Me and bae relationship goals football

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me and bae relationship goals football

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The breakup left me hurt, angry, and ashamed because I felt like I had failed. My world seemed like it had been flipped upside down but that was because I let it.

Relationship goals: Phumeza Mdabe says her bae is her strength

I cried about it, cried some more, and then cried a lot more. I drowned myself back into my school work to keep my mind off it. I was determined to figure out how to accept a failed relationship.

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Fast forward to some years later at age 24, I found solace through isolation from social media and major talks with God. I learned that apart of growing up means accepting change and learning to manage your emotions accordingly.

me and bae relationship goals football

As a mental health therapist I have seen first hand how a difficult situation can be a trigger to someones depression or anxiety.

We often operate off of emotions and allow them to dictate our thoughts and actions. However, this is not healthy. How we feel mentally and emotionally makes up majority of our overall health. If we neglect to accept reality and live within stress or difficult periods in our lives, that essentially is where we stop growing as a human beings.

I truly believe God gives us hardships we feel is unbearable but behind every setback is a lesson!

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Yeah failure hurts but the true victory is how you bounce back from it! It was one of the most ambitious housing schemes at the time, but by the s it was notorious for crime.

me and bae relationship goals football

In the past decade developers have taken on the project of redeveloping the building. One aspect of urban regeneration can be that we begin to see these goals like these disappear.

me and bae relationship goals football

Then I realised that Google Street View would probably be the best way forward. I ended up sitting in the house for days, searching for goals. I then put them all into a big notebook and planned my trip.

These photos of goalposts from around the UK are beautiful - BBC Three

I almost darted straight out the door to capture it. It's still a personal favourite. The people I met along the way loved the project and went out of their way to help.

me and bae relationship goals football

It's definitely something to look forward to. I'm really happy with this one, the pigeons are captured perfectly in the photo.

me and bae relationship goals football

Why not use the two posts as a goal? The light was fading and I was trepidatious to shoot. None of the other goals in the series had been taken in that light, but my esteemed guide Brian Sweeney convinced me to crack on.

Something along the lines of 'aye shoot it man!