Cecil and carlos relationship advice

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cecil and carlos relationship advice

WTNV Carlos Cecil "Cut short perfect Carlos's hair Perfect Carlos's Hair! Short!" ajmartinsson: Oops, I made dating sim versions. (Originals here and here)-. newest · most read · life · advice · books · school · entertainment . As a side note on Carlos, Theories of Night Vale explores a theory about So is the Carlos that is currently in Night Vale with Cecil the real Carlos? . I mean he just lost a year's worth of work and pushed his relationship to the brink. Or is this a harsh wakeup for Cecil that Carlos simply has another, greater love? than Cecil kind of does too, real relationships can be like that sometimes. .. because busy being emo for at least giving Cecil decent advice.

In Company Picnica group of his scientists are arrested for trespassing on the house that doesn't exist by StrexCorp.

cecil and carlos relationship advice

However, Carlos himself is noticeably absent from the group, something that frustrates StrexCorp representative and Night Vale Community Radio manager Lauren Mallardwho has already done away with Cecil.

This makes Carlos effectively on the run. Carlos speaks of how he wants Cecil to come visit him.

Cecil Speaks - Night Vale Transcripts • Episode - Toast

He also speaks of how he is conducting many scientific tests. Shortly after Carlos starts sounding sexual, Cecil is flustered and Carlos leaves.

He loses his years' worth of research due to Alicia and Doug's army constantly going out to fight other army, who he proceeds to take care of.

The Story of Cecil and Carlos - WTNV - Year 5 - Part 1

He appears in Kevin's studio, mentions the blood and tells him that he has to hand deliver a letter and go to Night Vale for the last time. They then proceeded to "talk" all night.

His first attempt at trying to protect residents was when he visited the radio station. Upon picking up high levels of radioactivity from Cecil's mic, he gravely recommends that everyone in the station leave immediately advice they cheerfully ignore. Up to episode 25, Carlos is either oblivious to Cecil's affections for him, or willfully chooses to ignore them.

However, he does keep Cecil's home phone number, as well as his cell number. It is possible, as evidenced especially in episode 11, that Carlos appears to ignore Cecil's advances not just because of his work, but also because he gets flustered and nervous around Cecil, or doesn't know how to react.

When the two do finally begin dating, Carlos is still distractedly interested in science, inviting Cecil to do experiments on the trees with him in Mission Grove Park during their first date, and discussing science-related topics over dinner. When Cecil was fourteen, their mother disappeared, forcing Abby to drop out of school and raise him on her own. For many years Cecil and Abby blamed each other for this situation and hardly spoke to each other. They begun to patch things up when their mother returned and needed their help [16].

Though Cecil and Abby do not appear to be exceptionally close noting, in The Registry of Middle School Crushesthat he has not spoken to her in some timethey do seem to be on good terms: Steve says that Abby loves her brother [17]and Cecil babysat Janice when Steve and Abby were away [18].

Fifteen-year-old Cecil mentions a brotherwith whom he had a strained relationship. His brother was apparently "disappointed" with him and told him he would never make it in radio because he didn't have the right voice for it.

He's also described as glaring at Cecil from across the breakfast table with hollow eyes and howling. Towards the end of Cassetteteenaged Cecil says only that his brother is "gone now". Adult Cecil claims not to remember him at all. It is later revealed that Cecil's brother actually comes from another reality, that his name is Cal and that he is older than Cecil. Cecil also mentions he never told his brother he was gay as he thought Cal would not accept him, unlike people of Night Vale [19].

This episode strongly implies that Cecil dislikes Steve because Steve is a careless and inattentive stepfather to Cecil's niece, Janicewho belongs to the girl scouts.

These implications about Steve's parenting skills is one of the most prominent instances where Cecil is a decidedly unreliable narrator. Cecil didn't want him teaching those things to Janice. In the episode Old Oak Doors Part BSteve Carlsberg implies Cecil is his stepbrother--but in The September Monologueshowever, Steve confesses to being confused about terms like stepbrother, brother-in-law, brother-outside-the-law, half-brother and double-brother.

At any rate, Steve is consistent that he married Cecil's sister, making Cecil his brother-in-law. Steve met Cecil for the first time on Steve's wedding day. For years, Cecil used to say rude and mean things about Steve until Steve finally asked him to stop and demanded an explanation of why Cecil was doing it. This forced Cecil to admit it was hard for him to let people into his life because of his difficult childhood i.

After this revelation, the two of them hugged and begun to patch things up. Cecil also admitted he was angry at Steve for appearing in Abby and Janice's life and taking away his duty of taking care of the two of them, even though he realized Steve was simply being a responsible husband and stepfather [20]. Their relationship is still quite strained, but in recent episodes Cecil's feelings towards Steve seem to largely revolve around irritation and annoyance.

Cecil and Carlos' Relationship (subplot)

Relationships Carlos the Scientist: Carlos is Cecil's husband. Cecil fell instantly in love with a handsome new scientist in town named Carlos in the first episode, and Cecil's open and complete adoration for him features prominently on the show. Cecil frequently gushes in lyrical prose over his beautiful appearance and great intellect. It's made very clear that Cecil isn't simply admiring Carlos from afar and does in fact wish to date him, even giving Carlos his home phone number in the hopes he will call.

Carlos, however, is initially either unaware of Cecil's affections, or willfully chooses to ignore them, only ever contacting Cecil on matters of business. It's only after a near death experience in episode 25 that Carlos finally calls Cecil for "personal reasons" and, after sharing a tender moment together in the Arby's parking lot, the two finally begin dating. Just look at any calendar and you can see every single day that will come. Our time and our place matching there within the simple geometry of a monthly planner.

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The City Council sends their regards as well. Before they left, they glowered and glowed, and I could hear a soft growl. Not the growl of madness or of being mad; it was the kind of growl you hear from rainwater drains along the curbs late at night. A sweet, caring growl. Also, our director of emergency press conferences, Pamela, came too. She wanted to wish you the best. Pamela Winchell [Desiree Burch]: Thank you, Mayor Cardinal. People of Night Vale. People below Night Vale. And all of the people prepositionally existing somewhere.

cecil and carlos relationship advice

I have spent weeks staring into the sky, and I can tell you the planets are all wrong. Misaligned, sure, but more than that they are so small! Planets should not be that small!

Carlos the Scientist

Thank you for listening. Be safe, Night Vale. What Pamela means is, congratulations. I refuse to congratulate anything that is not the right size! Old Woman Josie Retta: No need to brag. Cecil, I remember when you finally grew old enough to join the bowling team. But you were friendly, and entertaining to talk to.

And speaking of delightful people, Carlos. Carlos, you are a delightful person. Except those of us who peeked at our death day in the hall of public records. But I lived long enough to see you two on this day. Help me down from here.