Pokemon jessie and james relationship

Pokémon: Dark Facts You Don’t Want To Know About Jessie And James

pokemon jessie and james relationship

James debuted in Pokémon Emergency alongside Jessie and Meowth. .. displays of affection are evidence of James' strong relationships with his Pokémon. When it comes to romance, fans may think Pokemon is straight-up but its last issues saw Jessie and James make their relationship official. Pokémon: 15 Things You Never Knew About Jessie and James In Pokémon, Jessie and James are the two infamous villains who .. Dragon Ball: 25 Things That Make No Sense About Bulma And Yamcha's Relationship.

The evil organization is mostly represented in the series by the trio: James, Jessie, and their talking Meowth. However, the three hardly embody the vile and dark persona of Team Rocket.

pokemon jessie and james relationship

While the infamous trio is more popularly known as the mildly incompetent comic relief of the series, each has their own emotional baggage and dark pasts that make you re-evaluate the characters in a new light. They turn from one-dimensional antagonists into real characters, whom you can't help but feel a little sorry for. In addition, their group dynamics are both charming and confusing at times.

Still, it wasn't all fun and games, even where Jessie and James were concerned. Their sobering histories contain things that you don't want to know, and if you're already familiar, things you wish you didn't know.

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Don't worry, we'll throw in some fun facts along the way. DeviantArt kingofgets It is known that Miyamoto, Jessie's mother, was in fairly high standing within Team Rocket, with many speculating that she was the Admin herself.

However, she disappeared on a mission to find the legendary Mew. With her mother considered deceased, Jessie was placed in a poor foster home. However, in her youthful innocence, she wasn't aware of her own poverty; she thought eating snow was fun, but it was actually due to a lack of real food. Jessie is known for her self-centered and superficial attitude. She also has a bit of a temper when it comes to her image, being hypersensitive about her looks. It's difficult to imagine this kind of character as a naive little girl, but perhaps it's that very upbringing that shaped her personality.

Pinterest Most of us would be happy as the only child in a family of millionaires, living a lavish lifestyle full of high class events and people. But James isn't most of us. Faced with his parents' insanely high expectations, he showed little interest in their plans for him.

He was engaged to a girl named Jessebelle, who was overly controlling and rude, and he grew to hate her over the years. Finally, he decided to run away from home, even leaving behind his Growlithe named Growlie.

James tried various different jobs, like being a construction worker, but he couldn't do anything right. He wasn't happy either. They were both baffled that they kept meeting each other. Time and time again, they couldn't avoid each other. It was almost like faith was inevitably setting them up. So, they both accepted to work together and test the waters. They were competitive at first when it came to the training exercises, but discovered they were having a lot of fun being together.

pokemon jessie and james relationship

When they were sent on an actual mission, that's when they really opened up to each other about how they were internally struggling. They found each other. They saw that they were both hurting inside, and found happiness in each other.

Something started to spark. After successfully completing that mission and feeling closer than ever, they were sent on another to steal the infamous Red Snorlax. Unfortunately, James fell through a trap door, where Jessie holds onto him. The alarm sounds, and he tries to let go, telling her to get away, but she refuses and stays with him. They have a heart to heart conversation about the promises they made on their previous mission, and Jessie finds the strength to pull him up, where he lands on top of her, and they stare into each other's eyes, maybe even getting lost in them.

When she finds out about this in a brilliantly written scene where Rumika grew up to look exactly like her, she seems uncertain. Maybe even a little jealous.

It's good symbolism about him picking personality over looks, since Jessie and Rumika are totally different, while the whole joke is that they could be twins.


I would like to point out that in this WHOLE episode we were expecting a promise of some sort—mainly between James and Rumika, but instead, at the end, we got ourselves a promise between Jessie and James. After Jessie and Meowth were kicked out of the house by Rumika, they are seen walking and talking.

pokemon jessie and james relationship

Getting back to the scene, James recites the first line of the motto. Their motto means togetherness and unity with each other.


It means that they're together and fighting together. Jessie asks him why he came back, and he says that money doesn't matter, and there's always next time. Now, the next lines are important, so I'm comparing them in both the English Dub and the Japanese version.

Double trouble time, right? Sounds great to me, James. Once again, their motto means unity. That they fight together.

pokemon jessie and james relationship

Good relations from now on, right, Jessie?