Cersei and jaime lannister relationship problems

'Game of Thrones': What that Jaime/Cersei ending means for Season 8

cersei and jaime lannister relationship problems

To honor Jaime's brave decision to finally turn his back on Cersei, we to end his toxic relationship with his sister, and fight for the right team. . Jaime does take Brienne's advice and tries talking to Cersei before Tyrion does. Did she not find ANYONE else in the entire King's Landing to satisfy her desires? Jaime and Cersei have been having a physical relationship. Even her brother / lover Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) didn't Headey described Cersei and Jaime's relationship as "toxic now".


Now that Daenerys is headed to Westeros to re-claim the Iron Throne, these two powerful women are going to come to blows sooner or later. Headey played the part in Terminator: Emilia Clarke, meanwhile, portrayed the Terminator icon more recently, in the feature film Terminator: Perhaps the two will team up again for another huge franchise soon, if Headey lands a part in one of the many upcoming Star Wars films, as Clarke has just been announced as appearing in the Han Solo movie.

There are all kinds of tricks to hide a pregnancy on screen — and Lena Headey used most of them during the filming of season one of Game of Thrones. The actress was pregnant with her son, Wylie, who was born in March of The pregnancy meant that Lena initially thought that she may not get the part of Cersei, as they knew she would be heavily pregnant during filming, and might not want to work around it.

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However, the creators loved her for the part so much that they agreed to make it work. For much of the season, therefore, Headey is shot from careful angles, and in thick, voluminous clothing in order to hide her condition as Cersei is obviously not pregnant during the events of season one.

cersei and jaime lannister relationship problems

The wardrobe was actually very helpful in this case, as the female characters usually wear long and flowing dresses of thick material, which works perfectly for hiding a baby bump — if Cersei was spending her time in Mereen, where the women are more scantily clad, it would be a much bigger issue!

Flynn plays Bronn on the hit series, the sellsword and sometimes bodyguard to Jamie Lannister, and with the two characters filming in the same fictional locations, meetings would be difficult to avoid. It was reported, however, that crew members were asked to keep them apart, as the two had previously been an item and their relationship did not end on good terms. Although things might be frosty behind the scenes, both actors are consummate professionals, and we have no doubt that any future scenes together will be performed with admirable civility.

While working, she is careful to cover them, with makeup where needed, but usually with costuming — this is another area where the medieval dresses come in quite handy.

cersei and jaime lannister relationship problems

The actress is often vocal about loving tattoos, and always wanting to get more, even though they can affect her chances of getting a role. Her multiple pieces include an open birdcage on her forearm, a butterfly on her bicep, and a huge backpiece made up of a lotus blossom, swallow, and peony petals. The actress seems to favor birds — as well as the birdcage and those on her back, she also has more bird tattoos on her wrist, and a tiny star at her inner elbow. There's a moment where it looks like the Mountain is going to show him what disobedience to the queen gets you, but it weirdly passes.

Let me stress that before we go any further: The Mountain clearly thought so. A range of emotion played across Jaime's face before he hardened and spat "I don't believe you" at a sister who seemed ready to murder him.

cersei and jaime lannister relationship problems

And he stalked off. It's a jarring moment that we'll hopefully have more clarity on when Season 8 kicks off in Maybe Qyburn's reanimation skills have their limits and the Mountain is just a useless lump of mobile-but-dead flesh.

Besides, there are bigger takeaways from this scene. And since he wasn't crushed by a Mountain, he can share that information with his would-be allies in the snowy north, which is where he appeared to be headed when we saw him last. It's not nearly that simple, however.

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Cersei and Jaime were, at one point, the hottest incestuous couple in Westeros. Cersei is now pregnant with their child, and Jaime is almost certainly turning on his sister — at least in part — with the hope of keeping his unborn child safe from the walking dead. All of which is to say: He's not a Littlefinger, the sort that plots and schemes out of a raw lust for power. No, Jaime is driven by a much more base, unrestrained emotion: He loves his sister-mistress.

He loves the memory of the bizarro family they made together. When Jaime wells up as the Mountain's sword slips out of its scabbard, his face is that of a lover betrayed. I don't think even this betrayal will snuff out Jaime's forbidden love.

cersei and jaime lannister relationship problems

He's motivated to keep the Seven Kingdoms safe because his last, remaining child and baby mama-sister are going to live there.