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at Holliday's ethnic slur may indicate that the relationship between Josephine Marcus and Wyatt Earp. Both movies reflect the pulmonary tuberculosis of “Doc” Holliday, its main co-star. Together with Wyatt Earp, he took part in the now famous duel at the OK Corral. .. the relationship between both main characters; to present Wyatt's falling in love, . But what can one do with such a character, who calls the giver of advice a. While Billy, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and others were fighting for the Last Decision state, “My relations with the Earps have been the best, always – always friendly.” .. Kelly knew enough of the Earps and Holliday to offer Ike some advice.

Throughout the movie, his condition as a gambler is repeatedly underscored. Katy makes the following comment about his true profession: As he himself confesses, he abandoned his career because of his tuberculosis, "…the patients could not stand my coughing" here, tuberculosis has a professional impact. This undoubtedly causes a perception of failure.

He even jokingly comments that drinking is supposedly a remedy for his illness. He might be a cold-blooded person but at times he can also be grateful, loyal, and emotional, although with a certain dose of cynicism and bitterness.

His skill with firearms as well as with the knife is repeatedly portrayed along the movie, although, on many occasions he is seen carrying no guns.

Ringo, his competitor in love, fell to his bullets. On several occasions, other people, among them the Earp brothers, consider him a thug and a killer. When he played the role he was forty-one; ten years older than "Doc" at the time of the duel.

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The condition minly manifests itself in his cough. His coughing cannot only be seen but the characters repeatedly refer to it, with nuances to the effect that his cough is something special.

The attack is of such intensity that his former girlfriend even suspects that he might be dead figure After the confrontation with some bandits who had robbed a bank, he feels so bad that he wants to return to Dodge. After his return, he asks for Kate, but she is no longer there because she has left him. Charlie Earl HollimanWyatt's assistant, asks him if he would like him to go to find the doctor. In these scenes we are given the impression that "Doc" has a fever figure This leads Wyatt to comment that if "Doc" does not get out of the surroundings he has been frequenting he is unlikely to live for more than two more months.

This and other previous remarks allow us to conclude that his tuberculosis was in an advanced stage and that it had a poor prognosis. Even in his first meeting with Kate and Ringo, "Doc" can be seen to have depressed eyes and a thin nose in a pinched face. All of this reinforced by reinforced by the contained anger brought out in him by the situation. The environment of the saloons, loaded with tobacco smoke and propitious to the consumption of alcohol, is considered nefarious for Doc's sickness, and on several occasions his friend Wyatt bring this up.

I n contrast, the dry, clean environments are considered adequate for his treatment. At the beginning, Kate urges him to go to Denver Colorado "…so that you will be cured forever from that damn cough". If you continue like this you will not be living more than two months". But what can one do with such a character, who calls the giver of advice a "preacher" and says that he does not want to die of old age. Comparative study between My Darling Clementine and Gunfight at the OK Corral The coincidences in the plots of both movies are merely restricted to details, such as the duel at the OK Corral, the presence of some of the Clantons, the participation of the four Earp brothers, and the intervention of a tuberculosis-stricken "Doc".

In the duel, not even the same characters are included and the ones who die are also different. The reason why the Earps arrive or are already in Tombstone does not coincide either. The characters that die, and indeed when they do, are also different.

Jimmy Earp, for instance, who in My Darling Clementine was murdered at the beginning of the action, has a small but important participation due to the cross he had bought for his girlfriend. In Gunfight at the OK Corral, however, they kill him at the end of the plot. In the first movie, the marshal of Tombstone is Wyatt while in the second one it is Virgil. The ex-marshal of Dodge City arrives at the city at his request.

Wyatt is single and in each movie he has a girlfriend: The marital state of his brothers is not mentioned in My Darling Clementine while in Gunfight at the OK Corral both Virgil and Morgan are married and the wife and son of the former make their appearance. The action of the movie by Ford takes place in Tombstone while in that of Sturges, it also takes place in Fort Griffith and in Dodge City. The reasons why they maintain their relationship are quite different in both movies and, in the latter, they become good friends.

And it is the actors who make the differences: Earp author Allen Barra also searched for evidence corroborating the incident and found no credibility in Masterson's story. Ford's return in September, Holliday left for Dallas, Texasthe "last big city before the uncivilized Western Frontier. They received all three awards: His tuberculosis caused coughing spells at inopportune times, and his dental practice slowly declined.

Meanwhile, Holliday found he had some skill at gambling, and he soon relied on it as his principal income source. Heads farther west[ edit ] Holliday headed to Denverfollowing the stage routes and gambling at towns and army outposts along the way. During the summer ofhe settled in Denver under the alias "Tom Mackey" and found work as a faro dealer for John A.

Babb's Theatre Comique at Blake Street. He got in an argument with Bud Ryan, a well-known and tough gambler. Drawing knives, they fought, and Holliday left Ryan seriously wounded. In the fall ofMiller moved the Bella Union to Deadwood site of the gold rush in the Dakota Territoryand Holliday went with him.

When he left Kansas, he went to Breckenridge, Texaswhere he gambled. On July 4,he had a disagreement with gambler Henry Kahn, and Holliday beat him repeatedly with his walking stick. Both men were arrested and fined, but Kahn was not finished. Later that same day, he shot and seriously wounded the unarmed Holliday.

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His cousin, George Henry Holliday, moved west to help him recover. Once healed, Holliday relocated to Fort GriffinTexas.

Her nose was a prominent feature. Wyatt Earp was given a temporary commission as deputy U. Earp went to the Bee Hive Saloon, the largest in town and owned by John Shansseywhom Earp had known since he was Shanssey suggested Earp ask gambler Doc Holliday, who had played cards with Rudabaugh. Photo of the interior of the Long Branch Saloon in Dodge City, Kansastaken between and After about a month in Fort Griffin, Earp returned to Fort Clark [20] and in earlyhe went to Dodge City, where he became the assistant city marshal, serving under Charlie Bassett.

Holliday sought to practice dentistry again, and ran an ad in the local paper: Holliday, Dentist, very respectfully offers his professional services to the citizens of Dodge City and surrounding county during the Summer.

Office at Room No. Where satisfaction is not given, money will be refunded. During the summer, the two cowboys—accompanied by another two dozen men—rode into Dodge and shot up the town while galloping down Front Street. They entered the Long Branch Saloon, vandalized the room, and harassed the customers.

Hearing the commotion, Earp burst through the front door, and before he could react, a large number of cowboys were pointing their guns at him. In another version, there were only three to five cowboys. In both stories, Holliday was playing cards in the back of the room and upon seeing the commotion, drew his weapon and put his pistol at Morrison's head, forcing him and his men to disarm, rescuing Earp from a bad situation.

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In an Dodge newspaper advertisement, he promised money back for less than complete customer satisfaction, but this was the last known time that he worked as a dentist. Miguel Oterowho would later become governor of New Mexico Territorysaid he was present when Holliday walked into the saloon with a cocked revolver in his hand and challenged White to settle an outstanding argument.

White was serving customers at the time and took cover behind a bar, then started shooting at Holliday with his revolver. During the fight, Holliday shot White in the scalp. But there are no contemporaneous newspaper reports of the incident.

Roberts found a record for a Private Robert Smith who had been shot and killed by an "unknown assailant", but Holliday was never linked to the death.

Doc opened a dental practice and continued gambling as well, but the winter was unseasonably cold and business was slow. The New Mexico Territorial Legislature passed a bill banning gambling within the territory with surprising ease.

The ban on gambling combined with extreme low temperatures persuaded him to return to Dodge City for a few months. Accompanied by his common-law wife Mattie Blaylock, his brother Jim, and his wife Bessie, they left for Arizona Territory. Both were striving to be the first to provide rail access to the boom town of Leadville, Colorado. Doc remained there for about two and a half months. The federal intervention prompted the so-called "Treaty of Boston" to end the fighting.

A new town was built up near the tracks and prostitution and gambling flourished there. Army scout Mike Gordon tried to persuade one of the saloon girls, a former girlfriend, to leave town with him. She refused and Gordon stormed outside. He began firing into the building, [32] and a few hours later, Gordon was found mortally wounded outside. Some attribute the shooting to Holliday, but no conclusive evidence of who killed Gordon was ever found.

While in town, he was fined twice for keeping a gambling device, and again for carrying a deadly weapon. He told Holliday he was headed for the silver boom going on in TombstoneArizona Territory.

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Holliday and Horony joined Wyatt and his wife Mattie, as well as Jim Earp and his wife and step daughter, and they left the next day for PrescottArizona Territory. They arrived within a few weeks and went straight to the home of Constable Virgil Earp and his wife Allie. Holliday and Horony checked into a hotel and when Wyatt, Virgil, and James Earp with their wives left for Tombstone, Holliday remained in Prescott, where he thought the gambling opportunities were better. Some accounts report that the Earps sent for Holliday for assistance with dealing with the outlaw Cowboys.

Holliday quickly became embroiled in the local politics and violence that led up to the Gunfight at the O. Corral in October Accused in stagecoach robbery[ edit ] Holliday and Horony had many fights. After a particularly nasty, drunken argument, Holliday kicked her out.

They plied Horony with more booze and suggested to her a way to get even with Holliday. Bob Paulwho had run for Pima County sheriff and was contesting the election he lost due to ballot stuffingwas working as the Wells Fargo shotgun messenger. He had taken the reins and driver's seat in Contention City because the usual driver, a well-known and popular man named Eli "Budd" Philpot, was ill.

Philpot was riding in Paul's place as shotgun when three cowboys stopped the stage between Tombstone and Benson, Arizona and tried to rob it. Philpot and passenger Peter Roerig, riding in the rear dickey seatwere both shot and killed. Tombstone saloon owner Milt Joyce disarmed Holliday one day when he got into an altercation with fellow gambler Johnny Tyler.

Later that day, Holliday heard that Joyce was spreading rumors that Holliday had taken part in the robbery. Drunk, Holliday returned to Joyce's saloon. He insulted Joyce and demanded his firearm back. Joyce refused and threw him out, but Holliday came back carrying a " revolver " and started firing. Joyce pulled out a pistol and Holliday shot the revolver out of Joyce's hand, putting a bullet through his palm.

When Joyce's bartender, Parker, tried to grab his gun, Holliday wounded him in the toe. Joyce picked up his pistol and pistol-whipped Holliday, knocking him out. With the cowboy plot revealed, Spicer freed Holliday.

The district attorney threw out the charges, labeling them "ridiculous". Holliday gave Horony some money and put her on a stage out of town. Corral[ edit ] Main article: Gunfight at the O. He received reports that cowboys with whom they had had repeated confrontations were armed in violation of the city ordinance that required them to deposit their weapons at a saloon or stable soon after arriving in town.

The cowboys had repeatedly threatened the Earps and Holliday. Fearing trouble, Virgil temporarily deputized Holliday and sought backup from his brothers Wyatt and Morgan. Virgil retrieved a short coach gun from the Wells Fargo office and the four men went to find the cowboys.

To avoid alarming citizens and lessen tension when disarming the cowboys, Virgil gave the coach gun to Holliday so he could conceal it under his long coat. Virgil Earp took Holliday's walking stick. Holliday was boarding at Fly's house and he possibly thought they were waiting there to kill him. Cowboys witnesses testified that Holliday first pulled out a nickel-plated pistol he was known to carry, while others reported he first fired a longer, bronze-colored gun, possibly the coach gun.

Holliday killed Tom McLaury with a shotgun blast in the side of his chest. Holliday was grazed by a bullet possibly fired by Frank McLaury who was on Fremont Street at the time. He supposedly challenged Holliday, yelling, "I've got you now! You're a daisy if you have. Holliday may have also wounded Billy Clanton.

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Holliday may have been on McLaury's right and Morgan Earp on his left. McLaury was shot in the right side of the head, so Holliday is often given credit for shooting him. However, Wyatt Earp had shot McLaury in his torso earlier, a shot that alone could have killed him.

McLaury would have turned away after having been hit and Wyatt could have placed a second shot in his head. Earp Vendetta Ride[ edit ] Main article: Following that, Morgan Earp was ambushed and killed in March Several Cowboys were identified by witnesses as suspects in the shooting of Virgil Earp on December 27,and the assassination of Morgan Earp on March 19, Additional circumstantial evidence also pointed to their involvement.

Wyatt Earp had been appointed deputy U. After Morgan's murder, Wyatt Earp and his deputies guarded Virgil Earp and Allie on their way to the train for Colton, California where his father lived, to recuperate from his serious shotgun wound.

In Tucson, on March 20,the group spotted an armed Frank Stilwell and reportedly Ike Clanton hiding among the railroad cars, apparently lying in wait with the intent to kill Virgil. Frank Stilwell's body was found at dawn alongside the railroad tracks, riddled with buckshot and gunshot wounds. On March 21, they returned briefly to Tombstone, where they were joined by Texas Jack Vermillion and possibly others.

They learned Spence was in jail [45] and that Cruz was cutting wood nearby. They followed the direction Judah indicated and he soon heard a dozen or so shots. When Cruz did not return the next morning, Judah went looking for him, and found his body full of bullet holes. With Wyatt and Holliday in the lead, the six lawmen surmounted a small rise overlooking the springs.

They surprised eight cowboys camping near the springs. Wyatt Earp and Holliday left the only record of the fight. Curly Bill recognized Wyatt Earp in the lead and immediately grabbed his shotgun and fired at Earp.