Numb3rs charlie and amita relationship quizzes

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numb3rs charlie and amita relationship quizzes

Better or Worse Charlie and Amita go on their first date together. Harvest Amita kisses Charlie for the first time. Primacy Amita's. As a world-class mathematician, Charlie helps his brother Don Eppes solve many of his perplexing FBI c. All Quizzes Fresh Lists Trending Topics . Charlie attempts to start a relationship with Amita once more, though her job offer at Harvard . [20] The focus group that watched the original pilot for Numb3rs loved him. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - Charlie E., Amita R. . If you were in a class of mine, I'd prepare a pop quiz for your next lecture. card, "that math is logical and relationships between men and women are most.

The latter often interferes with his FBI work and, thus, is the cause of much distress for him at times. He is extremely talented in chessas it requires both his father and brother to play against him and a distraction to defeat him. Charlie also has a vast understanding of theoretical physicsoften assisting Larry with his multi-dimensional supergravity theory and papers on gravity wavesand biologyextending to knowledge of ciliate protozoa and the spread of infectious diseases.

numb3rs charlie and amita relationship quizzes

While brilliant in some areas, he is lacking in others. Fleinhardt has stated that it is a good thing he went into applied mathematics as opposed to engineeringas machines malfunction in his presence, though he was able to take apart and rebuild his father's cell phone to analyze its GPS transceiver. He is apparently a bad speller e. Thus, his father likes playing Scrabble with him.

Charlie is a rationalist. He also does not like illusions. While it's unclear how Don reacted, Charlie spent the last three months of his mother's life isolated in the garage, incessantly working on one of the Millennium Prize Problemsspecifically P vs NP ; it's a point of contention between the brothers.

Also, Charlie doesn't think Don understood what he went through during their school years, especially how he was treated as "Don's brainiac little brother" by his peers in high school, and how he often left him to his own resources as a child, though he was not as inept as Don had reasoned. However, Charlie's relationship with Don remains strong, as he has begun to increasingly fear for his brother's safety on the job and still looks to his older brother for acceptance.

Charlie and his father worry about Don committing to relationships, and for a time, fear that he had been cheating on Robin Brooks. Ironically, Charlie has similar problems with women himself. After a couple dozen murder cases, Charlie is somewhat jaded and world-weary like his brother. FBI agent David Sinclair of Don's team even comments that he has never seen two brothers so similar and yet so different.

In "The Janus List", the brothers seem to take on each other's tendencies a bit. Though, in season five, Charlie is dismayed that Don does not reveal to him his newfound religious faith.

In "Prime Suspect," Charlie purchases the beautiful Craftsman family home from his father, who continues to live with him. Now 30 years old, Charlie wants to be responsible and take care of his father but still believes that much of the pressures involving their dad has been put on his shoulders as Don doesn't seem to have enough time.

Realizing this, Alan sets his sights on moving out to accomplish things on his own, with Charlie seemingly supporting the idea, but has since chosen to stay as he favors his son's company. Recently, Charlie is bothered by his father trying to impose his will on him with maintaining the house, as he is a full tenured professor at one of the most prestigious institutions in the country working on "life-altering" mathematics, i. Alan just wants him to be responsible and not end up like Larry, though Mr.

Even he has thought of this possibility and decides to do more around the home. After Charlie compares his own situation to that of Einstein his father looks into information on the physicist and understands his son's predicament. Charlie also feels guilty about the amount of time his parents, particularly his mother, who always was attuned to his way of thinking, spent with him as a child; he even asks his mother JoBeth Williams in a dream if she regrets the time away from Don and Alan because of the special attention he needed growing up.

Charlie's research often interferes with his relationships: Charlie and Amita had several false starts. Charlie has also spent some time with his ex-girlfriend, Susan Berry Sonya Walgeran attractive neuroscientist from London. He had lived with Susan for two years, and Larry described this as his very own Berry's phase.

numb3rs charlie and amita relationship quizzes

However, she later reveals that she is currently involved with someone else and has to return to England. Charlie attempts to start a relationship with Amita once more, though her job offer at Harvard University strains this possibility and makes him distraught for some time.

Eventually, she decides to take the alternative offer at CalSci with the hope to begin a romantic relationship with him, though his fear of possible failure causes him to question whether he wants this second chance; Don cautions him about such an attitude.

Amita notices his ambivalence and isn't certain if she wants to back out of the relationship, but he then pushes it forward. Pressures from their colleagues over the inappropriateness of the relationship nearly cost them, but by the middle of the third season their romantic involvement stabilizes and they have grown considerably closer.

He feels rejected when Amita does not want him to meet her father, due to his expectations about the men she dates. Initially, he wonders if it is based on him being Jewishbut the problem is that he is not Indian -born. Alan explains that Mr. Ramanujan would like him after meeting him. Charlie and Amita state that they love each other, and have even decided to move in together, though, the actual living arrangement has not been determined.

When Amita's parents finally meet him, they are rude, but warm to him later. Alan says that Charlie will have to marry her. This leads to Charlie being confrontational, but she calms him when she says she just wants him to be "the Sean Connery of the mathematics department.

Soon after, Charlie is asked by Millie to meet with Macmillan Pharmaceuticals, which according to Amita has a reputation for exploiting third-world countries. Amita serves as his conscience in this matter, and he goes to see Dr. In "Democracy", as part of his duties, he recruits the young fantasy baseball and sabermetrics fanatic Oswald Kittner Jay Baruchelwho shows great promise, to attend CalSci.

When Larry announces his leave of absence to board the International Space Station in the episode "Brutus"Charlie is shocked and upset. He is in denial about Larry's ambitions and he thinks reason of the risks involved will assert itself firmly in Larry's mind.

He reasons that apparently Larry wouldn't do such a thing. Larry remands his few prized possessions to him, and he is grateful for the gesture. When he tells him his concerns, Larry is angered. Amita says to Larry, "[Charlie] has never dreamt of something he couldn't reach, so he has no idea what it is like to want something he is not able to get.

Can I trust Amita not to hurt me like a wild fastball? When I was four, and everyone realized I was special, the world felt like it was completely open to me and I could accomplish anything. The first time I saw something written in octal notation instead of decimal, I could manipulate numbers in ways I hadn't before dreamed possible because I no longer had to rely on the standard set of numbers. Base eight revealed a whole new wondrous world for me.

Has Amita become the same thing to me all these years later? But that night on the baseball diamond, with Don's senior teammates only partially smothering their laughter, I learned that there were things I should never do.

Could I have picked a worse place to try and ask her out this afternoon? The halls of the Los Angeles FBI office are hardly private and several of Don's colleagues were probably listening in.

I'd set myself up for rejection and until Don interrupted she looked hopeful, but still clueless as to where I was headed. I need to be absolutely positive that she'll not snigger at me. What are the odds that she'll say no?

If I take into account Dad's rather obvious opinions on the matter, Amita's possible hint about the docent, her reaction to Larry's libidinous comment the other day, Don's advice by the elevator this afternoon, and the way her expression lit up when she looked at me earlier, then I calculate that there is a four percent chance that she'll refuse.

That is a good result.

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Perhaps it's too good. That missing little fraction keeps niggling in the back of my mind and reminds me of Murphy's Laws. Number eight seems to be quite appropriate: There may be unseen variables that I'm missing, or unknown factors to apply. What more, given time, could I come up with to model or approximate my situation? What if what I decided she feels for me is only a mask for another emotion? Is what I want see as love just her affection or admiration?

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Respect would be horrible, but plain reverence would be devastating. In a break of what has become Larry's monologue, I hear Don tell Amita that, "You and Terry finished off the rest of the bottle, but there should be another in the refrigerator," he gestures towards the kitchen. I'm over analyzing, which shouldn't be possible. Am I really being just as skittish as Larry over love? This problem is emotional and not logically solvable with my equations. Until I hear her answer all my postulating is worthless.

Am I going to endlessly follow her, just like phi chases its end? Decision made, I practically fall out of my chair in my haste to get to her. I want Amita and whether it is baseball or love I'm willing to play the game.

When I finally make into the kitchen she's nudging the refrigerator closed with her hips because she has a wine goblet in her hand and a new bottle of Chardonnay in the other. It has come down to just the two of us, which is a number I haven't had to relate to all night.

numb3rs charlie and amita relationship quizzes

And yes, it is next in the series. If a pair requires that couple to come together in order to make a whole, then if I am ever going to get my untwinnable moment I must act. Unfortunately I have the correct answer, but she has yet to hear the question. She places her glass down on the counter, grabs the bottle opener from the counter, and begins to yank at the cork.

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Either I'm more than half drunk, or Amita is glowing as she worries at the stopper. She is golden, my golden ratio — a ratio that I am going to fully define. Did you have a question? She blinks up at me. Why hasn't she answered? When she turns away and places the now open bottle on the counter next to her glass my hopes collapse. What have I done wrong? Now she's coming closer.

Did I hear her correctly? Now she is watching, waiting for me to make a move. I shyly lean in and find that her hair, as I run my hands through it, is far silkier than I'd had reason to expect.

Her breath catches and is just as shallow as mine when I softy, ever so softly, kiss her. The connection between us is electric. I stagger us forward until I'm pushing her into something solid. My hands are still in her hair and she has a hand clutched to my waist while the other roams up and down my side. When I come up for air I realize that without the refrigerator bracing us up we'd be on the floor.

We stare at each other for a spell and concentrate on simply breathing in and out. There's a warm, silly smile gracing her face, which is only for me.

numb3rs charlie and amita relationship quizzes

I'm sure there's a duplicate expression on my own. She cups my chin, and moves my face up to look at her directly. I kiss her again and drive her more firmly against the refrigerator. I've never been aroused like this in my entire life. This is— Amita pulls away, hard. Before we can pull all the way apart, or I can use my tongue for mere words, he walks through the doorway, sets the empty cracker tray in the sink, and strolls into the other room, most likely wearing a huge splitting grin.

After he's gone, I burry my face in the side of Amita's neck and groan while she inclines her head back against the refrigerator and swallows. I nod as best as I can in agreement. That was more embarrassing than a quick blast of cold water. An actual bucket of freezing water couldn't have been more effective than Dad at that moment. My heart rate settles somewhat and I stand up straight. Trying to divert her humiliation, I run my thumb gently over her now rather full lips.

Though she said she loves Charlie, Amita did not want him to meet her father, as Mr. Ramanujan always had the expectation that she would only date men born in India. She joked that it would be fine once Charlie won the Fields Medalwhich she believes he has the potential to earn. Despite this concern, Charlie has asked her to move in with him, and she is agreeable to the plan.

Charlie's ideal situation would be for them to live together in his house and his father to move into a condo; however, the details of the arrangement are yet to be determined. When Charlie finally meets Amita's parents, Tapti and Sanjay Ramanujan, they are very rude to him, dismissing him, at times completely ignoring him, and talking about another man for their daughter. Eventually, though, they warm to Charlie and accept him. In the season 5 finale, " Angels and Devils ", Charlie proposes to Amita at the end of the episode after she had been kidnapped at gunpoint in front of him by the leader of a cult.

After Don and the rest of team get her home safely, Charlie proposes to her saying that he has learned this past year 5th season that life turns on a dime and he doesn't want the things that matter Amita to disappear because he waited to see what could happen.

Her response is not heard as the episode ends, but it is implied in the first episode of season 6, Charlie and Amita announce to Alan and Don, Charlie's father and brother, that they have decided to get married.

Amita and Charlie attempt to find a wedding date that fits them and their families' schedules, finally accepting Alan's suggestion of using his and Margaret's anniversary date as Amita and Charlie's wedding date.

Amita Ramanujan

As mentioned in the Season 6 episode, "Hydra", Amita would like to have three children with Charlie. They later admit that they are far too busy for children at this point in their lives, however. As revealed in "Tabu", she built her first computer at the age of There is even a mathematical journal, The Ramanujan Journal, dedicated solely to the discoveries made by Ramanujan.

numb3rs charlie and amita relationship quizzes

He died at the age of 32, having made remarkable breakthroughs in his short career. Retrieved July 13, Retrieved July 20, — via AllBusiness.