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FTISLAND's Lee Hong Ki wants to avoid talking about CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa on camera. On the episode of “Radio Star” that aired on April. jung yong hwa and park shin hye relationship - Google Search. You're Beautiful Korean Drama Poster Hong Ki, Korean Dramas, Nun, Watch In a small café located in Broadway Market in London, the 'Darling Couple' sits opposite from. Together, goguma couple getting married are jung yong hwa and seohyun . Guest commentators: of, Lee Hong Ki of 17 5 September 18 12 . 54 10 July Seohyun and Yonghwa go to the market to make dinner.

Our friendship is the basic… MH: Because I am actor, I just act… laughing MH: At the beginning, I worried enough about will it be good if we take that part, but when we become familiar and comfort about it, we will show that scene.

What is the secret of your friendship? Ignoring each other… Laughing JS: They teach me well without seeing on my age as the younger member. We were nervous enough at that time. Of course only that gesture we can tell. When rehearsal, I went out because of nervousness. This is the 1st world tour film of Korean Band that ever been showed. How about your impressions? I feel happy because we could held our 1st Solo World Tour not only at some countries we ever gone, but also some countries that we 1st time come.

If you watch on YouTube? We impressed when we went to some country, even they do not know our language, but they can memorize our lyrics well. We concern to our world tour, in this film was too much untold part and also some parts I want to watch. In the middle of the tour, there were some moments we did not want to be taken Laughing. It is a natural, right? We are glad because in our ages, we are the 1st Korean Band who makes a documentary film.

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Because we always live together, kindness is grown by itself in our life. In living together, we take care of each other; think of each other, live happily without any fighting. Did you think 4 years is a short time? Because we pass all of our activities along this time, we think to enjoy our habits while continuing it.

From indie to major, is there any change do you feel? Maybe the special one is being perform on TV…besides that no change on previous, we are going to complete our imperfect point and continue it with more and more efforts. The change is we will be busier… laughing JS: And being more handsome…? The time when you performed in a road in Japan till this 4 years, till World tour. Do you think the dream comes true? Get a role on drama and do other activities, but for me the great time is standing on the stage.

And this tour becomes a true story. This is our big dream, but this is not the ending…. What is your dream? Dream must be great. Living as musician such as recording, and performing on TV, alive on that conditions, what does CNBlue think about that?

Standing on the stage is the greatest time. We always do what we want to do, but if remember to stand on the stage, I want to be alive. We had hard things when preparing our live performance, also some troubles on it, and spend the nerve, then when stress is gathered, I will remember the happiness when I stand on the stage. Each artist has different mind, and because there are many kinds of people in the world, if want to release our CD or we will perform.

Besides that alive and we feel to be new one. Not only think like that, we also should become familiar with the new habit.

Latest What about the latest recently news about you? Then when I have a chance to take it then makes a photo album, and if I show it to our fans, it will be interesting, right? Therefore I should do it harder. All of you played on drama too, fans in Japan give the response for you as actor too, how do you do both of them?

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Having more experience is good. Life is only once. We will still reflection the music. This film is documentary one, how if co-starring the film, whom and what kind of role and genre you want to make? Because we are together, no problem about genre or role. Because we can do everything! I want do everything. I want to be a killer… Laughing Q: This film published many live scenes, and never come to the live carry the feeling to feel your live charm. How to enjoy this one?

More than to enjoy this film, we want to you enjoy our music from every way. If you watch and I think you will be interest on it. We will be happy if you think there is a band like that. Please tell us how to enjoy and watch this film? You will not only want to watch a part of it, but all of the parts. Please watch on our film, because within 2 hours, you will see the other side of us and clog our thoughts. Please give us the last message?

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And we thought it will be more interested if we could make it on a documentary tike that. We think to make more because we still want to continue. Because we have made it full of spirit, please watch on it. Inbecause we will show you more good stage performance and come back on front of you, please support us from now. As Kang Shin Woo: Jung Yong Hwa has a role to Watch over beside the heroine quietly, love secretly, and put aside a knight.

As Park Se Ju: He has a role as an undercover inheritor of plutocrats Chaebol who being a new VJ. Answers themselves not particularly interesting but the ways they presented them were totally cute. And the MC sort of added fun to it saying they gotta show us the parts more clearly.

He said his eyes are too small. Then he smiled his big smiles to show the super cute dimples! Imagine how he showed us his collar bones! MC said they should sing some Cantonese songs in future. Yonghwa instantly composed a short one with 2 lines. There are more questions and answers.

How many times have I repeated those two words? Sorry for lacking vocabulary. Special gifts from the boys. MH — drum sticks. Finally, a group photo. They sat on stage with their backs facing us.

There were words in Korean and English. We fans are fools for loving them, getting hurt before they feel the hurt… They are music fools too… the most foolish among all fools.

How do I feel about all this? Anyway, after all these months of virtual stalking, I finally got to see them so close! I was in the very front on the right side. He made his presence felt every second: They looked so relaxed and energetic in the live and fan meet.

I mean compared to their appearances on Korean music shows and variety shows. That reminds me about their ending most interviews this way: Please give us lots of love.