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However, Nabal refuses and in response David organizes of his men to come . David both protection as well as fatherly advice when David called upon him. .. “How we receive reproof and counsel is a test of our relationship to the Lord. If the type of dependent passive relationship has failed in her life or in the lives of We are told that Nabal, instead of appreciating what David and his men had. There is a love story and marital advice in this drama, which excels any Having been totally honest, David knows the men of Nabal will be able to confirm In your dealings with strained relationships, including spouses, trust God for the.

Abigail: Wise and Determined

Now the name of the man was Nabal, and the name of his wife Abigail. The woman was discerning and beautiful, but the man was harsh and badly behaved; he was a Calebite. This one does not disappoint.

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It seems as though the matchmaker missed the mark with this union! Nabal is very wealthy. He grabs his sword and is prepared to kill Nabal 1 Samuel This is the point at which Abigail saves the day. She gives us a practical application of the Proverbs 31 wife: She prepared a feast, loaded it on donkeys, and headed toward David and his men 1 Samuel She did all of this without telling Nabal what she was doing.

Scripture does not advocate dishonesty or deceit Jeremiah 9: We are to be his helper without being co-dependent. She demonstrates the chayil of Proverbs Abigail reasons with David, helping him to see that the Lord has protected him from both being murdered and committing murder.

God plans for David to become king without this blood guilt on his hands.

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He gives the glory to God for sending Abigail. He acknowledges that, without her intervention, he would have ended the day with blood on his hands. My relationship with my husband would not be better until he made the decision to acknowledge God above his own inclinations. Instead, Abigail responded by quickly getting provisions together to resolve the matter.

Abigail was also a trusted woman. The members of the household felt safe informing her of the disastrous response of her husband. She acted as a buffering system. The household felt safe coming to her with their concerns, in which she had influence, and although the household did not respect Nabal, through Abigail peace was kept.

Abigail dealt in truth. She did not mince words. She met David and his army, on their way to kill her entire household, and jumped down and bowed to the ground.

Saying of her husband: She called a spade a spade. Abigail had good timing. The Bible says that Abigail did not tell her husband that she was off to save the household. She knew the right actions that had to take place and proceeded.

How we ought to be thankful to the Lord for all of the people that He has placed in our path who have encouraged us into the ways of godliness and who have persuaded us to change a bad path upon which we were heading. Every Thanksgiving I have to give special thanks to the Lord for the wife that He brought into my life. We husbands need to recognize what a special gift the woman the Lord gave us really is in our lives. We will see at the end of this chapter that after Nabal dies suddenly that David takes Abigail to be his wife.

But, I believe that the thing that attracted David to her was not that she had a pretty face or figure but rather the fact that the Lord had used her in his life in a great way to restrain him.

Therefore, he knew that he needed Abigail in his life because of her ability to give him wise counsel.

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Abigail was wise and knew that David would not take her life. Abigail tells David not to pay attention to Nabal, and not to waiste his time on Nabal, for just as his name reveals, Nabal is just a fool. David had more important things to do than to pay attention to some fool like Nabal. The Lord may have been speaking to David in ways that Abigail knew not as she spoke. Up until this point in time David had been squeaky clean in his obedience to the Lord and thus Abigail is appealing to him here to remember that the reason why the Lord is establishing him as king is because of his living his life for God and apart from sin.

There are a couple of implications from this statement: The Lord would protect and take care of David, for David was His bundle. For us as Christians, we ought to always keep foremost in our minds that Jesus is to be our life, just as Paul wrote in Gal. Abigail tells David that when he is made king that the Lord will sling out his enemies before him.

David probably hung his head in shame at this point as he thought about the fact that once as a mere lad that using a sling the Lord had gotten vengeance upon his enemy Goliath, the Philistine giant.

Now, here was David coming with men to slaughter an unsuspecting man with an inferior and grossly outnumbered force. Abigail tells David that he should not do this against Nabal so that when David is finally made king that he will not have cause for grief or a troubled heart because of his having shed blood without cause and by having avenged himself.

Abigail asks David just one request for herself: When the Lord has made him to be king that he would remember her. Was she hinting at a possible marriage to David after Nabal had passed away? Was she just a woman who hoped to have favor with the king when he finally took his throne?

Abigail was yoked to Nabal: She was barren to Nabal see Rom.

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It was tidings of impending doom which caused her to seek David v She took her place in the dust before him v She became the bride of David in the same way that a saint becomes the bride of Christ. See, I have listened to you and granted your request. David now realized how foolish and evil it would have been for him to take his own personal revenge out upon wicked Nabal.