Oxpecker bird and hippopotamus relationship questions

What is the relationship between oxpecker bird and hippo?

oxpecker bird and hippopotamus relationship questions

Oct 16, An oxpecker's relationship with its host is not exactly “mutualistic. . search for oxpeckers, and you'll find videos of these birds digging into hippo flesh, Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. The birds feed almost exclusively off of what can be gleaned from the skin of these mammals. be considered a mutualism: a relationship where both members benefit. If you like what you see or have any questions leave a comment below. Mutualism of the Month: Hippopotamus and their fish partners. The honeyguide bird has something of a problem: it wants access to the juicy wax (such as elephants and hippos shown above) to potential aggressors. Oxpeckers aren't the only birds that zebras have been known to pair with topics . 7 Wonders Series · Animals & Habitats · Art & Design · Energy &.

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The previous articles felt like a mini-review paper, rather than a blog containing random facts. Keep up the good work! Log in to post comments By Paul not verified on 25 Jan permalink Which other animals do these birds pester?

oxpecker bird and hippopotamus relationship questions

Are elephants also in their "list"? By nemo ramjet not verified on 25 Jan permalink Welcome to SB! Glad to have some t-pods to balance the squidy bits at Pharyngula. In reading your post, I was confused by the below in the third major paragraph: The control cattle are still exposed to the birds, which eat the wax, right? No worries if I have mis-read something, as I did not take the time to look at the original paper.

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A whole host of new information about parasitic birds has just entered my brain; thank you very much. I confess my curiosity as to just what Triceratops was supposedly a brood parasite to Log in to post comments By Anthony Docimo not verified on 25 Jan permalink What a wonderfully "delicious" post. By Carl Buell OGeorge not verified on 25 Jan permalink Nothing to do with the birds, I just wanted to say I liked the angle of that first photo of the hippo's head, that neatly shows the way they keep their airway and sense organs above the water while showig as little else as possible.

Ear-eye-nostril-nostril-eye-ear, all in a straight line. Log in to post comments By Del C not verified on 28 Jan permalink Do oxpeckers or any other birds clean hippopatamus teeth? I saw a nature show on tv showing this but cannot find anything on the internet.

Red Billed Oxpecker on the back of a hippo

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What is the relationship between oxpecker bird and hippo?

Goodbye Tet Zoo ver 2. This really is the end. This is semi-parasitic behaviour and the debate is whether the Oxpecker is of benefit or harm to its' host.

Personal observations tend to point toward the fact that the feeding on wounds and blood, although not uncommon, is not the norm and therefore the relationship is still of benefit to both species. The egret will feed on insects disturbed by the animal moving and pick parasites off the animal. The Buffalo is the most common mammal that shares a relationship with the egret. Egrets will ride on the backs of Buffalo and can act as a warning system. Whilst based in the Okavango Delta in Botswana I witnessed a relationship between a Fish Eagle and Buffalo that brings up a few points of discussion.

On a few occasions I observed a Fish Eagle sitting on the back of a Buffalo and staring into the water. On no occasion did I observe it catching anything. When I was first informed of this behaviour by one of my colleagues my initial thought was that it was and egret sitting on the buffalo. Nobody had seen this before. Each time I observed this the Buffalo was feeding far into the floodplain where the grass was long, hiding the water. There was no way for the Eagle to see that far from its perch so it had to get a better vantage point.

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What had happened to get the eagle to hunt in an area it would normally avoid? It must have been successful in the past to have repeated the action. Parasites In parasitic relationships one species benefits while the other one is harmed. The classic example of this is the case of Cuckoos that lay their eggs in other birds' nests. The Cuckoo egg hatches first and the chick will eject the egg of the host species or, if the eggs of the host have hatched, will kill or eject the chicks.

The host species will feed the chick until it is ready to fly, despite the fact that the chick is much larger than the adult birds. Ticks are parasites preying on mammals and birds, feeding on the blood of the host species.

oxpecker bird and hippopotamus relationship questions