Daryl and rick relationship quotes

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daryl and rick relationship quotes

I did that when Carl remembered Rick's fatherly advice ("No more kids .. Favorite quote from Daryl is the episode when SPOILER Dale dies. Enjoy this really funny collection of Daryl Dixon memes that will surely make you fall harder. Rick Can't Make Up His Mind. Let's face it: AMC's "Walking Dead" wouldn't be what it is today without Daryl Dixon. Even though Norman Reedus' character wasn't in Robert.

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Rick has become a more cold and calculating leader, willing to leave strangers to die and abandon group members if it means everyone else survives, and comes into conflict with The Governor. Rick has also become distant, resentful of Lori's ambivalence and anger towards him after telling her he'd killed Shane. Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori GrimesRick's wife and Carl's mother, who is 9 months pregnant but is resented by Rick and Carl for her affair with Shane and the problems it led to.

Laurie Holden as Andreaa former successful civil rights attorney, who was separated from the group at the end of the second season. She befriends Michonne and forms a relationship with The Governor. Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixonan antihero -like Southern redneckwho's also the group's primary hunter. He has become Rick's right-hand man and closest ally since Shane's death. Steven Yeun as Glenn Rheea former pizza delivery boy and Maggie's boyfriend.

Glenn has found something in Maggie that he doesn't want to lose and has become very protective of her. Lauren Cohan as Maggie GreeneHershel's strong-willed and determined elder daughter and Glenn's girlfriend.

Maggie has come to terms with the walker virus and has since become a good fighter and an integral member of the core group. Chandler Riggs as Carl GrimesRick and Lori's young son, who has also become more cold and brutal following his father's example, but is often frustrated when he is forbidden to contribute more often, as the elder members of the group seek to retain his innocence. Danai Gurira as Michonnethe katana -wielding hooded figure, who saves Andrea in the season two finale.

Michonne is a quiet and seemingly ruthless survivalist, who immediately dislikes The Governor. She forms a bond with Rick's son Carl and begins to shed her brutality for a healthier mindset.

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Michael Rooker as Merle Dixonan unruly Southern redneck and Daryl's older brother, who disappeared in the first season. Merle is the right hand of The Governor, but Daryl, being his brother, could change that.

David Morrissey as The Governorleader of the town of Woodbury, father of Penny, and the primary antagonist of the season. The Governor is a ruthless, paranoid, and dangerous sociopath, who will murder anyone he sees as a threat to his community, and seeks to eliminate Rick's group when they move into the prison nearby.

Also starring[ edit ] Melissa McBride as Carol Peletiera former victim of domestic abuse, who is now the last surviving member of her family, having lost her daughter Sophia last season. Carol also has a close bond with Daryl, and dislikes his brother Merle for his influence over him but sees Daryl's potential in him too.

Scott Wilson as Hershel Greenea religious farmer, trained veterinarian, and father of Maggie and Beth, as well as a father figure to Glenn.

daryl and rick relationship quotes

He serves as the group's primary moral compass and Rick's main adviser. Supporting cast[ edit ] Emily Kinney as Beth GreeneHershel's soft-spoken younger daughter and Maggie's half-sister, who has accepted the world's new state, having previously tried to kill herself, and has become more skilled at killing walkers. She often tries to boost morale by singing. IronE Singleton as Theodore "T-Dog" Douglasa survivor of the original Atlanta group, who struggles to prove his worth to the group, but is a brave individual willing to risk his life for everyone else's sake.

Martinez is a loyal, slightly egotistical, member of Governor's forces, but is reasonable and has honor, and is even disturbed by The Governor's actions but is willing to do what is needed to stay alive. Dallas Roberts as Milton Mameta scientist and old friend of The Governor, who studies the walkers believing there can be a way to restore their humanity, but is reluctant to accept The Governor for the monster he is as he knew him before the outbreak. Travis Love as Shumpert, a silent bow using member of the Woodbury army, who is very loyal to The Governor and a good friend of Martinez.

Melissa Ponzio as Karen, a former teacher and Woodbury citizen, who disagrees with The Governor's plan to raise an army from the Woodbury citizens, which includes the children. Their canon relationship is close, although many interpret their interactions as purely platonic.

daryl and rick relationship quotes

They are portrayed as having a tight bromance that is strictly platonic, to a one-sided relationship, to full romantic partners. As of 22 Julythey are the largest pairing in the The Walking Dead fandom.

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Rick and Lori have one son, Carl Grimes and Judith Grimes is often considered to be Rick's daughter as well, even though her parentage is in question with the possibility she could be the daughter of Shane Walsh. Rick's family, particularly Judith, have a huge role in fanworks. Due to Rick's past relationship with Lori Grimeshis relationship with Andrea, from The Walking Dead comics and his Season 5 flirtation with Jessie Andersonmany in fandom consider him to be straight.

Rick's constant trust in Daryl and how he seeks Daryl's advice in difficult situations alongside Daryl's unwavering trust in Rick's leadership, even in the face of decisions that he feels are wrong.

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Quotes from both characters as to how each other are "family," "brothers," etc, alongside quotes such as "I need you. The ability to talk without talking through whistles, eye contact, hand motions, and body language.

The especially close relationship at the beginning of Season Three, where it is canonical that they spent time together alone in the woods on runs. Reactions when one is separated from the other or when one thinks the other is dead. For example, Rick's often high levels of aggression when Daryl is not present, Rick being the first name Daryl says when he thinks the others are dead, and Rick leading a charge back into the highly armed Woodbury for Daryl.

Many works explore Rick's tendencies towards other negative traits such as aggression, anger, and violence that he displays in canon.

daryl and rick relationship quotes

Due to the introversion of the character and the way that Norman Reedus has played Daryl, he is frequently viewed as gay, bisexual, asexual, or on the gray asexual [2] spectrum. This is contrasted, however, by the actor's portrayal of the character where many fans see him interacting on a closer and more intimate level with men rather than women and the fact that Daryl has not been canonically paired with either Beth or Carol, who seem to have feelings for him.

In addition, Norman Reedus himself has stated that "If that is the story they gave me I would rock that story! It should also be noted that there is a widely circulated work in the fandom where Daryl is portrayed as a transgender female transitioning to male. There are a large number of fans, however, who portray Daryl as the opposite—that is, experienced, sexually well-versed, confident, and flirtatious. Regardless of experience level, though, Daryl is often shown as the bottom partner during slash sexual acts and as tending to be more submissive.

Conversely, bottom-Rick shippers give Daryl the power in the relationship to take the pressure off Rick. In addition to his sexuality, fanworks tackle Daryl's past. Daryl grew up with his brother, Merle Dixonin an abusive household and many fics deal with the emotional, mental, and physical abuse Daryl received. His childhood is portrayed with various levels of detail both in terms of abuse and neglect and the long-term effects of that treatment. Fanworks also deal frequently with Daryl's relationship to Rick's family, in particular, with Judith, and to a small part, with Carl.

Carl is sometimes in the family, or his existence in canon is ignored or his absence is explained by being with Lori.

daryl and rick relationship quotes

In addition, many works are set within the canon verse of the zombie apocalypse, but are considered canon divergence fics, meaning that there is a jumping off point within canon where the works start, but they do not anticipate remaining true to the canon events.