Orihime and ulquiorra relationship questions

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orihime and ulquiorra relationship questions

Can I request relationship headcanons for Orihime and Ulquiorra, These questions always get Orihime all flustered, but after Ulquiorra. The Ulquiorra/Orihime (UlquiHime) pairing from the Bleach manga/anime is It is darker, more in detail and explores their relationship a bit further than the anime. All of these unanswered questions are driving me crazy. Ulquiorra's relationships (Roleplay characters may be added): He was placed in charge of abducting Orihime, and subsequently, taking care of her well-being.

When in reality, she was putting them in a heck lot of trouble. She has a pretty incredible power and yet all she can do is cry and wait for Ichigo to come and save her…. So regardless of how much I personally dislike Orihime, it is clear that she was the main reason to his change in character. When Ichigo and the others attacked Hueco Mundo, he was the one who told Orihime of this fact. The way he said it was really blunt and to the point.

Okay at this point, Ulquiorra was most likely interested in Orihime, although purely because of curiousity. Later on, Ulquiorra meets Ichigo for the first time. Now why did he taunt Ichigo? But, why mention Orihime? Clearly Ulquiorra knew or suspected how much Orihime meant to Ichigo.

Now I found this interesting. I think that the reason Ulquiorra taunted Ichigo was because he was curious about the bonds that Orihime said exists between her and her friends. I mean, clearly Ulquiorra felt that Ichigo was no threat. Maybe Ulquiorra was also curious about why humans would risk their lives so carelessly. To him, fighting is about following orders.

However Orihime clearly stated she wanted to protect her friends, and Ulquiorra wanted to see whether Ichigo would also fight and risk his life, to protect his friends. Which you know, he did. Now this next event was also very interesting. He asked Loly and Menoly where she was, only to find out that Grimmjow had taken her. Grimmjow had taken her to heal Ichigo because he wanted to settle their previous battle silly reason I know. He made it seem like he was annoyed for him healing Ichigo that he just took the effort to defeat.

I understand that completely, I would be annoyed too. I'll leave Las Noches to you, Ulquiorra. So why would Ulquiorra want to fight Ichigo? Disobeying orders again there, aren't ya, No. I can't find any possible explanation for Ulquiorra's desire to fight Ichigo. Ichigo is not interested in destroying Las Noches, he just wants to take Orihime and the rest of his friends home.

If Ulquiorra did not stop him, Ichigo would mostly likely take the girl and leave. He is not a threat to Las Noches, No. He is a threat to YOU. Killing you is protecting Las Noches. Admit it, Espada-san, you can't come up with a better excuse to kick his ass because he is about to steal your woman. For someone who doesn't like to rush, Ulquiorra is pretty quick at drawing his sword.

Ulquiorra wasn't this quick even during his first fight with Ichigo.

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But here, he sees Ichigo as a serious rival. Ulquiorra is dead serious about this. I see you as someone who must be destroyed. Of course you do, No. After giving such a painful monologue to Orihime about dying alone, not being of any use to Aizen anymore, and telling Ichigo that he will kill her as soon as Aizen gives an order, Ulquiorra surprises us with yet another gigantic contradiction.

That girl is already one of us. Doesn't he seem desperate to convince Ichigo to give up? Despite Aizen's orders, Ulquiorra seems to be pretty set on keeping Orihime with him. Ichigo reveals something very important here. He notices that he is able to keep up with Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra's defenses are down and his movements are predictable. Did he become more human? Ulquiorra is stunned at the realization.

A quick closeup of Orihime makes that revelation even more authentic. She is the only human he's spent time with up till now. She made him more human. Why is he talking again? Ulquiorra is in the middle of a fight! It's not like Orihime's shield did anything! Is Espada-san jealous again?

Apparently you also have a need to point out that Orihime Strawberry, why did you have to interrupt his jealousy fit? After Loly threatens Orihime, Ichigo the Turd throws his Getsuga Tensho at her without realizing that Orihime is right there next to her. The fight between him and No. Then he turns around and tells Loly that he was not helping HER.

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Whom exactly were you helping, Espada-san? It has a much deeper meaning than the superficial test of strength Ichigo had with Grimmjow. Seems like Ulquiorra doesn't care about winning or even fighting Ichigo. He is telling him to give up.

Relationships - Ulquiorra Cifer, The Fourth Espada

But didn't he initiate this fight in the first place? Does it mean that fighting Ichigo is the only way to show him that Ulquiorra is superior in strength, which would make Ichigo give up and go home? That brings back memories of their first fight, where Ulquiorra impaled Ichigo in the chest without killing him and told him to go home or die right there.

But since Ichigo is such a stubborn and righteous hero, he won't give up, although he knows that Ulquiorra is stronger. Ulquiorra knows that too. So why would he release his second form when he is perfectly capable of killing Ichigo without it? This is his last resort to make Ichigo give up, to show him "true despair". Wait a minute, how does he know what despair is?

orihime and ulquiorra relationship questions

Isn't he supposed to be devoid of all feelings and emotions? As a UlquiHime fangirl, I might be a bit biased about this, but there is a method to my madness. I strongly believe that Ulquiorra DOES have feelings, he just doesn't know them, being a hollow and all. In anime he did tell Orihime that he was annoyed with her, and his eyes widen when he is surprised.

Surprise is an emotion, isn't it? So, he isn't completely different from other Espada who throw emotional tantrums all the time: Grimmjow, Nnoitra, Szayel, Nel. It sounds like Ulquiorra is trying to project his own feelings on Ichigo. His despair is that Ichigo won't give up and Ulquiorra will probably have to kill him. Despair is that Orihime is beyond his reach. Ulquiorra is absolutely desperate to keep her with him, and he is running out of ideas to make Ichigo see that he cannot win without getting himself killed.

Ulquiorra probably doesn't even want to kill Ichigo if it means upsetting Orihime. Ulquiorra's monologue sure raises a lot of questions. In his earlier conversation with Orihime, he had no idea what a "heart" was. He denied its very existence since he believed that unless he can see it, it doesn't exist.

What exactly does he mean now? From an objective point of you, it could just be his observation that Ichigo's heart will be his ultimate demise, because he won't give up. But could there be a deeper meaning in his words? Could this scene be where Ulquiorra finally realizes what a heart is?

He knows that he can't have her and that she will be his undoing. This is not the first time he asks her this question. Are you scared of me?

Character Analysis – Ulquiorra Schiffer (BLEACH)

Even though he seems to be talking to both Ichigo and Orihime, when he says that he finds [them] interesting, he looks only at Orihime. She is the last person he sees in his final moments and she probably gives him peace by assuring him that she is not scared.

He wants to touch her, but in this bittersweet moment, her hand goes right through his as he disintegrates. This is the climatic scene that makes us UlquiHime fans so convinced that the pairing is real, but in a very subtle way. There are no fancy confessions, tears, and kisses. But the fact is that a wisp of a girl made a badass Espada feel makes it so much more powerful. Before he died, Ulquiorra found his heart in his hand, the hand that SHE almost touched. Perhaps, she is the heart that he was so much longing for.

Perhaps he gave his heart to her. Or perhaps, she only guided him to his heart by simply being human.

orihime and ulquiorra relationship questions

Some would argue that Ulquiorra fell in love with Orihime. Others would say that he was only fascinated by her humanity.

orihime and ulquiorra relationship questions

But the undisputed fact is that he definitely felt for her one way or another. Perhaps, by being an Arrancar, he didn't have enough time to figure out what it was. Nevertheless, their relationship goes far beyond the one of a captor and his prisoner. What fascinates me the most about Ulquiorra x Orihime is their completely uncharacteristic behavior when they are together.

When they are by themselves there is nothing special. He is a silent, pragmatic, unmovable robot. And she is a typical damsel in distress unable to stand on her own, a generic shoujo character. Put them together, and we have a chemical explosion. He gets awfully chatty, almost emotional, and starts to give a damn. And she is actually able to stand up for herself without relying on others to do it for her.

Perhaps, Ulquiorra could not deal with his growing attachment because he is a Hollow who can't understand human interactionand still tried to convince himself that he was following some imaginary orders.

Initially, he referred to Ichigo as "trash" and considered him unworthy of being killed, mostly because he believed that his unstable spiritual pressure would eventually destroy him in the long run. The first time they fought in Hueco Mundo, Ulquiorra was able to provoke and in turn, defeat him at full power without even unsheathing his blade; he also impaled Ichigo's chest with his hand, leaving a hole resembling his own Hollow hole.

Grimmjow stated he only does this to prey he finds particularly interesting. In their second fight, Ulquiorra acknowledged Ichigo as an opponent worthy of killing, finally unsheathing his blade. Later, when Yammy interrupts their fight, Ulquiorra repeatedly reminds Ichigo that if he wants to fight anybody else, he would have to kill him first. Presumably, Ulquiorra's ulterior motive was to draw out Ichigo's full potential, but this seems to have backfired on him.

He was placed in charge of abducting Orihime, and subsequently, taking care of her well-being until she was needed by Aizen for her powers. His relationship with her appears to be limited to the task of bringing her food and occasionally informing her of her friends' struggles throughout Las Noches. He refers to Orihime as "woman" onna; "girl" in the English Dubboth in thought and conversation.

orihime and ulquiorra relationship questions