Jackson and lydia relationship quotes

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jackson and lydia relationship quotes

Read Lydia, Jackson from the story Teen Wolf Quotes by Masters18 with 82 reads. stilinski, argent, dunbar. Lydia: I am not sitting home again watching lacrosse. Teen Wolf-Stiles and Lydia, aka *Stydia* Stiles is always coming to rescue Lydia #Martinski #Stydia #TeenWolf Jackson and Lydia vs Stiles and Lydia. lydia/jackson (teen wolf) Cute Couples, Teen Couples, Young Couples, preguntas intimas abrazo por detras Relationship Gifs, Cute Relationships, Hug Gif.

jackson and lydia relationship quotes

Let me explain, and please remember this is only MY opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. Codependent relationships rarely last: Both Lydia, and Stiles are in hard places right now, so if they got together it seems like they would be relying on one another for stability. Even though Stiles does a good job at hiding it I think it's safe to say he's insecure, about his place within the group, and now about his sanity.

Lydia is struggling with her own problems also. There's some tension between her, and her mother that needs to be resolved, and ever since Jackson left she's become more distant with everyone.

jackson and lydia relationship quotes

She's also dealing with her banshee powers, and how she can continue to have a normal life with them. They have an uneven social status: I don't think Stiles cares too much about being popular, but Lydia does. She even hides how intelligent she is because she thinks she won't be accepted. Stiles on the other hand thinks Lydia shouldn't hide it, and there lies the problem. Lydia is willing to do almost anything to be popular while Stiles would rather be unpopular and accepted.

Typically popular people don't date unpopular people because it's not accepted. I'll admit this point is less important because for the most part Lydia, and Stiles have the same friends now, but that wasn't always the case. Their best friends used to date, but they since broke up: Four, a term of address for a female parent or a woman having or regarded as having the status, function, or authority of a female parent.

And five, a term of familiar address for an old or elderly woman. So I beg to differ, when you said and or compared me to the word Mom, or Mommy which is clearly stated as the female parent you inadvertently called me a chick! She huffed before further explaining, "Stiles is like den mom. Who else do you know who can, and does do that?

jackson and lydia relationship quotes

Scott had to think for a minute, "My uh, Mom. She turned to Allison, "Who has gone the extra mile to learn and know about your family, to help you forge a relationship with a werewolf, and listen when Scott's being especially dense? Who has help fill that void that losing your own mother created? Boyd was next, "Who makes sure you sit and interact with the pack, your brothers and sisters, at lunch?

Who makes sure you eat properly and that you do your homework, often pairing you up with Scott to make sure he does the same? Boyd wasn't much for words.

Erica then penetrated Jackson, "What, he hasn't done anything for me. Making sure you ate, had all your makeup work, that you were okay. She looked to Lydia.

jackson and lydia relationship quotes

Such a mother hen. Made sure I made it to Jackson in time.

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Erica continued, Peter gazed at her as she spoke, "He let you know when you went too far — even if he had to kill you in the process. He still did, and he protected the cubs he had, and Derek with a blazing fury. He keeps you in check and happy enough not to try and take over as Alpha. He made sure you integrated in as part of the pack, as the crazy uncle. Let's me cuddle, cuddles me back, feeds me.

jackson and lydia relationship quotes

Makes sure that I am okay, treats my wounds. Who would be the Mom? It was quiet for a moment, letting the new revelation sink in, before Stiles spoke up, "If I am your mother, then you are all grounded!

And you," Stiles pointed up at Derek, "You are in the dog house for even agreeing with them. Just some fluff to help get my writer juices flowing.

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I offer a challenge though! If Derek is the Daddy would that make Stiles the Mommy? You can use my story as a starting point. I look forward to reading them. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.