Joffrey and margaery relationship help

joffrey and margaery relationship help

Aug 1, In order to win the battle his grandfather Tywin agreed to an alliance with the rich Tyrell family, and so, Margaery Tyrell's hand in marriage was. Now betrothed to King Joffrey I Baratheon, Margaery travels to King's Landing. Margaery to refuse the marriage, Margaery and Olenna confide in Sansa that . Randyll Tarly, leaves Maidenpool with his own army to give Margaery his aid. Jun 27, But let's be clear, Margaery Tyrell deserved better — SO MUCH from getting the hot Joffrey gossip from poor traumatized Sansa to taming her wild while taking ye olde grossed-out Medieval approach to m/m relationships.

Неплохо, но есть.

joffrey and margaery relationship help

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