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"Amazing," Jack said, then continued talking before Ianto could protest. . Maybe they did need Torchwood relationship counselling. Ianto. Plus Jack remembers, Gwen forgets, Tosh kisses, and Ianto just kills. and Rhys sit side by side on the sofa like they're in couples counseling. The Jack/Ianto relationship was almost entirely unappealing (Jack . counselor right after Canary Wharf and before showing up in Cardiff.

Ianto didn't move as Jack came closer, didn't even look up as Jack sat down next to him. He continued to run the delicate chain through his fingers. Jack heard him breathing deeply, as if holding back tears. He was about to speak when Ianto broke the silence.

She looked so beautiful, and now she'll never—" His voice broke, and he curled his fist around the necklace. And she'll never have the chance to walk down the aisle like Gwen. To get married and live a normal life. It's practically a guarantee, not a risk.

It shouldn't be so hard. It shouldn't have taken her life before she had a chance to truly live it! She should still be here, alive and happy, getting married and starting a family. Torchwood shouldn't take that from people. I miss her too. It's not right, that she's gone…that Owen's gone…that you were…" He closed his eyes and blew out a breath, as if forcing himself to find an inner peace somewhere, somehow. Jack reached out for him, but Ianto's eyes flipped open as he stepped back, away.

For a brief moment, Jack saw nothing but fear. I still haven't proposed yet," he teased, only it suddenly it hit him that Tosh and Owen were gone, and it could have just as easily been Ianto would was shot, or Ianto who was trapped at the nuclear plant.

He'd meant what he'd told Ianto after Gwen's wedding, and though they'd had some close calls, they always scraped through, all of them. This time they didn't, and Jack could have lost his chance.

If Ianto was relieved that he hadn't lost Jack, Jack was even more grateful he hadn't lost Ianto. He pulled Ianto closer and hugged him tight.

Ianto wrapped his arms around Jack's waist and clung just as tightly, and they stood together for a long time, offering strength, taking comfort, remembering the past and thinking about the future. Too soon, Ianto stepped back with a rueful smile on his face. He shook his head with a smile.

Morbid is not my style. When it happens, it'll be big and romantic—wine and roses and everything. You'll know," he added with a wink. Ianto shook his head with what appeared to be fond exasperation.

Jack leaned forward to kiss him, long and slow, letting his feelings speak for themselves. Think you can finish here? He nodded, and told himself that he would make sure there was wine and roses when the time came.

Jack watched Ianto shut down his station, still moving his arm gingerly. The clean-up of the Good Thinking virus was done, Gwen had gone home with Rhys, and the city would soon forget half of them had tried to kill the other half. Jack, on the other hand, was still struggling with everything they'd been through. And he suspected Ianto was struggling even more; he was the one who had been shot, after all, and born witness as Jack succumbed to the virus while somehow fighting it off himself.

He was still leaning against the doorframe watching when Ianto came over, his coat laid over his good arm. And honestly, I think we're due a break on things going wrong—" Jack shook his head and smiled, stepped forward and answered him with a kiss. Nothing's wrong, because you helped save the day. There were times Ianto was so self-deprecating it hurt.

He had fought off the virus better than any of them, and yet he still blamed himself for losing control. He thought he saw the other man's shoulders sag before Ianto straightened up and nodded.

It's not your fault. It was the virus. And that prat of arsehole you used to—" Jack held up a hand. And I'm still worried. Weird shit happens, we deal with it, we move on. I know you think I only said those things, did those things because of the virus, but that's how it works—it makes you say and do those things to the people you really, truly—" "Want to kill? It just…well, it sucks it had to come out like that, doesn't it? Sort of like proposing to someone on their deathbed.

Ianto rolled his eyes. It is what it is, Jack. He described to Toshiko Sato his inability to comprehend the adrenaline rush she and the other Torchwood members shared in the face of danger.

Ianto travelled with the rest of his team to the Welsh countryside to investigate a series of gruesome murders. The Torchwood SUV was stolen by a group of cannibals that harvested travellers once every ten years.

The team followed the cannibals to their village. Right as his team were captured, Jack stepped in and incapacitated the cannibals. The cannibals were arrested by the police.

Countrycide Ianto and Jack become closer. Broken Ianto became very sad after Lisa's death. His grief was so intense that he attempted suicide after the ordeal, but was unsuccessful. Because of Mandy 's advices, he tried to connect more with the Torchwood team, and become more active. This led to him becoming closer with Jack. Broken Ianto named the life knife and gave the resurrection gauntlet the nickname "risen mitten". When Suzie Costello was resurrected by the resurrection gauntlet, she tricked the Hub into lockdown.

Despite being cut off, Ianto got a signal for his mobile phone by using the water tower above the Hub as a relay so Torchwood could call for help. Random Shoes Ianto tries to stop Owen from opening the rift. Although Owen asserted that, with Suzie Costello dead, he was now second-in-command, Ianto displayed authority in Jack's absence that Owen was not aware he had, and even shot Owen in the shoulder to prevent him using the Rift Manipulator.

However, as he was shot, Owen succeeded in activating the Rift Manipulator and brought Jack and Tosh back. Captain Jack Harkness Owen's actions had caused cracks in space and time to spread from the Rift. During this incident, Ianto saw an apparition of Lisa, telling him to reopen the Rift and undo the damage. The team turned against Jack.

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Owen shot Jack and reopened the Rift to send everything that had come through back. The opening of the Rift forced out Abaddonwhich Jack defeated. While chasing after a BlowfishJack arrived out of nowhere, saving a family. He took over Torchwood again. When Jack returned from travelling with the Doctor, also seeing the end of the world, he asked Ianto on a date- to which Ianto said yes.

Torchwood met an old lover of Jack's, Captain John Hartwho had came through the Rift searching for some canisters that had also come through. He told Torchwood that they contained radioactive bombs. While John tried to kill Jack to take the canisters' contents for himself, he challenged Ianto to save his wounded and poisoned teammates.

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Ianto caught up with John, but the contents of the canisters were actually components of a bomb that latched onto the DNA of the owner of the canisters' murderer. Torchwood found a way to confuse and safely get rid of the bomb and John forcibly left 21st century Cardiff. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Ianto kept a paper diary, which he used to write down interesting Rift activity as well as more personal concerns.

When he confronted Adam Smith about his role in the Torchwood team, Adam gave Ianto false memories of killing three women. Strangely, Ianto appeared to have more resistance to Adam than the others, though this may be because he never fully trusted him.

When he did succumb to Adam's influence it appeared, as with the rest of the team, that dormant or unused parts of his psyche were awakened. In Ianto's case, a darker, more malevolent side of his personality was awoken which enjoyed killing and violence.

Ianto was eventually able to rid himself of these memories when Jack used retcon on the team in order to purge Adam's influence. Reset was a "medicine" containing unhatched alien Mayflies that fed off of viruses and diseases in the blood, and would hatch and grow inside the person taking the meds. When the Pharm was shut down and Martha had the gestating Mayfly safely removed from her body by Owen, Owen was shot in the chest by the Pharm's owner, Aaron Copley.

Ianto attempted to save Owen, but he died. Reset Ianto watched Jack bring Owen back with another resurrection glove, and after dying again, he remained conscious, but with no lifesigns.

When Martha and Jack embalmed Owen, Ianto watched and used a hockey stick as a weapon against the glove when it attacked Martha but ultimately the glove was stopped by Owen shooting it. He visited the hospital with the rest of Torchwood Three but they were all locked out by Owen. Ianto later explained to the team that 'faith' was a resurrected child. Dead Man Walking His email address was iantojones torchwood. Jack obtained the missing digit of a code for his vortex manipulator and teleported from the Hub to meet with the Doctor.

After he had left, Gwen and Ianto were confronted by a Dalek entering the Hub and opened fire with assault rifles, vowing to die fighting.