Pictures of aunts and nieces relationship

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pictures of aunts and nieces relationship

The relationship between children and their aunts is truly a close one. When mom is tired, an aunt is always ready to jump in and spend time. One such beautiful relationship is that of an aunt with her little niece, which is but Auntie Quotes, Aunt Acid, Funny Thoughts, Funny Me, Funny Pics, Hilarious. Browse our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous Nieces quotes and Nieces All nieces are brilliant and beautiful And obviously take after their Aunt.

I myself remember very clearly my Aunt Dale taking us for rides, and making a song about every single thing that you saw, such as: The rain is coming fast and true, As we ride along this day anew. And it was fun. Some aunts are just like that. As an aunt, I feel a strong obligation to be there for my nieces.

pictures of aunts and nieces relationship

I share a bond with each of them that is very special. Because of the distance, I only see my nieces three or four times a year. But these visits are an essential part of our lives.

With my one niece, I talk about books and fantasy literature, like C. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia.

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With my both my nieces, we are silly together. They are silly with me, and I with them, in a different way than they are with their Mom. I am like a kid with them, and that is okay, because I don't have to be the one to discipline them every day. This site is a place for women, including aunts, godparents, and great aunties, who love the kids in their lives, but don't have kids of their own. Run by Melanie Notkin, the site offers activity ideas, gift suggestions, free articles and a community for aunts.

pictures of aunts and nieces relationship

Melanie has also written a companion volume to the website called Savvy Auntie: The book has excellent reviews, and is one that I would like to pick up myself. This sweet little book showcases all the cool things that aunts and also uncles can do for their nieces or nephews. Aunt Marion was right.

pictures of aunts and nieces relationship

Never tell this to mom. But you are a better cook than her.

pictures of aunts and nieces relationship

You have always managed to put a smile in my face whenever I come to you with a sad mood. I will be indebted for my entire life for that. Ok how do I make you understand how important you are to me?

Nieces Sayings and Quotes

I consider you next only to my mother. That's how important you are in my life.

pictures of aunts and nieces relationship

Great sisters get promoted to aunt. The Joy of Being a Niece She is the apple of her aunt's eyes just like she is her parents' princess. Just like an aunt, the young girl does not choose to be a niece; she automatically becomes one.

She simply takes up her role of niece by her birth. The relationship between an aunt and a niece is like no other; it becomes special solely because an aunt is her mother's peer.

Quotes about an Aunt and her Niece My life changed the day my niece was born. I became an aunt. All nieces are brilliant and beautiful To have a niece as wonderful as you, makes me one of the lucky few. Brought together by blood, kept together by love. A niece is a gift whose worth cannot be measured except by the heart. Everything is nicer when shared with a niece! A niece is a friend given by Nature.

The Relationship of an Aunt and her Niece Here together or miles apart, a niece like you stays in my heart. A niece adds beauty, joy, and love to life.

Aunt and Niece: The Unique Relationship

A niece makes life a little sweeter. A niece is a joy to remember your whole life through. A niece is someone special to remember with warmth, think of with pride, and cherish with love.