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Haruno teasing Hachiman and Yukino as a couple to be Yui's dog which both of them recognized), these events showed she trusted him to an extent. In the same way Hachiman and Yukino's relationship can be divided into 4 parts .. what Yukino feels for Hachiman isn't trust, but something far more sinister. However, Haruno has always looked out for Yukino and wants her to be everyone can see they care for each other and both would work in a relationship.

Yukino also threatened Yumiko in a double tennis match for causing an event that led to Yui get hurt, where Yukino almost addressed Yui as her friend. Yui seems to understand that, Yukino is trying her best to get along with her and decides to wait for her.

They seems to enjoy hanging out together. On the third day of the school field trip, they spent time shopping together. It is clearly hinted that both of them hold their feelings for Hachiman in concern for each-other. Edit Shizuka is the adviser of the service club in which Yukino is the president. Shizuka seems to be genuinely care for Yukino's well-being.

Shizuka describes Yukino as quiet talented, kind and correct. She also see the flaws of her way, just like she can see Hachiman's way. Shizuka worries and cares about Yukino to a great extent. Shizuka also understand Yukino as she was able to provoke Yukino to take the battle royale challenge.

In the Light Novel, it was mentioned that Shizuka made Yukino become the member of the service club using Yukino's twisted sense of "noblesse oblige". Once, Shizuka teases Yukino with Hachiman as a pair which Yukino didn't get the true meaning or deliberately acted so. Shizuka also knows Yukino's ambition and wishes Yukino not to be a second Haruno and wanted her to work on her strong points.

In Episode 1 of season 2 adaptation of Volume 7 She gave Yukino her coat and asked her to accompany her and Hachiman to the ramen shop for ramen as a form of bribe to prevent her from revealing that Shizuka had snuck out.

In times of Christmas event, Shizuka told Hachiman about the possibility of some one in future may break Yukino's shell and understand her better but wants and wishes Hachiman to be that person. To help Hachiman in mending the service club relationship, Shizuka pointed out the reason which Hachiman overlook in taking up the Iroha's request, if he did it for Iroha or Yukino. Shizuka's words shocked Hachiman in realization of his possible miscalculation. Edit Meguri showing concern over Yukino Meguri recognized Yukino as Haruno's sister and requested her to take the role of committee chairperson which she turned down.

Meguri and Hayama Hayato have shown concern for Yukino's well-being when she attempts to take on the majority of the work for the cultural festival. She also had expectations for Yukino to succeed her as Student Council President, but it is in vain. Edit Hayato is the son of the legal adviser of Yukino's father and a former grade school classmate of Yukino's as well. But all the attempts made by Hayama to mend the relation has failed.

It was mentioned in Light novel, that Hayato used to call Yukino by her first name in the past just like he addresses all girls in school by their first name, but now he addresses her by her last name. Hayato also noticed Yukino's change of not following her sister's path but doesn't feel satisfied with the rate of her change.

In the past, Yukino was mentioned to give Hayato some valentine chocolate as mentioned by Haruno but Hayato explains that Yukino gave it to both himself and Haruno in times of their elementary school which Haruno didn't deny it. Others Edit Yukino, despite being a loner has a good reputation among her classmate. In light novel it was mentioned that in case of grouping for any events, Usually girls from the group ask her to join them and she used to choose which group she goes along with.

Edit Yukino checking komachi's cat outfit Yukino once mentioned that she was jealous of Hachiman and Komachi's good sibling relationship. They seems to be on a good terms, and Komachi has high respect for her as she has elegance and carries on an intelligent attitude. They freely talk about various topics, Yukino shows she genuinely care for Komachi and also helps with her academics like a mother to her child.

Yukino also freely ask help from Komachi for which she is reluctant to ask Haruno, such as shopping for Yui's present, in preparing a magazine as part of a campaign by the Chiba region to promote "Love and Marriage" to teenager, etc. Komachi appears to have noticed Yukino's similarities and feelings to her brother and has slyly set up a date-like situations between her and Hachiman.

Yukino along with Yui and Hachiman selected Christmas present for Komachi. There are a lot of outings to which Yukino personally invites Komachi and the latter tries to set her and Hachiman up.

From their first encounter, their ideals and point view clashes because Yumiko doesn't like to be criticized while Yukino is blunt and straightforward.

Thus a great enmity developed between them, which grew in each encounter for various reasons. In Chiba summer camp, Yumiko while standing in defense for Hayama pointed out that she didn't like Yukino's character while Yukino retaliated by saying that she hates Yumiko.

In the heated argument Yumiko cried after thirty minutes of word fight. In Light novel, during tennis match Yumiko threatened to hurt Yukino but it backfired.

After the rumor of Yukino and Hayama dating spread throughout the school, whom Yumiko has a crush on and friends with, enraged Yumiko grabbed Yukino's shirts collar which was blocked by Yukino herself.

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After all misunderstandings were cleared, Yumiko bowed her head and apologized to Yukino for all her past actions. To the surprise of all service club members, Yumiko also personally invited Yukino to the celebration of Hayama's victory in marathon, thus ending their enmity and are finally on good terms.

Yumiko later requested the service club to help her make Valentine chocolate which Yukino personally helped her with, where they talk more casually than before. However Yumiko presented a shocked reaction, after learning that Yukino presented valentine chocolate in their younger days and releaved after the misunderstanding were cleared.

Too bad because Hayato never continues about this again. Hayato still refuses to say even if Tobe importunes him, so Tobe has no choice but asks him just the initial.

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But Hayato is upset, so he has no choice but sleep. However, you still want to know the full answer, right? When Hachiman explains about the most frightening people and many things.

After that, Hayama glares at him directly but starts to understand a little why that woman looks out for Hachiman. You might not know but Hayato is so mad at Hachiman. So he knows collect name of Hachiman and still calls him Hikitani-kun? With Haruno has influence with Hayato so much and his expressions when he is with Haruno in the donut shop in LN v8.

So I suspect Hayato met Haruno before, and she mentioned about a dead fish eyed boy who is in the same school as him and Yukino named Hikigaya-kun. If she talks about him, I would not be surprised if Hayato realizes that she met that guy.

However, she talked about Hachiman so much and showed her interest in him, that makes Hayato feels jealous. Yui is friendly even towards strangers like Hachiman, nicknaming him "Hikki" in an affectionate manner at their first meeting. He does not like the nickname because it sounds like Hikikomori. Yui reveals herself to be a kind but air-headed girl. Hachiman mistrusts nice girls because he believes they either have an ulterior motive or don't mean what they say.

His belief is reinforced when he learns from Komachi that Yui was the owner of the dog he saved on his first day of high school and how she brought sweets as thanks. He never knew because when Yui visited his house he hid. Hachiman believed Yui was only being nice to him out of guilt.

Hachiman ends up breaking off their friendship due to his belief. However, he is surprised when Yui is genuinely upset and leaves in tears. Though he intended to maintain his distance from Yui, Yukino pressures Hachiman into helping her apologize to Yui and mend their friendship. The strain in the relationship is repaired after Yukino helps clear their misunderstandings during Yui's impromptu birthday party.

Always acting open and cheerful towards him, they get along quite nicely, though Yui sometimes finds Hachiman's rotten personality and distorted views annoying or misguided. Hachiman is frequently frustrated with her upbeat attitude and doesn't hesitate to call her an idiot when she is particularly air-headed. Yui offered to organize and celebrate Hachiman's birthday party but Hachiman turned her down.

During the fireworks display, both Hachiman and Yui realize Yukino's car was the one that struck and injured Hachiman. After this Hachiman walks Yui home. On the way back, Yui cleared up the earlier misunderstanding, claiming that the accident wasn't the root cause for her behavior towards him. At the end, Yui appeared to be about to confess her feelings to Hachiman, but an incoming call from her mother interrupts her.

Although she seems determined to ignore the call and continue on, Hachiman who seemed aware of her purpose urges Yui to take the call.

After the call, Yui thanks Hachiman and hurries home. When Hachiman wanted to pay, she asked him to take her out to Pasela Karaoke Chain instead. Hachiman requested time to think about it, to which Yui agrees happily.

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Yui paired up with Hachiman during their field trip to Kyoto. They appear to have grown close as they developed the habit of walking together to the Service Club after class.

It is heavily hinted that Yui has romantic feelings for Hachiman. Yui grew tired of waiting for the date Hachiman owes her. She invited him to the Tokyo Sea Life park, but also invited Yukino. Yui requests that their friendship remain the same regardless of how they all might feel. Hachiman rejects her idea in favor of searching for something genuine. He is also one of the few people who admires Hachiman for his hidden kind and straightforward personality. Hachiman initially thinks Saika, due to his appearance and mannerisms, to be female until Yui told him the truth.

Hachiman has to remind himself on occasion that Totsuka is male. Sometimes he even questions if that would matter in their "relationship" before snapping out of his thoughts. It is hinted that Hachiman may see Saika as a friend which is a contrast to others. Their close association often worries Hachiman's sister Komachi Hikigaya. Hachiman once paired up with Saika for tennis. Saika also asked Hachiman personally to join the Tennis Club to help raise their strength.

Hachiman is hinted to have a romantic attraction towards Saika but reminds himself of the latter's gender, as shown as how he's contantly calling Saika and his actions "cute" and, as shown in the anime, always see's sparkles that indicate Saika's cuteness whenever Saika comes running to Hachiman. He has been in the same class as Hachiman for two years but was unaware of it. Saika often shows interest in teaming up with Hachiman in many occasions like the workplace trip, summer camp etc.

Saika was able to tell when Hachiman was depressed or feeling down and attempt to cheer him by taking him to the arcade. Saika was the first person to officially hang out with him, In the Light novel, they went to movies during summer vacations. Edit They had often paired together in the past for gym and similar activities, due to them both being outcasts of their class.

They appear to be good associates, although both deny they are actually friends due to Yoshiteru's eccentric personality and weird habits. Though Yoshiteru seems to view Hachiman as an acquaintance because of their time in class.

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Yoshiteru trusts Hachiman enough to share with him his ambitions of becoming a writer, and Hachiman cares enough or can tolerate him enough to help him out by giving him harsh and critical, yet meaningful, feedback.

They seem to have comfortable conversations and are on good terms with each other. Furthermore, after the rooftop incident, Zaimokuza is among those who know the real truth behind Hachiman's provocation of Sagami, and admires his courage as he gives a nod of approval and a smile. These show Yoshiteru greatly respects Hachiman for his ability to speak his mind and take down those who deserve it.

Hachiman and Zaimokuza understand each other well, due to them having similar interests and both of them being loners. Despite Hachiman considering Hayato irrelevant, Hayato is one of the few people who actually tries to befriend Hachiman. He has the habit of calling Hachiman "Hikitani" even though he knows how to properly say his last name. At first, Hayato acknowledged and credited Hachiman for the brilliant solution for the false chain message incident, and even thanked him for it.

But during the Chiba Village summer camp and Sagami incidents. Hayato starts to hate how Hachiman can only do things in such negative ways. Even though he can understand the reasons behind Hachiman's methods, he refuses to acknowledge his "successes".

Even though Hayato hates Hachiman's methods he still tries to defend him from others negative opinions. He also stops people from bullying Hachiman in front of him. Shown during the double date with Kaori, and putting a stop to Tobe's name calling.

Hachiman attributes this to Hayato's "Nice Guy" persona, and feels like he isn't genuine. In Episode 11 of season 2, Yumiko requests that the service club find out Hayato's career path. Instead Hachiman gives advice to Hayato, telling him he can do what he wants, and advises him that the science courses have fewer people and he could be himself. Hayama rejects his ideas and reveals that he hates Hachiman and says it's not possible for them to get along.

Because he often feels like he's lost to Hachiman, something that Hayama can't cope with due to his inferiority complex.

In order to deal with his feelings of losing to Hachiman, Hayama attempts to elevate Hachiman to be equal so that he could accept losing to him. Hayato once revealed that he was unable to solve Yukino's bullying problem by her jealous classmates at their previous schools and believed that if Hachiman attended the same schools as them, things would have turned out differently.