Locker and torres relationship quiz

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locker and torres relationship quiz

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Arizona loved pizza and she hated sandwiches. She was also one of the 'Seattle Grace Five'. Question 14 Charles Percy: He was also known as Charlie, Bigfoot and Charlie Brown. The poor guy got caught up in the shooting.

Charles also confessed that he was a surgeon.

locker and torres relationship quiz

He was shot by the gunman. Later, Bailey dressed the wound and headed towards an elevator. Question 15 Preston Burke: They were engaged to be married, but on their wedding day he walked out of the chapel. He said it was only fair to Cristina.

locker and torres relationship quiz

Needless to say, this really broker her. He moved to another country and married someone else. He eventually drags Cristina all the way to Zurich as well to take over his hospital for him. Cristina thought he was trying to win her back. Does Preston die, or is he still alive? Question 16 Ben Warren: Dead Alive Ben was married to Bailey. A unique couple to say the least. He went from anesthetics to surgery and then to wanting to be a fireman Ben has walked a terribly difficult road.

It can't be easy being married to Bailey, after all!

Which Of These Grey's Anatomy Doctors And Patients Made It Out Alive?

Kidding, he did a c-section delivery in the passage way, and this ended very badly. Later he helped to deliver April's baby on Meredith's kitchen table. Ben also helped save Stephanie Edwards from the fire. Question 17 Wallace Anderson: Dead Dead Wallace Anderson was just the cutest miniature doctor we ever did see!

A 10 year old, male patient that could definitely do ward rounds better than most qualified doctors! Would you believe that this little man had approximately 15 surgeries in his lifetime.

Question 18 Callie Torres: Dead Alive Callie is an orthopedic surgeon. She was married to the handsome George O'Malley, and Arizona. She had a daughter with Mark Sloan as well. Callie treated hundreds of patients, saving many lives. She helped rehabilitate patients too. Callie and Arizona eventually got divorced. Their journey together was long, and painful. When Callie moved, she took their daughter with her.

Later, the little one moves back home to live with Arizona. Is this because Callie passed away while out of town? Question 19 Stephanie Edwards: They started out as typical silly interns but flourished in to amazing doctors and surgeons.

Recently, Stephanie finds herself is a bit of a heated situation. Steph got caught up in a hostage type situation and ends up blowing up part of the hospital in order to save herself and a young child. Can you remember is Stephanie Edwards made it out of the explosion alive or not? Question 20 Denny Duquette: Dead Alive Denny was our favorite patient who needed a new heart because his old one was broken.

Izzie risked her entire career for him by cutting his LVAD wire.

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In fact, she even dragged her fellow doctors in to her mess. Eventually Denny was moved to the top of the transplant list and, like magic, he received his new heart. All of the interns where in a huge amount of trouble for this little stunt, and did it even help to save him?

Question 21 Nathan Riggs: He spent some time with Maggie and Meredith. Maggie gets the wrong impression from Nathan, and when she finds out that Meredith is also in to Nathan things get ugly between the sisters. One of his favorite snacks is bacon, he often brings it to the hospital. Nathan spent time in the Middle East doing relief work as well. Once Megan is found alive, he leaves the hospital.

Question 22 Henry Burton: Cristina was forced to operate on a male patient but she had no idea who it was under the knife.

Not that this should have mattered, because any doctor who treats a patient should always do their best. Do you remember what happened on this episode? Did Cristina let Henry Burton die? Or did she save him and Teddy was none the wiser?

locker and torres relationship quiz

Select an answer below to find out the truth. Question 23 Dylan Young: Dead Alive In order to answer this question, you have to know who Dylan Young was. He was not a patient, or a fellow doctor. He was one of the men who helped with the patient who had a bomb stuck in his chest This episode had each and every one of us sitting on the edge of our seat, dead still - just in case our own movement influenced the bomb going off. This was almost as bad as the rogue shooter Question 24 Heather Brooks: She was a little bit different to the other interns but she was a sweet girl too.

She also got involved in with Alex Karev Shane Ross sent Heather to do his work for him. She ended up finding Webber, who had been electrocuted. During this time she also sustained an injury. Can you remember if this injury was terminal or did she walk it off? Question 25 April Kepner: Dead Alive April was a diligent young doctor from the country.

She grew up milking cows and shoveling hay. April started as an intern when the merger took place. She used to carry a little notebook with her, she gave the illusion that this was a note book for her cases, but actually it was a note book full of uplifting compliments to and for herself.

She spent time in Iraq working in the war. Did April make it back from the war alive? Question 26 Mark Sloan: Dead Alive Mark really was such a ladies man! Just ask any of the hospital nurses, Lexie or even Addison He actually got himself in to tons of trouble because he couldn't keep his hands to himself. He eventually fell madly in love with Lexie, although they had their hiccups. Lexie and Mark have some difficulty adjusting when Little Sloan moves in with them but in the end everything works out for the best.

Can you remember what happened to Mark Sloan? Question 27 Craig Thomas: He loved to tell stories which could go on for hours and hours. Cristina, of course, didn't always have the patience to deal with Craig but she had no choice when cornered with a story while in the OR. Dr Thomas eventually collapsed in the OR one day. Can you remember if this fossil of a doctor made it out alive?

Question 28 Jo Wilson: Dead Alive Spoiler alert if you haven't seen the latest season!

locker and torres relationship quiz

Jo Wilson is actually living under a new name! She did this to escape her crazy husband who used to beat her to a pulp regularly. Eventually Alex finds out and does what he needs to in order to protect her. In the most recent season Jo finds out that Alex visited her husband. Alex tells Jo that she is basically safe from him. At the end of the last episode she bumps in to her husband Question 29 Izzie Stevens: Dead Alive Izzie is the cancer chick who was married to Alex Karev.

She was also engaged to Denny. Izzie goes through tons of treatments and some surgeries in order to try and save her life.

After loosing her job at the hospital she decides to leave Seattle. She literally disappears in to thin air, missing all her follow up appointments. She sends Alex divorce papers too. Since we haven't seen Izzie in a while, do we even know if she is still alive? George fails his internship exam. Crew[ edit ] This season is the last to be produced by ABC Studios under title of Touchstone Televisionas the company's decision to change its name occurred after the conclusion of the season.

She also continued her position from the first two seasons as one of the most prominent members of the writing staff. Betsy BeersMark Gordon and Rob Corn also returned as executive producers, along with Mark WildingPeter Horton and Krista Vernoffwho have been in this position since the inception of the series.

Allan Heinberghowever, joins the production team at the beginning of the third season as a co-executive producer, before his promotion to an executive. Horton left the series at the conclusion of the season, whereas James D. Parriottwho previously served a writer and executive producer for the first two seasons, did not continue his work on the show during this season. Joan Rater and Tony Phelan continued to serve as co-executive producers, with Rater being a supervising producer as well.

Stacy McKee, who previously served as a producer and writer for the series, was promoted to co-executive producer. After having written three episodes for the first season and five for the second, Rhimes returned as a writer for six episodes, out of which one was written along with Marti Noxon. Gabrielle Stanton and Harry Werksman, Jr. The season includes the first episode to be written by Debora Cahnwho would become one of the series' main writers, as well as a consulting and supervisor producer.

Rob Corn returned to the series to direct three episodes for the season, after writing two episodes in the second season. Greg Yaitanes is credited for directing two episodes during the season, the only ones to have been directed by him in the series. Danny Lux continued his position as the main music composer for the series, while Herbert Davis and Walt Fraser served as the season's cinematography directors. Fisher, however, left the series at the conclusion of the season. She's been so good at what she's done that I've just let the character do what I've wanted the character to do, which has been wonderful.

She's managed to sell every single thing because she's really believed it. The incredible thing is that you can have no fear to write what you think because she is always able to deliver. Fisher Plaza, which is the headquarters building for the media company Fisher Communications and Fisher's ABC affiliated Komo radio and television stations for Seattle, is used for some exterior shots of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, such as air ambulances landing on the Komo Television newscopter's helipad.

This puts Seattle Grace conveniently close to the Space Needlewhich is directly across the street from Fisher Plaza, the Seattle Monorailand other local landmarks. Magnuson Park in Seattle. She was charming and there was something about her so intriguing to watch", stated Rhimes in response to Pomepo's portrayal of her character. Executive producer Betsy Beers stated that the writing staff was going to focus on the balance between her vulnerability and her courage, also dealing with changes in the relationship with her friends.

Pompeo noted that the uncertainty of her character's fate is what helped her evolve into a more adaptable actor. Rhimes described how Pompeo got through the challenge of sending Meredith in the afterlife: Exciting to watch her find her way back.

She lost her optimism. She realizes now that life is difficult, but she still tries very hard to see the best in people. Cast member Eric Dane described the impact his first scene in the season had on him, stating that it was a spectacular entrance: So every time I put it together and let my hands go, it was almost like throwing caution to the wind. Betsy Beers, however, noted that the most "powerful" scene in the season saw Cristina Yang and Preston Burke in the on-call room, talking about the future of their relationship: