Pucca and garu relationship

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pucca and garu relationship

In truth, however, it is said that Pucca and Garu are in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. It's just that Pucca is a bit too "friendly", unlike Garu, who doesn't want to. I think he likes pucca, but really isn't into all that relationship/ lovey dovey stuff ( unlike Pucca lol). Actually when watching Pucca,Garu doesn't like Pucca:(. It has been suggested that Pucca and Garu are actually in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, but Pucca is a bit too amorous for Garu's taste, and.

The most popular place for westerners to access the Pucca Funny Love cartoon series is Puccaclub.

pucca and garu relationship

These animations are compiled into a DVD, available in Germany. An UK children's book publisher Hodder's has also published a series of Pucca children books.

Scene shocking of the relationship of Pucca and Garu!

In Israel, a Pucca branded snack was launched on May, There is also an on-going manhwa series in Korea, and translated into Chinese and German, of Pucca and Garu travelling around the world through an enchanted board game. She's 10 years old and her birthday is July 7th.

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A rebel tomboy, she has mastered Kung-fu and created the lovely chopstick dance. She loves jjazzangmyun noodles and pickled radish, but most of all she loves Garu. In the TV series, she does not talk at all, but rather continues to use the sounds from her Flash cartoons giggles, cooing, and kissing. During the show Pucca has displayed superhuman feats such as kicking a rickcart several miles, or beating a monster bass several times her size into sushi, she also exibits incredible speed on par and execeding Garu's.

So far, he has only been seen once in an episode called Gura in Town. No real mentioning of his family was made either except for Tobe frequently mentioning his ancestors.

Pucca and Garu's Relationship

One thing revealed, Garu is trying to restore his family name. Despite trying to avoid pucca's advances toward him, Garu's feelings are truthful shown in a caring but not too affectionate towards her.

pucca and garu relationship

Interestingly enough, one can come to two separate conclusions about the truth of Garu's feelings depending on which series one chooses to follow. In the original Flash cartoons, it was suggested that Pucca and Garu were officially a couple, and he occasionally gave her boxes of chocolate and other gifts.

In one episode, he melted down his beloved sword to make a little ring for her, and in another, he left a rose on her windowsill. The TV series, on the other hand, has hinted that he does care about her to some extent i.

pucca and garu relationship

It's just that Pucca is a bit too "friendly", unlike Garu, who doesn't want to show "unnecessary" affection. He only fell in love with Pucca in the episode Full Moon Pucca because he was moonstruck. Like Pucca, Garu is capable of superhuman athletics and endurance such as running around the entire world without tiringyet she still manages to get the best of him.

Like Pucca, he does not talk at all in the TV series, continuing to only use the sounds from the Flash cartoons. It's explained in the TV series that he's taken a vow of silence. However, in the episode "Romancing the Clone", Garu's clone speaks throughout the entire episode in an obnoxious manner, but only because the clone was accidentally sprayed with a dishonor potion made by Jumong who let Tobe try to spray Garu with it.

pucca and garu relationship

But, in the episode, Rootin Tootin Ninja's while accitentally rolling down the moutain with Abyo, that pucca had made earlier in the episode it is heard that Garu actully mumbles "Get off me".

This is the only time where Garu is heard saying a sentence. Also to note, in the episode Trial by Fury, the judge Master Soo says "Sheesh, I thought the guy would never shut up," after Garu takes the stand during the trial, although this was done in a comedic and light-hearted fashion.