Michael jackson and janet relationship with family

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michael jackson and janet relationship with family

The Jackson family is an American family of musicians from Gary, Indiana. Performing as The Jacksons, Michael and Janet all received stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in , and respectively. Joseph was recognized as. He was especially close with his baby sister Janet and Marlon. Originally Answered: Did Michael Jackson's siblings really love Him? It is true that during the trial the entire Jackson family stood by his side and his siblings accompanied him to court on a daily . Michael also had a rivalrous relationship with Tito. This past week, the family feuded publicly over the late Michael's estate, with Janet's relationship with each of her siblings, and her parents.

michael jackson and janet relationship with family

Last Monday, year-old Paris Jackson not only defied her year-old Aunt Janet but also defied the way the Jackson family has traditionally operated: Get the f—k out! How is it that the seemingly calmest, most soft-spoken sibling could be so vicious to her niece and nephews?

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One Jackson family member tells The Post the answer is simple: She lives in fear of supporting them. About two weeks ago, Randy pushed the button on the plan.

The siblings kept her isolated from outside contact, busying her with games of Uno while Jermaine issued statements that his mother had suffered a series of strokes and needed rest.

michael jackson and janet relationship with family

She was often left at home while her dad went on tour with her famous brothers in The Jackson 5. What have I done to deserve this?

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When Janet hit 18, she rebelled, eloping with singer James DeBarge. Bythe marriage was over, but it helped Janet escape her parents and siblings.

michael jackson and janet relationship with family

And yet, not all is well with her siblings. Janet has fought viciously with La Toya, Jermaine and Jackie. McClain and Branca meanwhile — two of the sharpest lawyers in modern entertainment, whose client base includes half of the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame — made a series of fantastically remunerative deals and licensing arrangements that have piloted the stricken estate from developing world debtor nation status to something approaching solvency.

And the money will not stop pouring in over the years to come. It will only grow and grow.

michael jackson and janet relationship with family

Announcing the Michael Forever tribute concert in Never mind a court ruling that the period to challenge the will had expired; they claimed that it remained "fake, flawed, and fraudulent", and that their brother had "despised" the executors while he was alive.

Brother Randy later added a more startling allegation, claiming that "anyone who stands up to the executors is denied access to my mother".

Michael Jackson's family: where did it all go wrong?

Which makes the disappearance — if that's what it was — of Katherine Jackson only days later all the more intriguing. It also brought the next generation of Jacksons, the children with no memory of Gary, Indiana, or Motown, into the picture. They are teenagers, so social media is their go-to avenue of communication, which troubles the older members of the scandal-prone, tabloid-catnip family. Jackson's daughter Paris — the one with the Village of the Damned eyes — stepped up as her generation's chatty, flying-thumbed representative in the feud.

On 21 July, she tweeted: The same day, Katherine was spotted by a photographer in Arizona, evidently very contented and healthy, giving rise to speculation that Jackson's siblings had sent their mother there so as to better control the situation in LA.

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Instead, they had made it worse. The children at the centre of the feud: Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson.

michael jackson and janet relationship with family

Local police interviewed her at her daughter Rebbie's home nearby and found no reason for concern, but LAPD investigators who later turned up to check on her were turned away, as Arizona is outside their jurisdiction. Jermaine issued a statement on behalf of the family, or whichever faction of it he is in: She is merely an year-old woman following doctor's orders to rest-up and de-stress, away from phones and computers.

Everyone has been well aware of this within the family, but I would like to reiterate my reassurance to the outside world that Mother is fine.