Calvin and taylor relationship trust

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris 'split up' after month relationship

calvin and taylor relationship trust

Calvin Harris (real name: Adam Wiles) was Taylor Swift's longest relationship, and now they're splitting up after about 15 months. What happened? They may have had trust issues. Getty Images. Despite not being Harris' type, Swift still. We take a look through the hunky DJ's relationship history. From her breakup with Calvin Harris to her very public relationship with Tom Hiddleston, Taylor's love-life has started to resemble a real-life.

Radar Online reports that Harris went into a jealous rage when he learned that Swift got her groove on with Tom Hiddleston at the Met Gala in early Mayeven though the deejay skipped out on the party. He may have taken advantage of her fame Getty Images "It's awkward because Calvin's friends are very much the late-night club and DJ crowd; Taylor doesn't seem to fit in," an insider told the New York Daily News.

Sources close to the couple explained to Page Six that Harris didn't join Swift at the Met Gala because he "doesn't like going to a lot of events.

calvin and taylor relationship trust

The spark went out "It seemed like they were more friends than lovers," a source admitted to E! Adam is the one that ended it.

From Calvin to Tom - Taylor's relationship timeline -

It was all done in a very mature fashion. Taylor is pretty upset but they are still in communication. Her squad may have been too much Everywhere Swift went, her squad was sure to follow, and that probably got old for her beau. There are endless photos of Swift with her pals including Lorde, Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, and a slew of other modelsplus Harris looking, at best, mildly amused by his surroundings.

Harris may have wanted privacy, not just from paparazzi, but also from her pals. The Daily Mail says the couple ran in almost totally different social circles, so constantly being bombarded with the "Bad Blood" video girls may have gotten pretty boring for the Scottish deejay.

She may have been more invested in the relationship Getty Images An insider told E! News that Swift held Harris to a nearly impossible standard.

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The relationship wasn't progressing the way she wanted it to. A statement on Calvin's official Facebook page read: As a result he will be unable to perform at Omnia tonight. He has been examined by doctors and told to rest for a few days.

calvin and taylor relationship trust

All these girls are pretty much inseparable and in Taylor's eyes they must always come first. He doesn't like to have cameras in his face all the time.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris 'split up' after 15-month relationship

He's a private guy. They reported last September: For laid-back Calvin, it was all a bit too much and a source confirmed to Yahoo!: It got a bit too heavy for him. International Business Times reported, "She still has her own trust issues left over from other relationships, so the idea of him texting with his exes will be hard for her to take - she won't be happy about it.

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It might sound small, but it's a big thing for Taylor because all her ex-boyfriends were major freaks about their phones. They'd never let her get near them.