Negate and izana relationship questions

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negate and izana relationship questions

Nagate Tanikaze (谷風長道, Tanikaze Nagate) He is the Series' main protagonist. for him, becoming her guardian; all his crimes and problems were cleared. Because of Lala Hiyama's relationship with Hiroki, Nagate was arranged for a cadet However, Izana Shinatose and Shizuka Hoshijiro Nagate found to be an . Izana's mannerisms which were intentionally written as gender-ambiguous like the shape of a very fluttery dress; Tsumugi likes Nagate from the get-go. Inspection shows that Nagate Tanikaze's helmet contains these three in training, as pilot; Izana Shinatose, in training, as pilot . Browse other questions tagged knights-of-sidonia or ask your own question.

Tsumugi's personality it's like a child clearly, and Nagate and Izana always act as if they are their childminder, like a parents, it is too rare for me, and for many people, Nagate to end Tsumugi. I know they are not just mine, and that many fans agree with me. And I know I will not be heard, I don't want to offend Nihei as an author. But I think it is important to comunicate our impressions. What do you think, may be crazy idea?

Relationship Red Flags!

Sincerely, an ending in the anime, like manga, will be a failure, for Polygon Pictures, and for Netflix, and I do not think they want to risk that. Nihei got tired of the manga and wanted to finish it quickly to focus on other projects?

I don't want to read anything else about him. A good manga is the one that leaves you good flavor, it does not matter that in the middle of the story sometimes it is loose in some moments, if the end is well, you always have a good impression.

Let's rant about Izana's fate (Manga ending spoilers obviously)

If the end sucks I know I'm very focused on the sentimental part, but I've read a lot of manga, I've seen a lot of anime, and the feelings are fundamental in these genres, and a bad resolution of both, is to end up with a bad manga, or a bad anime. What do you think?

negate and izana relationship questions

Nagate didn't notice, to Izana's chagrin, though this is mostly due to Nagate's general obliviousness toward romance and his focus on eating. She is willing to sacrifice herself to save Nagate, catching him while falling from a Gauna attack and shielding the impact of the crash with her own Guardian despite a high risk of her death. Soon after moving in with him, she becomes a girl due to falling in love with him.

At one point, she believed that Nagate was taking her out on a date to a scenic resort under the guise of a mission, while Nagate really thought it was a mission. Izana then confronted Nagate about his feelings for her, however, Nagate's response is unknown as this scene was cut off.

It was later revealed that he said he did care for her, yet the extent of the statement, be it care as a friend or as a love interest, remains to be clarified or seen. Not long after, Nagate and his colleagues obtained their first order release, a life changing event for everyone Sidonia.

Sidonia had scarce resources and Norio, three of Honoka sistersIzana, Shizuka, Eiko Yamanoand Nagate were dispatched to do some mining routine block of ice as a training exercise; It was also a means to test latent abilities of Nagate.

Nagate have not adapted to real environments of zero gravity and was a challenge to get to the bay hanger. Like all received their assigned Type units, all were surprised that the Type legendary Tsugumori, was assigned to Nagate. Nagate not knowing he is special, but Kobayashi believed in his latent abilities and legacy Hiroki inside. Because of this, he was quickly fast-tracked to become a pilot Gardes.

Because of Kobayashi of faith, Hiroki legendary unit, the Tsugumoriwas brought back to service for explicit use of Nagate. However, this has earned the ire of Norio as he always wanted to take the Tsugumori own. It was during this time, things went very wrong.

negate and izana relationship questions

The ice mining operation accidentally awakens one Gauna dormant under the surface, officially breaking the years of peace for Sidonia. G auna attacked the mining crew.

negate and izana relationship questions

In the first minutes of the surprise attack, Nagate was hit hard on the floor; his neck was injured, broken right leg, and her heart stopped. In between, his fellow squadron mates were fighting for their lives and Yamano was KIA killed in actioneaten and assimilated in Gauna. Everyone thought Nagate was made for, but their regenerative abilities saved and his heart started again. Nagate attacks Gauna G As the arms of the G's placenta were about to end Nagate, he was revived and he quickly engaged Gauna in CQC close quarters combat using blades forearm Tsugumori to cut the tentacles in a split second while circling the Gauna.

During this time, Kobayashi called for Sidonia to fire its cannon and shell mass was nearing impact; Nagate was too focused in the battle to hear. Without a Kabizashi Spear, Nagate would not have won. Nagate fired three rockets into Gauna to wear placental matter and fired his machine gun forearm to further expose its real body. After being knocked back by an arm of the placenta, Shizuka grabbed Nagate and the two turned his squad out in clasp formation before the shell impacted.

The shell scored a direct hit, but the Gauna survived; Sidonia command was hoping to ward off the Gauna to gain enough time for Sidonia to escape, but they had a few days until the target could regenerate and catch up to Sidonia again.

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  • Nagate Tanikaze

At the funeral of Yamano, Kobayashi announced that a ship Massa Union was nearby; It was a speech to rally the troops and have them mentally and emotionally prepared for the conflict to come.

Back to the gym, Nagate was being blamed for the incident. Nagate's arrival coincidentally marked the return of the Gauna, making Nagate the target of prank calls and discrimination as it is seen as a disgrace to walk to all of them. Because Nagate was not genetically modified to photosynthesize, it was being caused by his constant consumption of food and even said that he smells bad because of it.

As a joke, they left a bag full of sanitizer in his closet. Instructor Ichirou Seii noticed Nagate did not have his seat belt and reminded him of previous incidents, resulting in mass casualties. However, Nagate was not aware of anything like that since he did not receive basic training; Seii had him run a railway safety check to ensure all rails are good to use.

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Very focused on finding the next area to check, he manages to stumble in the locker room where the girl Honoka En angry Nagate jump-kicked in the face, knocking him out. Later, he recovered and found Izana she asked Nagate join her for flowers to Yamano cadet.

He vomited and fell to the ground; Izana watched over him as he suffered a nightmare of an assimilated Yamano, asking him to kill her, but failed. When he woke up, he did not even realized he collapsed and apologized for shooting on the Izana leg; she was understanding of his injury.

To change the subject, Izana asked about Nagate excellent piloting skills with the Tsugumori and Nagate said he was trained by his grandfather since he was small with the Type VR system; Izana was impressed.

She explained that the current series Type 18 was developed by Kunato Development instead of Toha Heavy Industries, making it different for Nagate to fly.

Back to the dorm, it was not three days yet, but recovered Nagate form your wounds already. Doctors did not know about his immortal body had already repaired the damage and he used the keys just in case. He met with Lala to eat but was quickly focused on the news about the recent attack Gauna. Although Nagate trained all his life to face the real Gauna, the Yamano of haunting image triggered his PTSD, causing a severe anxiety attack and nausea; Lala had medical care for him and he continued to rest.

Nagate awakened to find himself in the SDF Academy, resting in the nurses room. He realized it was Kobayashi, but she feigned ignorance and did think she is someone else. PTSD Nagate was causing him to vomit and anxiety repeatedly collapse, resulting in malnutrition well.

The nurse insisted that to rest, but he told her of his Kobayashi promise of becoming a pilot and want gardes; the nurse had Shizuka Hoshijiro escort him. Nagate felt ashamed of being next Shizuka as it stench of vomit, but it ensured that he did not and he blushed with attraction for the kind words of Shizuka.

Nagate talks with Akai team In between, the Akai elite squad was chosen to be the next assault team to take Gauna. Curious where the enemy will be like, they took an interest to Nagate and decided to meet him at the gym.

negate and izana relationship questions