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Soul Eater gif: Defining Maka and Soul's relationship in a few short seconds. The FUCK is: Chrona The representing social life The Soul representing antisocial (tumblr) .. Soul Eater| Maka x Soul | Maka looking for Soul part 2 | cute ending. Crona Gorgon is a major antagonist of the Soul Eater manga and anime series. Crona ends up seeing that wish when Maka appears alongside Soul due to the . Although the strong relationship seems to be one-sided at times (as Maka. In the anime, it is expressed her best quality is her bravery by Crona. Despite being close to her father as a child, much of their relationship became Maka also wears a trench coat with a cloak-like end (which alters its shape in various.

That guilt is what drove her to try and become stronger and ask Stein for special training in the first place. This caused Maka to second-guess herself as Soul has seemed to have gotten more popular since becoming a Death Scythe and getting partnership offers. More so, since the chapter, her and Soul have gotten closer as friends and partners.

The two share quite significant close moments and intimacy with each other as best friends and partners. The two like to compliment each other. Romance The relationship between Soul and Maka has been read by fans as having romantic tones.

This interpretation owes to actions taken by the duo that are often associated with romantic attraction in fiction: The two seem to have known each other since childhood. As everyone shakes their heads at her actions, Maka laughs cheerfully, despite being in pain, with a large bruise on her face.

When Maka decides to go against the DWMA rules for the first time to help Crona rather than stay and fight against Arachne, she feels upset with herself for breaking away from her "straight A" student ways.

In reality, he probably just has a great respect for her intelligence, maturity and hard work even though she's not as strong as he is. Maka even confesses to Tsubaki that deep down, she is a bit jealous of him and wishes she could be as strong as he is. Tsubaki is usually the person that gives Maka advice when she is angry or depressed, and Maka always listens to what Tsubaki has to say. Since the two have rather headstrong partners, they can both relate to each other quite well on the subject of their partners.

Maka and Tsubaki have very similar personalities, which likely explains their close bond. She is still, however, slightly dismayed by Kid's obsessive problems. Death the Kid may be the only person that can relate to Maka's Soul Perception skills, although his skills are probably not quite as sharp as hers yet. The two share a Soul Perception moment when they are sensing a monkey's soul Enriqueand happily high-five each other, exclaiming, 'It's a monkey!!!!

Maka admires Kid's strength and intelligence, and also considers him a good friend, as she shows great determination to save Kid in Operation Salvage. The two support each other at some times and are easily able to team resonate. She also respects Kid as a God of Death, stating that Kid's ideals and philosophy go beyond human comprehension.

Stein As a fellow Scythe Meister, Maka sees Stein as a role model like her mother although at first, she is slightly repulsed by his sadistic personality as he attempts to dissect her upon their first meeting.

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She takes everything he says to heart and never questions his reasoning, and always respectfully addresses him as 'Professor' or 'Professor Stein.

Stein a visit to cheer him up. Stein also generally seems to hold a lot of respect for Maka, as he trusts her to be the leader of her Chain Resonance team and admires her dedicated hard work and study habits.

Ox Ford Maka sees him as an intellectual rival. He has had top grades in the DWMA in past years prior to the series, which makes Maka very competitive when it comes to tests and exams.

She is easily unnerved by his haughty personality towards her. Later on, though they become slightly understandable with each other. Maka also states when she is annoyed that Soul will not think of her as an angel, and that she wishes that Ox were her partner since he calls Kim an angel all the time. Kim Diehl Although Maka's friendship with Kim is not delved into, they interact quite well with each other, as shown when Kim ignores Ox when she meets him and runs over to greet Maka instead.

Maka is also concerned for Kim when she leaves the the DWMA after discovering that she is a Witch, and expresses a deep determination alongside Ox to bring her back. Maka, despite Tsugumi being a stranger, cheers her on and supports her, which shows her outgoing friendliness to anyone she thinks is in need of help or encouragement.

She even remembers Tsugumi the next time they meet, when Maka and Soul go and demonstrate their abilities for her class. Maka quickly bonds with Tsugumi as the two share the same tastes, up until the point that she gets distracted and has to be told by Sid to concentrate on the lesson. Maka also blushes a little when Tsugumi tells her that she styled her hair into pigtails because Maka inspired her.

Blair Despite Blair being the sole reason why Maka and Soul have to restart their quest to create a Death Scythe, she has allowed Blair to live with her and Soul. Blair also seems to be the cause of jealousy for Maka, as the latter is shown to be angry whenever Soul would get nosebleeds, but of course this could just be annoyance. She appreciates Blair's presence in the house, as the cat-woman seems to fill an inner emptiness created by the absence of Maka's mother, but only when Blair stays fully clothed and away from Soul.

Blair also helps on some of Maka's missions and is shown to be a close friend of hers. Maka is even concerned when Blair was hanging around two Witches.

She also lets Blair ride on her head or her shoulders from time to time. Maka seems to have no objection to Blair living in her apartment. Sometimes, when Blair is in her cat form, Maka strokes her.

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In that instant, Maka is able to truly understand why Crona had acted the way they did and, since then, they have been close friends. Maka is very gentle and kind towards Crona, and is quick to defend them when they are in trouble. Crona is very shy and introverted and rarely leaves a room without Maka. Maka deeply cares for Crona, and does not hesitate to help them, and quickly reacts violently to anyone that threatens or hurts them. Crona also considers Maka a close friend.

She cares for Crona so much that Medusa uses Crona as an incentive to deceive Maka in working with her. Maka is the only person Crona feels they can always depend and rely upon, and also feels Maka is the only person who really understands them.

While upset with Crona's turn to Medusa's side, Maka still believes somewhere inside Crona is her old friend, and determinedly tries to return them back to the DWMA's side. While her attempts fail at first, Crona finally is convinced by Maka when she risks her life to enter Asura and talk to Crona. Amazed she could be so selfless, risking her life for them and still caring about them after all they did, Crona decides to produce a seal inside the Moon to trap Asura within a barrier of Black Blood and which allows Maka and the others to return to Death City safely, at the cost of Crona's own freedom, trapped within the Moon as well.

Maka later is shown to be deeply saddened and depressed about Crona's sealment inside the moon, spending a lot of time by herself when she returns home, thinking about it.

Ultimately, she likely blames herself for what happened to them, as she was unable to convince Crona to leave Medusa before they were consumed by Asura. Still, after some encouragement from Soul, Maka expresses the belief that she will see Crona again and seems determined to do so in her last words of the manga. They find Crona hiding in a pit in the desert, where Crona refuses to leave.

When Maka asks why, Crona confesses to putting Medusa's special snake into Marie's coffee which in return caused Stein's madness to increase and explains how they have a hard time trusting people not to hurt them.

Maka enters the pit to punch Crona, but instead tells Crona not to say anything negative about themselves and tries to get Crona to admit the Medusa forced them to spy on the DWMA. Crona cannot and begins to cry in fear of losing Maka's friendship because they betrayed the academy and caused Professor Stein to become insane.

Maka hugs Crona, reassuring them that she will always be their friend. She is not upset with Crona at all when Crona confesses to betraying the academy, knowing Crona was pressured into it by Medusa. Instead, it only amplifies her hate towards Medusa. Once Medusa was captured, she visits Medusa outside her cell with Soul where she furiously screams at the witch for her mistreatment of Crona.

Medusa seems unperturbed, and Soul calms Maka down before leading her away from the witch's cell. She even visits Crona, while everyone else stays away from them in their prison cell.

After having an argument with Soul, he asks her to decide what she wants to do. Soul's words clear her head, and she realizes what she wants to do.

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She thanks him and decides to help Crona and Marie. After using her Soul Perception, powered up by Soul Resonance, Maka manages to find the whereabouts of her friends and arrives just in time to defend Crona from a fatal blow by Medusa. She first apologies to Crona for not being there for them but she is there for them and Marie. Maka recovers from her blind rage, and works together with Stein and Marie in a Chain Resonance in the fight against Medusa.

She then learns that Crona isn't really dead and Stein vows to save Crona from dying. The closing credits suggest that Crona moved in with Maka, Soul, and Blair, showing Maka and Crona together in the apartment, smiling.

Despite this, she accepts him since he is a physical part of Crona. As is to be expected from a character with a very enthusiastic fan base, those who don't like him have to deal with the fan girls.

Spirit, he's either hilarious and hot to his fangirlsor a creepy pervert who Maka is oh so justified in hating. Either she's a flawed but overall admirable main character, or a presumptuous hypocrite. The debate especially gets heated when discussing her relationship with Spirit: The scene of Kid in the Sphinx and finding the circular animal-thing, then kicking it away when he sees that it is asymmetrical, is never elaborated on Broken Base: The fans appear to be divided on just how good this show is.

The fact that it will probably outlast the main series did not help. Chapter has left very polarizing opinions.

  • Will Soul and Maka end up together???

It is either seen as an extremely disappointing ending that shoehorns breasts in the first half and doesn't explain or resolve anything, or a really decent and fun ending that makes nice callbacks to the prologues of the series and ties up everything just fine. The fact that the heroes never have a rematch with Medusa who ultimately offs herself as part of making Crona the ultimate weapon didn't go over well either.

Ironically the ending of the anime likewise was a source of breaking. Some fans found the whole "Courage" can beat Asura ending rather cheesy and cliche while others thought it was a nice and simple metaphor for the series as a whole. Now that the manga has ended, most opinions on this have shifted to the latter since at least they managed to put down Asura in a more satisfying fight in the anime as opposed to neither side managing to overcome the other in the manga and Asura essentially rage quitting when he can't break the main heroes and sealing the moon.

It was a mad enterprise thankfully stopped by her level-headed friend Azusa. Soul has been shipped with his piano. Stein has been shipped with his chair. Medusa Gorgon darkens the plot with her introduction. Using her own child, Crona, as a science experimentMedusa drives him to madness without an ounce of guilt. Seeking to resurrect the monstrous Kishin Asura to bask in his destructive power, Medusa coerces two witches into helping her.

Defeated by Stein, Medusa takes over the body of a little girl, taking advantage of the fact any harm the protagonists attempt upon her would harm the child she possesses. After getting the students to help her defeat Arachnae, Medusa kills her sister and takes her body and reveals to Maka she herself was the one who kidnapped Crona. Driving Crona further into insanity while she has him in her clutches, Medusa purposely gets him to murder her, completing her child's transformation into a psychotic beast to wreak havoc upon the world.

Manipulativecruel and destructive, Medusa wastes no time showing she devotes herself to nothing but spreading misery. Too many examples to list.

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Suffice it to say that if you go three episodes without seeing something that qualifies, you aren't watching Soul Eater. Black Star certainly qualifies. He constantly straddles the line between this and Too Dumb to Live. Slams squarely into the former, however, during the Rescue Kid arc. Stein is a frankenstein-y doctor those tendency for insanity makes him feared by both sides. The fact that he's also a Hot Scientist also helps.

Kishin Asura is a monster whose insanity can cause hallucinations by his presence. The sheer menace of Justin's fully transformed self as a living guillotine makes it very clear as to why he didn't need a wielder to obtain Death Scythe status.