Katniss everdeen and peeta mellark relationship problems

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katniss everdeen and peeta mellark relationship problems

People have talked and talked and talked about The Hunger Games as a feminist It could have been clearer in the movie that Peeta and Katniss are still broken in It doesn't matter that it took fifteen years of relationship building and My problem with the ending is that I felt the scene was too idyllic. Peeta and Katniss leave the district on the train to the Capitol, escorted by Haymitch Abernathy, because of his drinking problem and his obvious lack of Portia was Peeta's stylist in the 74th and 75th Hunger Games and their relationship. What is the main conflict that Katniss in the Hunger Games book must face? One of her biggest struggles is defining her relationship with Peeta. Internally, she struggles with her feelings for both Peeta and Gale and the loss she feels over.

On top of that, Peeta is no longer who he was, and no longer sees her as he once did. He sees her as a monster and tries to kill her. He is both a physical danger and psychological influence to her as on top of trying to kill her, he lowers her mental health by causing her to make decisions and judgments based on the guilt she feels instead of what she wants and needs and by making her feel low and lower than she already feels at various parts in Mockingjay.

Peeta's impact on Katniss' mental state is highlighted where Katniss expresses "All those months of taking for granted that Peeta thought I was wonderful are over. Finally, he can see me for who I really am. And I hate him for it.

Peeta makes her feel bad about herself and makes her feel guilty, and Peeta's return did not entirely mean a romantic rekindling for Katniss. She tries to deal with her conflicting emotions for Peeta and for her situation with him by avoiding him, and when she cannot avoid him her encounters with him are filled with hostility.

But she is not allowed to deal with her conflicting emotions without having more guilt placed on her plate. Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't have a fully loaded weapon next to you round the clock.

But I think it's time you flipped this little scenario in your head. If you'd been taken by the Capitol, and hijacked, and then tried to kill Peeta, is this the way he would be treating you? It isn't how he would be treating me at all. He would be trying to get me back at any cost. Not shutting me out, abandoning me, greeting me with hostility at every turn.

katniss everdeen and peeta mellark relationship problems

Or do they treat them with hostility and act against them? Katniss does both but then is reproached and chastised with no regard for her wants and needs. The implied message here is that Katniss should do for Peeta what he would do for her but after Katniss saves Peeta she does not do this. The question is why?

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Could it possibly be because she does not want to? Could it be because she has reasons or reservations that distance her from him? Haymitch claims that Katniss is "punishing [Peeta] over and over for things that are out of his control" but when looked at closely is that really what Katniss is doing? Katniss is presented with a predicament that she never comes to work through.

She wants to pursue a relationship with Gale but cannot do so without having psychological and emotional ties to Peeta with who she first came to associate romantic actions and feelings with and with who she now psychologically and physically associates safety and security with. This is combined with her feeling responsible for Peeta and combined with the fact that she now has feelings for Peeta.

katniss everdeen and peeta mellark relationship problems

But these romantic actions and their resulting feelings and development came while she was being controlled and manipulated, and they are also surrounded in trauma.

She also cannot pursue a relationship with Gale without being judged, reproached, and "guilt-tripped" combined with the fact that she is no longer the Katniss she used to be. Yet while she longs for Peeta, she does not necessarily want to be in a relationship with him or never makes it clear that she does.

Her thoughts of him relate to what he makes her feel, what she came to associate with him i. Katniss' abandonment of Peeta after she works to save him from the Capitol is a form of releasing herself from the role that she had been given and a form of releasing herself from the responsibilities that came with that role, as well as a way of protecting herself from the now-dangerous Peeta.

Her behavior shutting him out, abandoning him, and treating him with hostility at every turn was one of the only ways she had left to her to communicate to Peeta and to others that she did not want to be in a relationship with Peeta or at least that she needed some space from him. She wants Peeta to live, be safe, and she cares about his well-being as supported by her joining the rebellion to save him and as is supported by her guilt and complicated feelings throughout the story. She cares for him as indicated by her inner dialogue.

We do not get to see her process this realization but can piece it together based upon her earlier decision to be with Gale and her pursuing an unofficial relationship with Gale i. Katniss is not allowed to not want to be in a relationship with Peeta or is not allowed space from Peeta to sort out her wants and needs because of all that he has done for her and because of all that he has been through.

So Katniss finds herself trapped and manipulated once more.

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Who was Katniss' true match? Peeta Mellark Both of them were equal matches for Katniss. Neither of them were matches for Katniss. Katniss is an acceptable match for Gale and Peeta because both Gale and Peeta have seen or come to see Katniss for who and what she is and have found traits that they want in a partner and are more than happy to take Katniss as she is. And while Gale and Peeta have had the opportunity to make this assessment about Katniss and to determine that she would be a worthwhile companion, Katniss has not been able to make this assessment for herself and has not even allowed herself to venture emotionally, mentally, or physically into that territory due to her circumstances, life experience, and how she views life.

Even the time she tries to give herself to work through her emotions is taken away from her by Haymitch, those that reproach her, and the war. Neither Gale nor Peeta match Katniss' spirit, her view of life, or what she wants. Gale wants to change the current world in which they live and does not accept the world in which they live, Peeta hopes for a future in the world that exists, while Katniss wants to survive and get through life.

Both Gale and Peeta want Katniss but neither one of them take into account what Katniss wants and most of the time Katniss does not even get to take into account what she wants because what she wants and what little she knows that she wants is constantly manipulated and threatened by forces outside of her control and by the people in her life. In addition, it can be argued that both Gale and Peeta have an agenda when it comes to Katniss.

Gale is removed from the ending after his indirect involvement in Prim's death but prior to this Katniss was faced with the decision of changing and being with the guy that she cared for and wanted to be with or staying the same and being with the guy that she cared for but did not completely want to be with.

Or to be with either of them and in so choosing to be with a guy focused on his own needs over hers based upon Gale and Peeta's discussion over who Katniss will "choose. She also never has to work through her complicated feelings regarding each of them and regarding herself. Katniss does not choose Gale but she does not choose Peeta either. She goes back home to District 12 to continue her life. But Peeta does go back to Katniss, and Katniss accepts him in her life.

Katniss Everdeen's Relationships in "The Hunger Games"

She comes to love him and she does need him. Katniss later reflects "What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again.

Even with rebirth instead of destruction and the promise that life can go on no matter how bad her losses, Katniss continues to have a complicated relationship with Peeta as supported by their dialogue and struggles. Peeta continues to manipulate Katniss as Katniss gives Peeta two children because he "wanted them so badly.

Peeta comes to be a better match for Katniss than Gale, primarily because Katniss comes to "need" Peeta and Peeta brings to Katniss' life things she does not bring herself. There is also the fact that they both become damaged in similar ways and their damages and strengths weave together allowing them to both benefit from the relationship and support each other. They become crutches to each other. Katniss comes to be a better match for Peeta than she was before and a better match for Peeta in general.

Peeta's hope for a future in the world that exists is more aligned to Katniss' desire to survive and get through life than is Gale's desire to change the current world, and is one of the reasons that Katniss and Peeta are more of a match for each other.

Peeta's view of life is easier to reconcile to Katniss' view of life and in this regard is also beneficial and balancing as Peeta and his perspectives gives Katniss hope.

By the end of the trilogy, given the changes that both Katniss and Peeta undergo, it is only together that they survive and are strong.

But even that is a simplification, as there is more to their relationship than meets the eye. Do you really think that Peeta was purposefully manipulating Katniss, or that he was really in love with her? Peeta seemed to be the latter. If Katniss never met Peeta, how do you think her life be? Would she even be alive? It's also important to note, as ever, that these two are teenagers faced with daily violence and a revolution. They shouldn't even have to make decisions like these. He managed to declare his love for Katniss Everdeen live on national television during his interview with the colorful host Caesar Flickerman, not only as an act of truth but as a strategy to help Katniss have a stronger chance of winning the Hunger Games.

He was able to hand Katniss a variety of slayed animals, mock the Capitol in their secret place, trust her with his own life and teach her how to trap, but he couldn't voice his own feelings. Most of these instances occur during vulnerable, emotional moments during which Katniss seems to seek comfort above all else. Given the fact that she only sees Gale as a friend much of the time, there's more of a sibling between them, but the fact that even Snow could see chemistry between the two friends proves that it was there.

It ended up being the very plan that resulted in the loss of Primrose Everdeen, the little duck whom Katniss volunteered for in the first place. This is something their relationship would never really recover from.

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He's not the prime reason she and her family survived, but he definitely helped her learn several of the hunting tips and tricks that she uses on a daily basis that helped her win the Hunger Games. This doesn't detract from Katniss' character at all. Much of her survival through her first Games also depended on Rue, whom she befriended during the Games.

What about his family that he worked so hard to protect?

The Hunger Games: A Romantic Analysis of the Peeta vs Gale "Love Triangle"

Does he truly never send Katniss any letters or make time to visit? Maybe it's too painful for him to visit the person he thought he'd marry someday.

Peeta could have easily chosen to remain in the Capitol as an eloquent leader just as Katniss could have married Gale upon returning to District Had Prim lived, Gale and Katniss might still be hunting together, but it showed Katniss Gale's warlike ways and ruined their chance of happiness together.