Margot fonteyn and rudolf nureyev relationship

Were Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev secret lovers? - Rudolf Nureyev

margot fonteyn and rudolf nureyev relationship

Rudolf Nureyev, onstage and off. The other great influence on him during these early years was Margot Fonteyn. In . In the process, however, he developed a bitterly antagonistic relationship with the company. Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev conveyed passion in such ballets as relationship with Danish ballet star Erik Bruhn) and Fonteyn was. Dame Margot Fonteyn, DBE (18 May – 21 February ), .. In Rudolf Nureyev, star of the Kirov Ballet, defected The extent of their physical relationship remains unclear; Nureyev said.

margot fonteyn and rudolf nureyev relationship

I had no idea I was going to go through it myself. He took a degree in Greek and Latin at a New York University, where he was encouraged to train as a dancer. There in he was one of a few students hand picked by Balanchine to perform in Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, a work the Russian-born choreographer created for Nureyev.

Nureyev and Tracy met on the way to rehearsal. Tracy, who knew Nureyev had recently visited Egypt, asked him about the country.

margot fonteyn and rudolf nureyev relationship

Nureyev asked him where to buy batteries for his ghettoblaster. After the rehearsal and further chat, Nureyev asked him for tea at his New York hotel suite that afternoon.

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They ended up in bed. Nureyev asked him to phone next day. Tracy thought he was joking. A day or so later at rehearsal, Nureyev asked why he had not phoned. Tracy looked at him in amazement. They went out together for three evenings, then Tracy moved in with him. Nureyev introduced him proudly to his circle. He had three million young men.

He just liked me. It was my intelligence, and he liked my legs, and my jump. We were almost instantly physically attracted. It was a whirlwind. I was 23, wild and open to anything. I just let him call the shots. I always thought it wasn't going to last.

There were always, always other guys around, younger, with better bodies. He gave me great trust and friendship. He did not take my youth. He shared it with me. He shared his wisdom, knowledge and experience. It was a master and apprentice role as well. One thing that attracted Rudolph to me was that I was not a stud. I was an academic. One friend called Tracy "very lucid, full of energy".

At an early date in the cordon bleu Russian Tea Room on 57th Street, he ordered his student standby meal, a tuna sandwich. Tracy got to like caviar, and the lifestyle: Some of their happiest times were at the ranch house. Jackie Onassis would come to ride, friends and dinner would be flown in from New York. He realises too that he was one of a series of close acolytes which such artists seem to need.

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Balanchine was the same, he says, in relations with women. Each close relationship seemed to last about two-and-a-half years. Next morning on a flight Tracy woke from a nap to find his friend patting his head, a memory which still moves him. But they had another row, drifted apart and split. One of the first parts Nureyev himself had danced after defecting to the west init suited Tracy's prowess at jumps. But in leaving Nureyev he lost that chance.

He felt an element of relief, however. There was no way I could live up to that. I knew my potential. This was partly because Nureyev's circle was worried about the alternative company he might find. But they stopped having sex. He became Nureyev's social organiser and secretary as well as companion. The two them might have managed it, Nureyev said, "but I could not get rid of [her minder] for long enough".

In his craving for fatherhood, he told Tracy, "I would have had two children, but both the women had abortions.

Margot Fonteyn

The dancer named in this speculation is not Margot Fonteyn, Nureyev's earliest and most illustrious western partner. But it was Tracy with whom Nureyev discussed the surreal notion of comforting Fonteyn in her last illness by ferrying tapes of the s US television sitcom I Love Lucy to Panama where she was dying of ovarian cancer.

Re-runs of the show were one of the early bonds between Tracy and Nureyev. Related Articles 11 Oct Colette: He says he wants to dance with you. Ask Vera if he is a good dancer. Colette the next day: He sounds rather tiresome to me. They say he has such a presence he only has to walk on stage and lift his arm and you can see the swans by the lake.

I think it would be wonderful if you could dance with Nureyev as well as Gilpin. The more I hear of him the worse he sounds. Rudolf, penniless, came to London on a secret three-day visit, posing as a Polish dancer, Zygmund Jasman. He was to stay with Margot at the embassy in Thurloe Place [where she lived with her husband, the Panamanian ambassador Tito Arias], and she planned to send her chauffeur to meet him, as she was due to go to a cocktail party.

Two hours earlier than expected the telephone rang and she heard his voice for the first time. Forty-five minutes later, the phone rang again: Lindley, the driver, could not find him. She had expected him to be taller.

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I noticed the nostrils at once. There was just enough time for tea before she had to rush away. They had strong Earl Grey, without milk — a brew which they would drink together, over the years, in huge quantities; he set the immoderate tone by helping himself to five sugars. Suddenly he laughed and his whole face changed. They were all so serious when we were there. Rudolf came at a time when we were afraid that Margot would disappear. It was very, very worrying — the partner means so much.

I saw at once that he would add five years to her career.

margot fonteyn and rudolf nureyev relationship

She famously told her mentor: I think it would be like mutton dancing with lamb. Whatever Tito advised, would be done. And that evening, it was he who spelled out the stark choice that lay before Margot: And Madam, for once in her life, turned out to be wrong.

margot fonteyn and rudolf nureyev relationship

It prolonged it by Now the sun shone for her once more, melting the ice that had blocked her emotional responses. It suited the dynamic of little-boy-lost that he instinctively set up with women and, besides, Margot was a baby compared to [Natalia] Dudinskaya, his frequent erstwhile partner at the Kirov, who had been born in He may have despised the political regime from which he had escaped, but he held the Kirov tradition which had fostered him in the highest esteem, imposing its virtues and values upon Western methods wherever he travelled.

The changes that he tried to ring in rehearsal were all very confusing to Margot, who, having been coached by Tamara Karsavina, had every reason to believe that her mime scenes were perfectly authentic.

But, after the first Giselle rehearsal, she admitted to a friend that she had been wrong not to dance with Rudolf at the gala. And it is to her great credit that never once did she stand on her dignity or treat the suggestions of someone half her age as presumptuous.

Never had I seen each step practised with such exactitude and thoroughness.

margot fonteyn and rudolf nureyev relationship

That trinity of performances seems, in the retrospective public perception, to have been rolled into one, or to have swollen to encompass all the renderings of Giselle that Fonteyn and Nureyev were ever to give, such was the sense of privilege engendered by having actually been there.

If, at the end of the first performance, when the curtain fell — to pin-dropping silence, followed by pandemonium — de Valois felt vindicated in the unorthodoxy of her professional matchmaking, she was about to witness an even more gratifying moment, one which would launch the partnership she had championed into the realms of legend. In the context of dancers, flaked out in lonely hotel rooms, such euphemisms seem almost ludicrous: But Rudolf was not a girlfriend, with whom to giggle and discuss men and doze off when Tito, yet again, failed to make that promised call.

Yet Margot herself does her best, with clever use of the sad truth, to throw us off the scent and place the accent back where she is determined that it should belong: