Caroline mutoko and mutula kilonzo relationship goals

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4 posts published by Kalunde Kilonzo on January 7, She encouraged women to “sit at the table, seek challenges, take risks, and pursue their goals with gusto. . In the past couple of years, women leaders have come trampling Kethi Kilonzo, Caroline Mutoko, Nancy Baraza, Rachel Shebesh and. “Spare @Caroline Mutoko the rumours, that story doing rounds is NOT Mutula Kilonzo was known to be having a relationship with Caroline. THE MYSTERIOUS VISITOR TO MUTULA'S HOME WAS "CARO MUTOKO" Mutula Kilonzo was known to be having a relationship with Caroline Mutoko since.

Day: January 7, 2014

Now what he did is let us in on their little chitty chat which had transpired on whatsapp. He owns a BMW and actually attends cool events like this one here: In the process he shared another intricate detail about himself, that he was no dog, he was loyal and that he was also very well connected with the upper echelon of Nairobi.

At this juncture his boy was falling off his chair with laughter but it seems all was not lost. This is sad for a man with such bravado. His friend consoles him and reminds him he was just having a taste of his own medicine after dating a church girl.

Now we did a little digging of our own and the girl in question is on instagram and goes by the name ririnyariara. Much of what we do when a loved one passes on is done from a very emotional plane and sometimes trying to inject reason into such a highly charged situation could land you in hot soup.

You might even be said to be silently jollificating and that is why you are suggesting a cheaper coffin for the dear departed. Those decisions are ones like what kind of funeral we would wish to have including the method of final interment.

I know it is still taboo for some to write a will or even suggest to oneself that you will die one day.

caroline mutoko and mutula kilonzo relationship goals

They say that you are tempting fate! And she paid for everything in advance! I would opt for cremation instead of the ritual of church and graveside burials at a huge expense…. Graves are also a way for us to perpetuate ourselves in the mind of the living and also provide guilt trips for if they forget!


Cremation is also hygienic and saves on land as a resource. I have been to homes where graves have overtaken the area set aside for farming…It is like they farm graves and the bits of maize and maharagwe plants are the weeds! Many people perceive cremation as being the more environmentally sound choice, some prefer the efficiency of cremation, and undoubtedly, the lower cost is appealing.

Cremation is an option for the final disposition of a deceased person. How is that and is it allowed? My friend is angry and indeed echoes the sentiments of many women who will no doubt be livid to hear of the lions eating well and yet the mother and child are left to fend for themselves.

But before we rush to judge Mutula so harshly, there is the other side of the coin that alleges that women we have also become not very different from the lions that he fed!

January 7, – Kalunde's Scribbles

He has a wife or wives and children to boot! What ever also happened to the pill…and now there is even an I-forgot-morning after-the-white-night pill? Can we still say it was an accident when the belly begins to grow? A local daily quoted Nthenyas affidavit as saying that: What speed now when we had all the time in the world to get matters fixed…birth certificates, wills and testaments and all that good stuff while everyone is still feeling lovey dovey.

Maybe there is a lesson here that each time you are with a clande in a tight embrace and the with intentions of making immutable consequences called babies, pluck some of his hair and store well for future DNA purpose!

caroline mutoko and mutula kilonzo relationship goals

But how about we also use the same wiles we used when the man is still alive to get ourselves situated…a business, a job…anything that will make you self sufficient and independent and strong…instead of waiting to potentially make a joke of yourself before the entire world…asking for a Shylockean pound of DNA to prove that indeed, apart from the forehead, ears and fingers looking a lot like the dear departed, science will also bear you out?

As a friend, Willis, said at the top of this article, women seem more Machiavellian when they arrive later to claim that they are acting for the children.

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That there are never cases of women chasing after poor men…only the rich and famous. Poor peoples stories never make it into the big media unless it turns tragic or comic. Readers and the public in general like to read about a rags to riches story.