Gohan and pan relationship with god

8 Dragon Ball Couples Who Have Helped The Show (And 12 Who Have Hurt It)

gohan and pan relationship with god

The Dragon Ball manga series features an ensemble cast of characters created by Akira .. He eventually becomes Goku's ally and begins a relationship with Bulma, and . In Dragon Ball GT, an adult Trunks travel through space with Pan and a The latter ultimately leads him to look for the Super Saiyan God who turns out. Pan is so much more than Gohan's daughter. Pan was also a Greek God responsible for the wild, shepherds, and flocks. She develops a close relationship with Vegeta and his romantic partner Bulma, likely because she. Gohan admits that he believes the reason behind Pan's brash behavior is . of five righteous Saiyans to reach Super Saiyan God and battle Beerus the God of Destruction. .. Neither of them realize their biological relation to one another. Pan.

If you ever need anything like a good magazine or something, I'd be more than happy to assist ya! The messy-haired child awkwardly waved at the old man as he scurried off as far away from the mother before she had another chance to attack. His nose always bleeds when he looks at 'em! The woman was turning red in the face, but not from any pain.

Getting too slow in your old age? It was true that everyone was aging, but those damn Saiyans always remained looking the same. Hell, even Gine looked ten years younger than her! The doctor pulled a muscle. I burned holes in my shoe! I don't just carry your shoes around with me!

They looked up to see him and the guardian of the Earth coming in for landing. Once he touched ground, Piccolo aimed first at Goten's shoe, fixing the hole immediately. The boy gave him a quick thumbs up and went to assist Dr.

Brief while Piccolo fixed up Bardock. They've even caught him on the rooftop a couple of times. Luckily for him, his eyes honed in on a small trio in the distance. Sure enough, Gine was leading the group of herself, Tarble, and Gure. They were all dressed in their usual attire of Saiyan armor and wherever the hell Gure was from. But that wasn't all. She hissed at Bardock before taking off in another direction, preferably far away from her brutish owner.

I couldn't leave her there all by herself! She won't do anything wrong! Bardock rubbed the back of his neck and sighed at the slurred voice. I'm just naturally the life of the party! Every stupid ass party we've had over this past half decade, you've downed those drinks like a thirsty cow. At this moment, Tarble was becoming frightened by his sister-in-law and moved himself and Gure to a safer distance.

Chi-Chi gushed and clasped her hands together in delight, pushing Bardock to the side with her hips. Just wait until Videl gets here! She's going to be so excited! It was either a time to congratulate the genius on her process of birthing another hybrid, or go make fun of Vegeta for it.

You're as tall as your father now! The young male had just gotten out of the shower after a training session with Vegeta, still towel drying his lavender hair. The boy grinned at the sight of his prodigal grandfather, and placed the damp white rag around his neck.

He was wearing a long-sleeved baseball shirt with his family's famous logo, but under the thin material his muscle mass was outlined. Bardock smirked, realizing that the kid had more muscles than poor uncle Tarble. The boy awkwardly patted Bardock on the shoulder for a half-assed apology, and then left the groaning Saiyan to help himself up. His eyes soon focused in on the gold tips of his white boots.

The empty can soon turned into insignificant bits of foil in his fist and landed on the tiles beneath him. He observed his gloved hands to make sure there wasn't any left and shrugged. Bardock and Vegeta flipped each other off before turning their attention to the small girl running frantically towards them.

Weren't they all on that damn planet together? Instead of falling into a usual embrace, Pan screeched to a halt in front of him and desperately placed her small hands on his broad shoulders.


Just tell us why you came in here like a maniac. Vegeta was tapping his fingers angrily against his biceps, growing more impatient by the minute. The poor child didn't want to believe her Grandpa Goku could die having a simple battle with that skinny cat. Through his peripherals, Bardock could see Vegeta's tightened fist begin to tremble. His great granddaughter wasn't a liar. She was never told about Beerus or the seemingly faulty vision he had five years ago. It was very, very real.

They were some of the strongest men she knew. Without saying a word, the girl nodded and left the hall as fast as she came through it. Once the tapping of her small feet had ceased to exist, Bardock and Vegeta exchanged wordless concern and walked side by side to the outdoors.

The two continued to remain silent, struggling to come up with words that described everything going on inside of their minds. Bardock's chest was hurting deeply thinking of his son and grandson alone up there to the point his knees were getting weak. He made a few grabbing gestures with his hands until his mouth finally opened. Instead of going through the front door and seeing all the guests, Vegeta brought him into the backyard so they were away from the others.

I'm the strongest one here. There's no reason to get the others involved. So I suggest you rip off your lips for the time being. If Beerus tries to kill you, I'm the only one here that can save your sorry ass.


He thought it was going to last longer, but it all came to an end when a strange silhouette appeared on the grass. If everything he had learned from Roshi was true, the sun was casting a shadow from a person standing behind him. The two Saiyans had stopped walking to look at the dark figure, taking note of the long ears.

gohan and pan relationship with god

They turned around ever so slowly to find that their version of a boogeyman was none other than the God of Destruction - a catlike being that haunted Bardock's nightmares and was the only person to send fear coursing throughout the prince. Beside the boogeyman was a more humanistic character, with hair as white as snow and superior look on his face. It's been a long time, hasn't it?

gohan and pan relationship with god

While he mouthed 'what the fuck' to himself, the prince cleared his throat and smiled nervously. I'd be happy to answer anything! His pupils widened as recollections of the Super Saiyan God in his dream had a tail swishing around behind him. He tilted his head in fascination and studied the messy spikes on his head with a smirk.

gohan and pan relationship with god

Protectively, he straightened up and held his fists out by his sides. When Bardock felt the clawed fingers of the god touch it, his eyes widened and he swung around defensively. You see, dear Saiyan," the god leaned closely into Bardock's face and observed the newfound fear in his eyes with delight. The prince grabbed Bardock's bicep tightly and pulled him away, causing Vegeta to be the one in crossfires. He grunted under his breath, realizing that he still hadn't asked his question about the Super Saiyan God.

The light disappeared much to Vegeta's relief, and Beerus took a step backwards to observe the prince. What do you know about a Super Saiyan-" "Lord Beerus, look! Whis was either making a mockery of him, or seriously amazed by the sight of her. Sighing, Beerus waved to the now mewing feline that paused in front of him. With each noise the cat was making, Beerus' glower grew stronger while the Saiyans' hearts dropped lower. There hadn't been a moment in so, so long - mostly dating back to when he first laid his eyes on Dabura - that the scarred warrior could actually feel his heart beating in his ears.

He glanced at Vegeta through his peripherals as Beerus inched closer and closer, noticing that the prince was frozen stiff.

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Out of everyone on this Earth, he was the only one to have ever dealt with the god. The look on his face didn't settle well with Bardock at all.

gohan and pan relationship with god

Beerus held his clawed hand in front of his face, and picked at the dirt inside his nails. When tiny pieces of silt were scrapped out, he flung them to the ground. The purple sphynx observed his now clean claws front and back, while Lucy placed herself at his side. The feline that usually occupied the Son home was giving her owner a smug look, as if she had just sealed his fate.

It truly was a good day for destruction. But now, your little Lucy here tells me you're a cat abuser. He's just as moronic, but at least the goon would have that dumbass grin plastered on his face. His father, on the other hand, was just begging to die. It was up to the prince to think of something, anything, to keep Beerus from destroying his home.

It is eventually revealed that Freeza was responsible for destroying the Saiyan planet Vegeta, killing all but a few Saiyans, as he had feared their power. Freeza later engages Goku and his associates in a protracted battle, with Goku transforming into a Super Saiyan after Freeza murders Kuririn. Sorbet was killed by his own master's ki blast towards the end of the battle, which was intended for Kuririn but was deflected by Vegeta. Even though Freeza utilizes a powerful new form developed as a result of intensive training, Goku defeats him once again and sends him back to Hell.

In the anime, Raditz later makes a minor appearance in Dragon Ball GT along with many of the other villains who escaped Hell. He also makes a single panel appearance in Toriyama's Dragon Ball Minus: The Departure of the Fated Child special. He survives Chaozu's self-destructing attack, causes Tenshinhan to die of exhaustion and kills Piccolo. Vegeta orders Nappa to stop fighting due to Goku's clear dominance over him, but he refuses and is incapacitated by Goku.

Dodoria's demeanour is brutish and vulgar, while Zarbon appears to be a handsome, long-haired humanoid alien with a refined temperament; Bulma is blinded by her attraction to Zarbon's uncommon physical beauty during their initial encounter, and initially mistakes him for an ally. While their former cohort Vegeta have little difficulty dispatching Dodoria, who inadvertably revealed to Vegeta that Freeza was ultimately responsible for the destruction of the Saiyan homeworld, Zarbon manages to defeat and capture him after transforming into a powerful reptilian beast following their initial encounter.

Both also make cameo appearances in Dragon Ball GT when they escape from Hell along with various other villains. Unfortunately, the boy she dates in GT, Poperu, can't stand fighting.

When Pan fights off bank robbers, Poperu runs away, not wanting to get involved. She gets annoyed when she realizes she scared him off by displaying her strength. Poor Pan has been absorbed three times during the series. She was turned into a doll during the fight with Ludd. Pan, along with Dolltaki, are then both absorbed by the gigantic mechanical doll so he can use their power. She was also absorbed during the battle against Naturon Shenron.

He used Pan's abilities to fight Goku. Pan was still conscious and told Goku to finish the creature off, but Goku didn't want to lose her. He manages to save her before destroying the creature. In a comedic twist, Mr. Buu used Chocolate Beam on Pan and Hercule and ate them.

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He didn't want to hurt them, just keep them safe from Baby Vegeta. Buu was able to restore them at a later, safer time. Her name still has three different meanings that few fans know. Pan is the Japanese word for bread, which keeps with the tradition for food based names in the Son family. Pan was also a Greek God responsible for the wild, shepherds, and flocks.

He is well known for having half the hindquarters and horns of a goat. Pan is a name of many meanings The third meaning of her name is also related to the second: The Greek god played this instrument.

The name also is in tradition with characters being named after musical instruments, such as Piccolo and Cymbal. Pan is a name of many meanings, but oddly enough, her name is unrelated to her personality. She develops a close relationship with Vegeta and his romantic partner Bulma, likely because she befriends their children Trunks and Bulla. Bulla and Pan transform into Bulpan. This fusion is possible due to their friendship and Saiyan blood. Pan also gains the ability to fuse with her mother Videl to transform into Pandel.

Videl was once a powerful fighter, and it's displayed in her fused form with her child. These fusions wouldn't be possible if not for their close bonds shown throughout the Dragon Ball series. They admit to spoiling her and not forcing her to train like they were as children. Pan displays not only her power as an infant but also her stubborn behavior.

Years of letting the girl to what she wants led Pan to be a bit bratty. Luckily, she grows up to be headstrong with a heart of gold like her grandfather and dad.