he is the one to shape his life. He can make his decision on how he lives his life.

And before he decided to pilot the Infinite Justice in episode 41, he recalled several scenes and part of the words said in the scenes: And how should we have fought it? Myrna was already in her room smiling, she had her military uniform ready on her bed. She had grown to love the young woman like her own and was proud to say she still was with the young woman. Cagalli sighed and smiled, she was always grateful to the woman no matter how many times they argued.

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Cagalli began disrobing herself of the attire she was wearing. Cagalli groaned and did what she was told. She changed the pants first. She left the white undershirt on until Myrna took it off of her leaving Cagalli in her pale green bra.

She put on the top she was being given. She then put on her red turtle neck shirt that went underneath. Then Myrna helped her put on her military jacket and Cagalli sighed. Myrna quickly went to fix Cagalli's growing blonde locks and brushing out a few tangles that probably got created in her hair from running around all day. Myrna than gave her nod of approval as Cagalli walked back down the stairs.

She saw Kisaka had come to pick her up and crossed her arms. Myrna was at the top of the stairs smiling brightly and Kisaka nodded with his own smile. They were in the back of the limo and Cagalli was upset. She didn't want to go and greet some old huffed up admiral that she didn't know or some young hot shot that just got promoted.

She groaned and saw Kisaka handing her an object she was sure she had hidden. She sighed as her thoughts began to drift back off to a certain midnight haired and green eyed man who captured her heart. She sighed and played with the ring a bit, she didn't want to see it so soon considering she hadn't heard what he was up to.

The last she saw him was on the Archangel going off for the final battle and her watching them go off. She sighed again as a few tears were brimming her eyes, when did she become such a teary eyed cry baby? She shook it off and gently rubbed them away but it wasn't missed by Kisaka. He was smiling though knowing she will more than likely be shedding those tears again in a moment. The car came to a stop and Kisaka climbed out first.

He watched as Cagalli slide over and got out of the limo. Indeed Kisaka was right; there were all the council members at the front with a line of high ranking officials behind them. She sighed, she had to be here because all of them where there. She made her way to the front as she was supposed to be there waiting.

She watched as the air craft made contact with the ground and Cagalli inwardly groaned knowing she could be doing paperwork right about now.

Kisaka smirked as the door opened and who came out caught Cagalli completely off guard. Kisaka saluted the young admiral, "Welcome home, Admiral Zala…I hope that your trip fared well.

Cagalli was still in her spot as tears were slowly pouring out of her eyes. She couldn't believe…he was back…he was standing there in an Orb military uniform. He was talking to everyone as if he had no intention of leaving. The crowd of people all made a clear path between Athrun and Cagalli. Athrun just smiled at her and Cagalli's feet took off and she launched herself into him. Athrun welcomed the embrace and wrapped his arms around her as he buried his face into her shoulder much like how she was doing to him.

Kisaka smiled as the other military officials, some of the council members didn't know what to say or think. Most of them were aware of their relationship to begin with and others had no opinion.

Most of them were not taken by surprise at the sudden show of affection from the Head Representative; it was freshening to see some emotion from the young woman.

She was crying into his shoulder of tears of happiness knowing that there was a chance she would not see him again. Kisaka cleared his throat, "Admiral Zala, Representative Athha, as much as I love seeing your touching reunion with each other…I think we should head back to the parliament building. I am pretty sure Admiral Zala would like to settle his things back in the manor.

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Athrun looked over at the older man and smiled. I am sure; Head Representative Athha wouldn't mind handing over all of the military duties over to me. She was completely out of the loop, "You're my new head of military? I thought that position was still open? He had let it drop to the ground after Cagalli started running towards him.