Ravana and sita relationship quotes

The romantic side of Ram and Sita's relationship

ravana and sita relationship quotes

Quotations (punctuation) No one can do it for us, Hanuman to Sita; This one touched me the most I belong to Ram but Ravana wants to taste me. . Not by years, not by grey hairs, not by riches or many relations did the seers make the. Ravana touched Jagan matha Sita devi while kidnapping her to Lanka. As per Kamba Why did Ravana kidnap Sita only after her marriage to Lord Ram?. Ravan was a disturbed man; if not about Vibhishan, Sita occupied his “He has done everything he can for you – from writing poems, giving.


And like good Hindusthe king and the queens, all went on pilgrimages fasting and prayingthat they might have children and, in good time, four sons were born. Now, as it should be, these four brothers were thoroughly educated in all branches of learning. Sita was found in a field; she was a daughter of the Earthand was born without parents When she was of a marriageable age, the king wanted to find a suitable husband for her There was an ancient Indian custom called Svayamvaraby which the princesses used to choose husbands There were numbers of princes who aspired for the hand of Sita; the test demanded on this occasion was the breaking of a huge bowcalled Haradhanu.

All the princes put forth all their strength to accomplish this feat, but failed. Thus Sita selected Rama, the son of King Dasharatha for her husband, and they were wedded with great rejoicings. Then, Rama took his bride to his home, and his old father thought that the time was now come for him to retire and appoint Rama as Yuvaraja. Everything was accordingly made ready for the ceremony, and the whole country was jubilant over the affair, when the younger queen Kaikeyi was reminded by one of her maidservants of two promises made to her by the king long ago Rama was the life and soul of the old king and when this wicked request was made to him, he as a king felt he could not go back on his word.

So he did not know what to do. But Rama came to the rescue and willingly offered to give up the throne and go into exileso that his father might not be guilty of falsehood. So Rama went into exile for fourteen years, accompanied by his loving wife Sita and his devoted brother Lakshmanawho would on no account be parted from him.

ravana and sita relationship quotes

Wherever Rama goes, there goes Sita. How can you talk of 'princess' and 'royal birth' to me? I go before you! After they had lived thus for some time, one day there came a demon giantess. Roaming through the forest at will, she came across Rama, and seeing that he was a very handsome man, she fell in love with him at once.

But Rama was the purest of men, and also he was a married man; so of course he could not return her love. In revenge, she went to her brother, the giant king, and told him all about the beautiful Sita, the wife of Rama. Rama was the most powerful of mortals ; there were no giants or demons or anybody else strong enough to conquer him.

He got hold of another giant who was a magician and changed him into a beautiful golden deer ; and the deer went prancing round about the place where Rama lived, until Sita was fascinated by its beauty and asked Rama to go and capture the deer for her.

Rama went into the forest to catch the deer, leaving his brother in charge of Sita. Then Lakshmana laid a circle of fire round the cottage, and he said to Sita, "Today I see something may befall you; and, therefore, I tell you not to go outside of this magic circle. Some danger may befall you if you do. But the mendicant monk after many persuasions prevailed upon her to bring the alms to him, assuring her that she need have no fear as he was a holy person.

So Sita came out of the magic circle, and immediately the seeming monk assumed his giant body, and grasping Sita in his arms he called his magic [[w: Chariot chariot, and putting her therein, he fled with the weeping Sita. She was utterly helpless, nobody, was there to come to her aid. As the giant was carrying her away, she took off a few of the ornaments from her arms and at intervals dropped them to the grounds.

When Rama and Lakshmana returned to the cottage and found that Sita was not there, their grief knew no bounds Hanuman, the best of the monkeys, became the most faithful servant of Rama and helped him in rescuing Sita. His devotion to Rama was so great that he is still worshipped by the Hindus as the ideal of a true servant of the Lord So, Rama, at last, fell in with these monkeys.

They told him that they had seen flying through the sky a chariot, in which was seated a demon who was carrying away a most beautiful lady, and that she was weeping bitterly, and as the chariot passed over their heads she dropped one of her ornaments to attract their attention.

Then they showed Rama the ornament The younger brother was helped by Rama, and he regained the kingdom from Vali, who had driven him away; and he, in return, promised to help Rama. They searched the country all round, but could not find Sita. At last Hanuman leaped by one bound from the coast of India to the island of Ceylon, and there went looking all over Lanka for Sita, but nowhere could he find her Learning everything about Sita from HanumanRama collected an armyand with it marched towards the southernmost point of India.

In very low water even now it is possible to cross from India to Ceylon over the sand-banks there Rama was God incarnateotherwise, how could he have done all these things?

He was an Incarnation of God, according to the Hindus The monkeys removed whole hills, placed them in the sea and covered them with stones and trees, thus making a huge embankment. A little squirrelso it is said, was there rolling himself in the sand and running backwards and forwards on to the bridge and shaking himself. Thus in his small way he was working for the bridge of Rama by putting in sand Rama saw it and remarked: Rama passed a few years in happiness with Sitawhen the people again began to murmur that Sita had been stolen by a demon and carried across the ocean.

They were not satisfied with the former test and clamoured for another test, otherwise she must be banished. In order to satisfy the demands of the people, Sita was banished, and left to live in the forestwhere was the hermitage of the sage and poet Valmiki.

Sita was expecting soon to become a mother, and she gave birth to twin boys. The poet never told the children who they were. He then composed the poem known as Ramayanaset it to music, and dramatised it.

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Valmiki dramatised "The Life of Rama", and taught Rama's two children how to recite and sing it. There came a time when Rama was going to perform a huge sacrifice, or Yajna, such as the old kings used to celebrate It is true that when ones beloved is away one is always thinking of their beloved and searching for them.

When Rama was with Sita he was seeing her in one place. But when Rama was away from Sita and Sita was away from Rama he would see Sita in the trees and she would see Rama in the clouds, everywhere. When we are together the love of our heart goes out towards the beloved.

In separation that love goes deeper and deeper and deeper into the very core of our heart. And it is intensified. On the spiritual platform love is not determined by our physical proximity. Our connection to God or Rama is to the degree that we are internally absorbed in the thought of Rama.

And when our love is intense, the Lord accepts it from within our heart. That love may be intense when the Lord stands before us, but it is even more intense when the Lord is not standing before us.

ravana and sita relationship quotes

When there is that longing, that deep deep absorption, then the Lord is embracing us and reciprocating with us from within. We have to understand the philosophical principle that according to Vedic sidhanta conclusion God is both female and male equally.

There is the sakti energy and the saktiman energetic source.

Ramayana reimagined: Was Ravan actually in love with Sita?

Krishna, Rama, Narayana, and Shiva are very powerful, lordly manifestations of God. The feminine aspect of God is the reservoir of love. And the masculine side of God is the ultimate object of love.

And those two aspects together are God.