Jaime lannister and brienne relationship quizzes

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jaime lannister and brienne relationship quizzes

Game of Thrones' Gwendoline Christie and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau talk about Brienne and Jamie's special relationship. Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister in S06E08 (x) Honour is also intrinsic to his relationship with Brienne; it is the honour he sees. Their bosses, Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth. In the parlance of our times, when it comes to the Kingslayer and Brienne the beauty.

They take up arms against the Lannisters, especially his wife, who is just as headstrong and uncompromising as her husband was. So do you remember what her name was? Robert Baratheon Lancel Lannister Renly Baratheon Ever since she was a child, Cersei Lannister was told by a forest witch that she would outlive all of her children. However, like everything else with the Lannisters, nothing is as it seems on the surface, and the legitimacy of these children has long been debated amongst the other noble houses.

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So who actually fathered Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen? Question 10 How many times was Margaery Tyrell married? Nor was she unafraid to try and subtly manipulate her many husbands. So before Cersei exacted her revenge, how many times had Margaery been married? Question 11 Who was Lysa Arryn married to before her death? For whatever reason, too much time in the impregnable Eyrie made Lysa unwilling to trust anyone outside the bounds of the Vale.

Therefore, when her sister comes calling for help, Lysa still refuses to get involved with the affairs of the Seven Kingdoms. Though this one character is somehow able to weasel his way into her trust and gain her hand in marriage. Question 12 True or false: Jaime Lannister has never been married. True False Aside from Tyrion, Jaime may be one of the few Lannisters with any real redeeming qualities.


To save himself from falling into a pit of despair, he learns to use his brain for once instead of his brawn — which means he must learn to make people trust him for the first time in his life. Question 13 Who was Tyrion forced to marry? In order to keep the influence that he needs over the Seven Kingdoms, Tywin knows that he needs to pick the marriage pacts of his children very carefully.

jaime lannister and brienne relationship quizzes

But unfortunately, Jaime is forbidden to marry, Cersei is growing older, and Tyrion is the bane of his existence — meaning he is willing to let his outcast son marry the daughter of a traitor. Question 14 Who is Jorah Mormont in love with?

jaime lannister and brienne relationship quizzes

Missandei Lyanna Stark Doreah For a while there, Jorah Mormont seemed like he would join the list of many Game of Thrones characters who have met their demise. Unlike in the novels, where Jon Connington has contracted greyscale, in the show, this deadly disease is carried by Jorah.

jaime lannister and brienne relationship quizzes

Fortunately, thanks to Sam being in the Citadel, Jorah is back alive and well… for the time being at least. Lysa Melisandre Selyse Though many of the marriages in Game of Thrones are more political than romantic, the relationship between Stannis and his wife may be the least loving of them all.

And second, the only person Stannis is seen romantically involved with is with Melisandre — though this is only in hopes that their bond will win him the Iron Throne. Question 16 How many times has Daenerys been engaged?

But in the books, she is actually currently married to her second husband. However, in both the series and the novels, the character has still been engaged the same amount of times. Do you know how many that is? While a marriage to Jon Snow might seem inevitable, things are bound to grow more complicated when Dany discovers that Jon has a stronger claim to the throne than she does. Jaime is not cruel for no reason.


Jaime and Brienne Their first impressions of each other Jaime and Brienne first meet when she is in service to Catelyn Tully and she witnesses the Tully and the Lannister have a tense conversation. I remember Jaime asking Catelyn if Brienne was actually a woman. Although Brienne does not think very highly of Jaime because of his history of killing The Mad King Aerys, a king he was sworn to defend, she is very honorable and defends him to the best of her ability despite that.

She does learn the truth of why Jaime killed Aerys and comes to respect him after. He is frustrated with her stubbornness at first, but he also comes to greatly respect and admire her because of her honorable and determined personality. In my opinion, Brienne is the knight Jaime has always wanted to be.

jaime lannister and brienne relationship quizzes

So does Jaime have feelings for her? Again, this is a question that can be interpreted differently and that is very difficult to answer firmly. I personally think that Jaime definitely has developed a level of respect and admiration for the person that she is.

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He also did get aroused when he saw her naked and dreamt of her being naked and looking womanly. Given that he seems to have lost interest in Cersei, this should not be taken lightly.

jaime lannister and brienne relationship quizzes

So my final answer to if Jaime has feelings for her is: R Martin is an extremely ambiguous writer who leaves things open for different interpretations which is part of the fun. I definitely think she does have feelings for him. After Brienne and Jaime part ways, she does think about him in the way a young flustered teenage girl would about a handsome boy. I believe she also thought he looked like half a god when was naked before her eyes. My final thoughts So who do I think Jaime truly loves?

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