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Miranda Alvarez is the name of Kenzo Gutierrez' ex-girlfriend after he get involved with whatever relationship problems Kamille and Justin. I would like to use the relationship of Kamille and Kenzo as a case study for . emotions but with so many painful and unanswerable questions. To help Kamille Filoteo and Kenzo Gutierrez realize what they are getting talked to Kamille to help her assess her relationship with Kenzo.

In the confession room, they have a cute little moment where Ylona farts ew and Bailey looks adorably disgusted. Kenzo and Kamille continues to become closer to each other.

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Kenzo asks Kamille in the living room what will happen to them after the show is over. Kamille does a cute little I-don't-know dance.

Kenzo says, "I don't like answers that are not sure. Kamille is confused and Ryan tells her that Kenzo already heard that she told him she will follow her heart, and Kenzo should have understood that. It is implied that Kamille wants to leave Justin the bf outside the house for Kenzo.

At the poolside, Kenzo talks to his dad who apparently promised to send Kenzo's ex-gf flowers every month while Kenzo is in the house.

Kenzo reminded him to send Miranda the ex flowers. In the confession room, Kenzo's dad tells BB that he wants to talk to her son about Kamille but he feels shy to do so. The next day, BB allows Kenzo and his dad to play pool in the competition yard this is normally inaccessible to HMs. They have a heart-to-heart talk.

PBB Kenzo Gutierrez finds Kamille Filoteo “cute” | immobilier-haute-garonne.info

The dad asks Kenzo if he has a relationship with Kamille. The dad says he doesn't think so. If that's what you think, then okay. Kenzo says, there is a catch because Kamille's bf does not treat her well. The dad reminds him to be careful. Later in the house, Kenzo thanks BB for the moment to talk to his dad. Why the fuck are you sinking our Kamille-Kenzo ship? The final game is a mix of something like a hit the pinata game, and this gameand palo sebo.

Infidelity happens when the promise to be faithful to each other during a relationship is broken.

PBB 737: Kenzo Gutierrez finds Kamille Filoteo “cute”

I would like to use the relationship of Kamille and Kenzo as a case study for infidelity. The problem of infidelity is a topic that is important to discuss because if it can happen among teens inside Kuya's house, then the more it can happen to anyone in the real world.

To start with, we need to ask whether infidelity is involved in the relationship of Kamille and Kenzo? The answer is "yes! Hence, the romantic friendship of Kamille and Kenzo is undeniably a betrayal. Theirs is clearly "forbidden love. In fact, even Kamille admits her mistake about this. In this forbidden relationship, Kamille is considered to be the "cheater" or "two-timer.

The romantic relationship happened spontaneously, out of their infatuation for each other. Infatuation is an intense liking for each other. It is infatuation that created Kamille and Kenzo's whirlwind romance. People might call it "love at first sight," but in reality, there is no love involved. Infatuation is more of an emotional high or sensual lust rather than true love.

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In tagalog, it is termed "kahalingan" or "kahibangan sa pagibig. Infatuation is not willfully planned; it appears suddenly as an emotional impulse. They did not want infatuation to happen.

Where does infatuation originate? There are many explanations for infatuation.

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Infatuation happens on a subconscious level. It is our subconscious mind that selects the person we get infatuated with. Personally, I feel that infatuation is experienced more strongly by people who are emotionally needy and deprived. The more emotionally needy or emotionally deprived a person is, the greater the tendency to quickly fall in love.

What are the types of people we get infatuated or obsessed with? We get infatuated with a person whom we subconsciously feel will meet our strong emotional needs. We also get infatuated with a person who subconsciously reminds us of a parent figure.

A case in point might be your own romantic relationship: If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend right now, ask yourself whether your partner has more of your father's or mother's personality. I know that you know it's wrong, but I also know that you know you can't stop it! What is wrong in the Kamille and Kenzo relationship?