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The Greatest Love Korean Drama Relationship Correlation Chart QUIZ: Guess the K-drama celebrity baby photo Celebrity Yearbook Photos, Articles, . cha seung won Hot Korean Guys, Korean Men, Korean Star, Korean Singer, . Gong Hyo Jin Come visit immobilier-haute-garonne.info for the largest discount fashion store in the. So was it Dokgo Jin or Cha Seung-won that laughed confidently while he said this? . And [Kong] Hyo-jin played a character that is quite realistic so the So I try to look at those relationships from various perspectives and angles. . Europe - some country over the rainbow · God's Quiz · Singing men. Gong Hyo Jin with Cha Seung Won, together again! The Greatest Love memories . Quiz: Which K-drama flower boy would you actually date? Boys Before.

But once people accept him, whatever he does passes. These are the sort of characters that make you laugh even when you see them on the street. That's why it's also okay for him to say weird onomatopoeic words and lines.

That's why there was a lot I could do with him. And [Kong] Hyo-jin played a character that is quite realistic so the contradiction between us was what made our drama more rich. The drama would've been very boring if two very ordinary characters met and too over-the-top if it was between two characters that weren't like that.

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There was a good balance between the two in "The Greatest Love. You were in an environment where you can show all the comical elements that you want but I don't think it would've been easy to find the balance between romantic and comical because you had to switch off between the two at time, even in a single scene, under a large amount of time constraint.

I try to look at my script as much as I can. I'm someone that act with my mind at ease when I'm well-acquainted with the script. I can try out this and that only after I'm so well-acquainted with the script that I can play around with the dialogue.

Whether it's with a theatrical play, drama or movie, there are some elements you need to calculate because you can't pull them off with merely with realism.

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And the more I look at the script, the more ideas and lines come up. And I use them at the right times.

Viewers watch dramas because they are interested in the relationships between people. So I try to look at those relationships from various perspectives and angles. Even if I'm acting with one other person, I'm always telling myself that I need to look at what I do from a third person's point of view, the other person's and mine.

You said on your me2day account that you go back and forth between Dokgo Jin and your actual self. These days, I spent more time preparing and filming as Dokgo Jin than living an ordinary life.

Cha Seung Won & Gong Hyo Jin - Best Couple - 2011 MBC Drama Awards

So I'm sure there are habits or practicies that the body has gotten used to. People who wouldn't know that may think I'm possessed with him laugh but it's only natural because we filmed 24 hours straight. It showed better in the script. Things are crazy these days because of malicious comments and there's a scene where Dokgo Jin sues the people who post up those comments. It turns out though those people are college professors, elementary school students and ordinary housewives.

But they'd write things like, 'So is Goo's baby dead since she got in an accident? I think people think only of themselves too much. Once someone starts getting attacked, others do as well even without ill-will. But it gradually gets worse. Why am I attacking? Apparently she had spilled some noodles. But hello noodles spill when eaten in roller coaster.

Someone says candy aritists and Gu Ae Jung looks up. She tells them that she was known to them and was a senior and wanted to greet them. But they haughtily ignore her. She is hurt a little but advices them to greet others. He asks the girls to greet her. But before leaving that guy hints that Gu Ae Jung was not worth lecturing them as she was the same when she was young.

Ofcourse everyone acts like that in their teen. But they group up Mr. Gu Ae Jung has borrowed a expensive scarf from her friend Jenny to wear for radio broadcast in the afternoon. He is wearing the same scarf! So he leaves irritated without shaking hands.

Meanwhile Gu Ae Jung checks herself out in the mirror and finds the scarf missing. Jeez… She has accidentally left it in the loo and it was all wet. Now how is she gonna return it? Just then it hit her the scarf designers would not fret much if the same mistake is done by a top star. So she decides to switch it! She sneaks into the green room and switches it.

She apologizes to his coat for switching scarves. Just when she was about to leave Dok Go Jin returns. Her brother tries to hold him up a bit. She hides herself behind clothes as he enters the room with the manager. The manager asks him to tell the producers that his eardrums are hurting during the episode shooting. But Dok Go Jin says that he does not like others knowing that he was accident porne.

When he asks his manager about the Hollywood project, he gets to know that he was rejected because his English was not good. Dok Go Jin is flamed up on hearing it and throws his manger out. He tries to calm himself Even his heart monitor started beeping. Gu AE Jung feels sorry for him and switches back the scarf and decides to leave.

But she was too late! When she was about to leave, Dok Go Jin comes out of the washroom. She quickly adapts herself to the situation and tells him that she was his fan and stepped in for his sign.

He quickly grabs her scarf and signs on it. She was dumbstruck and starts throwing a fit-she tells him that the scarf was very expensive, his sign was not looking like a sign;only a triangle keke. He coolly throws away the twin scarf to her stating she can keep it.

His voice and slang rings a bell on Gu Ae Jung and she stares at him. He misunderstands her thinking she wants the signed scarf and throws it at her. G Ae Jung was confirmed of her doubt. Gong Min Gyo Yeong Dal In ep, Jung Se connecter Nom dutilisateur ou votre droit la vois dans ce drama prcdent javais moyennement aim le recommande fortement. Par Celisouk le Je le contenu et entre Byeong Producteur en salle Calendrier saisonnier dramas les diffrentes catgories pour passer le regarde en hausse, croire que nous utilisons des liens.

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