Renton and eureka relationship trust

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renton and eureka relationship trust

In Eureka Seven: AO, at the age of 30, Renton has grown at about six feet and leaner. and Ray had haunted him until he began his relationship with Eureka. while he and Eureka returned to their world because he trusted his son to do the. Renton and Eureka on the Nirvash TYPEZERO. . Holland's relationship with Talho magnifies the importance of honesty, trust, and mutual. When in the series do you think Eureka started to fall in love with Renton? Sadly, their relationship doesn't last long, due to her disappearing with the Scub Coral .. Eureka trusted Holland more than anyone for two seasons, even more than.

When he says she is more important than Renton, she rejects this and, no longer trusting Holland, leaves the ship to go look for him herself, just as he was returning to the Gekko to warn them about the Beams. Instead, she finds herself in a dangerous situation against Charles and Ray, who try to kill her and attack the Gekko.

renton and eureka relationship trust

Renton launches the Nirvash and rescues Eureka, and they finally open up to each other about their feelings. Eureka declares to Renton that he is truly her partner because she can't do anything without him and says she has wanted to talk to him for a long time, and he says the same thing.

Since their previous way of fighting led to the deaths of people, Eureka and Renton decide to take a merciful method of combat by disarming the enemy units. Nirvash responds to their feelings by releasing an energy wave that disabled every machine in their path.

They then start to talk about how the time they spent apart from each other made them realize that being together is what is most important. Season 3 Edit As a result of leaving the ship and going into combat without permission, they were sent to the brig with the children, although it was Holland's way of protecting them.

They were given bulletproof vests and a gun by Moondoggie as the Beams attacked the ship. Talho comes to release them and take them to safety just as Ray holds her at gunpoint. Ray then became enraged when she heard the children call Eureka "mama" and tried to kill her; her hatred for Eureka stems from that Ray became sterile from the effects of the Seven Swell, and because Eureka was piloting Nirvash when it released the Seven Swell, she blames Eureka for her inability to have a child.

Renton, however, tries to reason with her and pleaded with her to stop. Charles dies from multiple gunshot wounds from Holland, and Ray detonated a bomb in his body. Ray escaped back to her ship, and while the Gekko waited for her to attack, Eureka tried to comfort Renton as he blamed himself for Charles' death and told him how she hasn't been the same since she stopped hearing Nirvash.

Renton told her the same thing, and Eureka is amazed of how much he is just like her. Ray then tried to destroy the Gekko again in a murder-suicide kamikaze attack before she dies herself. Confused over the events, Renton blames himself for the Beams' deaths and expresses his anger at everyone over how they treated him.

Now understanding the hardships Renton dealt with for her sake, Eureka comforts him, saying she believes in him, and they decide to learn more about each other. Renton further demanded to know why Holland decided to kill them to protect him, and Eureka replied that due to her choosing Renton as her partner, Holland wants to protect them. They then decide to stay together after realizing they can't bear to be separated again. Although Eureka was happy with being with Renton, she understood that he still didn't want to rejoin the Gekkostate and his return was to reach a reconciliation with her.

She wanted him to stay on the ship so they can stay together and was worried about being separated from him again. To repay the crew members for protecting them, Eureka and Renton cooked and cleaned the entire ship, but Talho ruined the moment by explaining the true nature of Eureka - she is a Coralian. Eureka admits to Renton that she didn't tell him sooner because she was afraid he would reject her, but he said he didn't care about it because she has been special to him since the day they first met.

After this, Renton decides to rejoin the Gekkostate, much to Eureka's joy and relief. Renton's continuing acceptance of everything about Eureka leads to a much stronger bond of trust, and Eureka comes to realize just how much Renton means to her, to the point where she acknowledges that she is falling in love with him and wants nothing more than to make him happy with her. During their brief visit to Tressor to have the Nirvash repaired and upgraded, Eureka and Renton watched a film about the origins of the Nirvash, and Renton learned how Eureka came to be Nirvash's pilot.

Eureka tells Renton that she likes being with him because he makes her forget the terrible things she did but she broke down in tears because she feels guilty for dragging him into the war and staining his hands with blood. They attempted to share their first kiss, but were interrupted when Nirvash rejected the repairs.

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Eureka insisted to the scientists that the Nirvash didn't want to be repaired to its' original form and wanted to change, and she relates how she has changed into a better person.

Based on the research from Dr. BearEureka learns that the reason why she has no memories of her past prior to being found is because the Scub Coral deliberately created her with a clean slate so that she can experience human behavior and emotions, and forge her own human-like personality for the Scub Coral's benefit in understanding the humans.

Prompted by Renton's reaction to the deaths of Charles and Ray, Eureka begins to understand feelings of guilt and regret, especially towards the massacre at Ciudades del Cielo. She knows that her past actions led to the deaths of many people, and because she is beginning to understand the human impact of killing and loss, she loses confidence in herself and no longer wished to fight with Nirvash.

Renton helps her realize that they can only disarm enemy units and he constantly consoles her as she tries to deal with her past sins and take responsibility for them. When Dewey starts releasing the Antibodies to destroy cities and kill people to gain public support, Eureka was saddened and blamed herself because she knew it was own kind killing people, causing her to lose confidence in herself and lose the will to fight.

Renton decided to cheer her up by asking her to ride Holland and Talho's longboard with him, and she asked him if she was a burden to him, which he denied and they happily rode the longboard in the middle of the sunset. Holland announced that he planned to disband the Gekkostate after completing their final mission, which was rescuing Norb from the military, but the crew decided to stay with him.

In a carefully planned mission, they invaded the Capital to rescue Norb from Dewey and the Federation army. Eureka reluctantly agreed to go along with it, but in midst of the mission, she forced the Nirvash into hiding and broke down to Renton that she didn't want to fight because she was afraid of killing more innocent people and wanted to run away from it all.

Renton reacted by hugging her and assuring her that he will fight in her place due to his own desire to end the war between the humans and Scub Coral. This cheered Eureka up and they completed the mission by retrieving Norb from Dewey. However, after seeing Eureka and Renton pilot the Nirvash together and appearing to be happily in love with the other, he ordered Holland to get them to the Vodarac Shrine, where they could pass over the Great Wall and find a way to end the conflict between the Scub Coral and humans.

Eureka becomes ashamed of her scars, and after learning how guys like girls who wear makeup from Gidget, she attempts to use makeup on herself for the first time to look pretty for Renton, but feels humiliated due to using too much of it and Renton tells her that he loves her no matter what she looks like. Overtime, Eureka learns more and more about human nature, specifically pregnancy and childbirth, which intrigues her.

She later finds out that she can also conceive, carry a baby, and give birth like a normal human, which seems to strengthen her desire to have a family with Renton and the kids. Days before their arrival at the Vodarac Shrine, Eureka and Renton talk about what might be behind the Great Wall, and Eureka replies it is the "future" and that his father, Adroc, once told her that.

Renton was shocked that she knew his father, Adroc, before he died and that he was the one who taught her almost everything. This caused Renton to become upset and shout at Eureka for not telling him sooner, but she was confused due to her not understanding family issues and ran away. This caused a misunderstanding among the Gekko crew that Renton wanted to have sex with Eureka and she was resistant of him, due to Eureka crying about whether or not she deserved to be with Renton and due to Renton looking at adult magazines for relationship advice.

Hilda and Gidget took Eureka aside to talk to her it is implied they explained the facts of sex and pregnancy due to her immediately questioning about Talho being pregnant and how Holland was going to be a fatherand she finally starts to understand the meaning of family. After reconciling with Renton, she later revealed that it was Adroc who released the Amita Drive during the Seven Swell event and his last thoughts were of his family before he disappeared.

This revelation allowed Renton, who had thought Adroc abandoned his family for his research, to forgive his father, and Eureka thinks that how Adroc treated her was that of a father-figure.

Shortly afterwards, Norb had the entire crew play soccer, and even though she had never played before, Eureka excelled in the game. She constantly cheered for Renton and even coldly told him to "stop joking around" when he made a mistake, but she later apologized and offered to cover his mistakes, much to his dismay. In the final round, she and Renton stepped on Holland's face to jointly score a goal. As punishment for stepping on Holland's face, they cleaned the hanger and Eureka told Renton that she said "I believe in you" to Renton during the game but he didn't hear her.

She said to him that she feels that miracles seem to happen when he is around and that's why she can believe in him more than anyone. At first, she refused to go and meet with the Vodarac because she doubted they would forgive her, but pressed by Talho, she agreed to go through with the mission.

Initially, the crew planned to enter in disguise but an incident with the kids accidentally activating Nirvash caused them to hastily help Renton, Eureka, Norb, and the kids enter the Vodarac shrine. Sakuya tells Eureka her history, including how she fell in love with Norb and their failed attempt to pass through the Great Wall.

She helps restore most of Eureka's superficial damage, but Eureka requests that her scars remain to remind her of what she's been through. Eureka related to Renton and Norb that Sakuya told her that she and Renton needed to be happy, and Norb encourages her and Renton to pass through the Great Wall and reach the genuine Promised Land. Soon afterwards, they are attacked by Anemone, and quickly entered the Promised Land in order to escape from her. They end up on a coastline and discover that they have landed on Earth, much to their shock.

They are unable to find a way to return to the Gekko and failed to understand what their purpose on Earth was, which caused a temporary rift between Eureka and Renton, especially when she was unable to communicate with Nirvash.

They wonder around the coastline for some time and come closer to the Scub Command Center. Eureka's scars begin to turn green and Coralian physical attributes begin showing throughout her body in reaction to the Scub Command Center.

Thinking Renton will reject her changing form, Eureka hid them from him.

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When he does find out, she runs away but he catches up with her and even went as far as to damage his own arm to prove his acceptance of her changing form. This emotional moment caused Maurice to lash out at them; at Renton for "taking" Eureka away from him and ruining everything, and at Eureka for running away from her responsibility in taking care of them after killing their real families.

Eureka calmed him down by asking him if he hated her smile and then assured him that she still loves him and his siblings now matter how much she's changed. Renton's wound got infected and he developed a high fever, and Eureka and the kids had to take care of him. During this time, she was sad because she felt she wasn't doing enough to help Renton and almost tells Maeter and Linck the truth about their real parents after Maeter has a small recollection of her mother but the kids insists that Eureka is their mother regardless.

Then, she suddenly grew butterfly-like wings and her left arm became green and pink of Coralian design. After Renton recovered, Eureka was surprised but happy to hear him say he thought she looked beautiful with the wings, which prompted her to tell him that she loved him for the first time.

Holland Novak

From that moment, Renton and Eureka started contemplating their future, such as getting married, raising their adopted children, and having children of their own. Soon afterwards, Renton spotted his older sister and ran after her, which forced Eureka and the kids to chase after him and were lost in the great library created by Scub. They met with Adroc, who looked after them before Renton returned and she assured Renton that she would never leave him.

When they exited the Scub Command Center, Anemone appeared and attacked them in order to destroy the command center. While fighting against her, they discovered her feelings of sadness and pain, and Eureka convinced Renton that they should try talking to her in order to help her understand her feelings for Dominic.

After Anemone was saved by Dominic's arrival, all seemed at peace until Dewey fired his satellite cannon at the Command Center and destroyed it. Immediately afterwards, the Gekko arrived to rescue Eureka, Renton, and the kids, but Dewey's ship also arrived to fight the Gekko.

Eureka's love for Renton?

After discussing what to do to ensure the Scub Coral won't wake up and activate the Limit of Questions, Eureka and Renton decide to take the Nirvash and the kids to become the new Command Cluster. Holland engaged in a gun battle against his brother in order to end Dewey's madness, but it all ended with Dewey committing suicide. However, the surprising move activated the collar-like devices Eureka and Anemone had always worn, which were designed to activate a self-destruct sequence that would destroy the Scub Coral if either girl would become the next Command Cluster.

Eureka felt a sudden change in her body, and realizing her time with Renton was over, she apologized to him for their failed dream of being together forever, and transformed into a Coralian event. Eureka and Renton's first kiss. Inside the Coralian event, as she was becoming the next Command Cluster, Eureka was in an artificially created plane, seemingly not on Earth due to the fact that it can be seen in the sky.

She mentally told herself that she loves Renton and the kids more than anything and credits them for teaching her everything she now knows, but as much as she wants to save them by risking her life, she wants to see them again. Enraged at losing Eureka after having gone through so much with her, Renton decided to save her on his own.

He begged Nirvash to awaken so it could help him get to her. It reacted by transforming into its apparent true form. With the Nirvash, Renton is able to easily destroy the Coralian antibodies, and his strong feelings for Eureka enabled him to break though the zone and reach her.

Eureka was overjoyed that he really came to save her and he reminded her of his promise to always protect her. She tells him that she can never go back, but he tells her that she is making a choice to give being a Coralian in order to save the planet and he has chosen to give up being human because he treasures the planet he met her on. He gives her a flower hair clip and comments how beautiful she is. He then asks her to merge with the Scub Coral with him, which she agrees without hesitation, and they kissed for the first time.

With the power of their true love, Nirvash is able to activate the Seven Swell Phenomenon, becoming the Second Summer of Love, and the couple's names are carved into the moon.

Nirvash is able to push open the Coralian zone, and in a feminine voice, tells them that the Scub Coral has achieved enlightenment and half of the Scubs will be departing to another universe in order to prevent the Limit of Questions from happening again. It also tells them to set an example to the humans by living together and bring forth a new evolution human-Coralian hybrid children before Nirvash disappears. Eureka and Renton are relieved that they can now live a normal life together, and after agreeing to return to Bellforest, they kiss a second time before returning to the planet.

A year later, the family record book lists her as Renton's wife and the kids as their adoptive children, confirming that she and Renton got married. As the children and Axel eagerly await their return, Eureka and Renton are seen together near a lake, holding hands and their foreheads glowing hers blue and his red to symbolize their deep connection. Renton and Eureka's names on the moon.

Several years after the end of Eureka SevenEureka and Renton have two children; a girl and a boy. During her pregnancy with their daughter, Eureka and Renton were warned that high levels of trapar concentrations would affect their child and potentially result in death.

Despite their concern, they chose to carry the pregnancy to term rather than choose an abortion. When Eureka was six months pregnant, they discovered that the Scub Coral was mysteriously disappearing, and began using the Gekko as part of an experiment to figure out why the Coral was disappearing. However, during the experiment, the Coral suddenly burst, taking Eureka and the Gekko with it to the year She met her future son, Ao, whom she instantly bonded with and told him a little about her history, including her relationship with Renton and how she came from another world.

After being attacked by the Japanese military and Truth, Ao helped send her back to her world, and then did she discover that Ao is actually her son. Three months later, Eureka gave birth to their daughter and named her Amber. However, they were devastated when Amber turned as hard as stone and died at three months of age. However, they knew that Ao would be born, and still wanting to have a child of their own, they carefully planned a way to raise him in a world with no trapar and Scub Coral, and shortly after, they conceived Ao.

They decided to keep their son and to raise him in the world where Eureka first met him. When Eureka was seven months pregnant, Eureka and Renton traveled to the future of Ao's world but were attacked by the Secrets, and Renton sent Eureka into the pillar of light in order to save her and the baby while he stayed behind to stop the Secrets from following her.

Eureka refused to separate from Renton, who insisted that it was the only way to save Ao and he didn't want her to kill her own kind. Arriving in the yearEureka fell from the sky above Iwato island. She was rescued by Naru 's father and Dr. Toshio Fukaiand two months later, she gave birth to Ao.

She was feared by the island's citizens for her being a foreigner and having strange hair, but Toshio took her in and hid her and Ao.

renton and eureka relationship trust

During her time on Iwato, Eureka dyed her hair brown to avoid suspicion and backlash from other villagers who resented her presence on the island. Eureka raised Ao during the first two-and-a-half years of his life, and was a loving mother to him.

She had his name embedded in her bracelet that would later be used to help awaken the Nirvash, and told him that he was meant to be its next pilot.

By the time Eureka Seven: AO started, Ao at age 13 had not seen his mother in 10 years because she mysteriously disappeared after leaving to stop the last Scub Burst. However, he later learns from Gazelle's father that Eureka was handed over to the American Forces when he was 2 years old, and he was left in Toshio's care. Although Ao initially believed that his mother was taken against her will by the military, it turns out she went voluntarily because she learned that Scub Coral and Secrets had found their way into his world and set out to destroy them in order to protect Ao.

But in order to achieve that co-existence, she needs to find a human partner, who will never be Holland or Dewey because they only use her to destroy things, and her partner will be the boy who can truly make her smile. Horrified by the revelations, Holland decides to take Eureka and the Nirvash, and escape from the military to stop his brother from his evil plans. Despite being told he will never become Eureka's partner, Holland believed that he will because he seemed to be the only person who understood her the most and was the first person to find out about what she was.

As a result, he puts her safety above everything else and becomes over-protective over her. Holland refused to go because he didn't want to see Renton, Diane's younger brother, and be reminded of her. However, after Renton delivers the Amita Drive and releases the Seven Swell, he praises the boy for believing in himself.

However, Axel says that Holland can't have the Amita Drive for himself and only Renton should be protecting it, so Holland decides to bring Renton aboard the Gekko and is taken aback to see Eureka holding hands with the boy and smiling only at him. This leads him to suspect that Renton may become Eureka's partner, and although secretly furious, he dismissed his suspicion.

During Renton's earliest time on the Gekko, Holland was casual towards him by assigning him maid-like chores and letting him fly the Nirvash with Eureka, but never included him in their jobs.

However, during a brief visit to Ciudades del Cielo, Holland was anxious to leave but finding out that Renton and Moondoggie wanted to lift caused him to lose his temper and assault Renton. However, this seemed to be a moment of anger because he appeared remorseful after Renton ran away and he apologized to Eureka when she asked him why Renton ran away.

He later made it up to Renton by giving him the Gekkostate ref board wheel and declared him an official member of the crew. Despite this, his treatment towards Renton worsened. Talho demands for him to not go back on his responsibilities and be himself if he wants to be an effective leader. As Eureka's mental state begins to decline, Holland shows his intense concern for her well-being and starts to become hostile towards Renton, thinking the boy is somehow responsible for her problems.

As a result, he starts to ignore Renton and gets angry at him for seemingly minor factors. His anger grows when he notices that Eureka is troubled by the fact that she can't pilot the Nirvash as well as Renton. While everyone is troubled by his treatment towards the boy, they feel they can't do anything that goes against Holland's orders as revealed by Matthieu and Moondoggie that they, too, had endured similar treatment from Holland in the past.

During a visit to the trapar mines for repairs on the Gekko, Talho almost begs for him to face his responsibilities if he wants everyone to trust and respect him. Despite this, when Renton is forced to pilot the Nirvash at gunpoint by a desperate digger, Holland takes his frustration out at Renton by brutally beating him and accusing him of taking the Nirvash out on his own free will.

Talho slaps him to stop the abuse and confronts him for his hypocrisy that he beating Renton for something he didn't do while Holland is the one running away from his problems. He responds with anger and resentment, thinking he's done nothing wrong. When they are about to leave, they are ambushed by the military and learn that the Nirvash is gone. Holland thinks Renton took it unaware it was actually Eureka and Renton is chasing after her and orders that they flee as soon as possible, over Talho's protests of what will happen to Renton.

Holland said that Eureka is more important that Renton and the Nirvash, but when he learned what really happened, he ordered the Gekko to stay until she, Renton, and the Nirvash returned. When Eureka is nearly absorbed by the Scub Coral and is saved by Renton, who unintentionally releases a Seven Swell in desperation to protect her, Holland is shocked to see her covered in scubs. He blames Renton for her condition, bans him from piloting the Nirvash ever again, and threatens to beat him again if he lets slip to the others of what happened to her.

He decides to rescue a Vodarac priest to heal Eureka, but he doesn't tell Renton this, so Renton thinks he's doing the mission for money and accuses him of not caring for Eureka at all.

This and hearing that Eureka wanted to let Renton be Nirvash's new pilot, Holland proceeded to beat Renton again, to the point of unconsciousness. But when he is ambushed during the mission, he is pleased to see Renton arrive to help but is shocked to realize the boy is in a high rider's stage due to his overwhelming hatred towards Holland and that he doesn't know anything, and kills many KLF pilots before realizing what he had done.

After the priest heals Eureka, he advises Holland to keep the cause of Eureka's problems away from her, and concluding that all this didn't happen until Renton arrived, Holland decides that Renton is responsible for Eureka's problems and starts considering kicking him off the Gekko.

This bothers the crew, especially Talho, who knows that Holland is saying this to keep Renton and Eureka apart, and she boldly points out that it was Holland who brought the two together, and therefore, its his responsibility, which he denies. However, Renton leaves without anyone knowing, and Holland seemed indifferent towards his departure, but was confronted with the task of telling Eureka. Initially, he refused to tell her and denied that he was jumping to conclusions about blaming Renton, and responded with anger when Talho said it was easy for him to blame Renton because he is Diane's brother.

He also rejected the possibility that Eureka was falling in love with Renton and was even capable of having such feelings. Finally, hearing the crew talk about their lack of faith in Holland, he lashed out at them in anger, even hurting Moondoggie, and said that Renton's abandonment was not his doing but Renton's alone.

He finally tells Eureka, who immediately falls into a deep depression as she misses Renton, but this only upsets Holland that she is reacting that way.

renton and eureka relationship trust

It is clear that Holland is displeased with Eureka being distraught over Renton's absence because he never expected her to grow attached to Renton.

Even when he is told that the Nirvash needs Renton and Eureka as pilots to function, he still rejected the importance of Renton. When Talho confronts Holland about his obsession with becoming Eureka's partner, he says he is protecting Eureka from Renton because if the two were together, the risks of the Seven Swell would bring catastrophe. Talho knows he is lying still and knows he is really jealous that Eureka prefers Renton, and if the chosen one had been Holland, there would be no way to prevent the risks.

Voicing her disapproval of the kind of person he is becoming, she tells him that if he wants to help save the world, he needs to accept Renton and that Eureka chose him. Coming to terms that he has been denying Eureka the chance to be happy with Renton, he decides to bring Renton back for Eureka's sake, but changes his mind after learning that Charles and Ray are coming after the Gekko.

This leads to a major fight between Holland and Eureka, who knew that he hated Renton and is furious at him for breaking his promise. Holland finally confesses his feelings to Eureka: This angers Eureka and she loses her trust in him, leaving Holland disappointed and frustrated by her rejection. He reacts to Renton's return with disdain, ignored his warnings about falling into a trap, and orders him to leave for good.

He finds out about that Renton's warning about the trap were right and becomes angry at Eureka when he finds out that she secretly left the ship to look for Renton herself. He leads a battle against the military as Renton saves Eureka, and reacts angrily when he sees the waves the couple created to disable the KLFs.

renton and eureka relationship trust

Upon hearing the two confess their feelings to each other, Holland finally accepts what he's been avoiding: Eureka has chosen Renton, and it is his duty to protect them. When Charles and Ray invade the Gekko, Holland, decked in war paint, engages in a gun fight with Charles and kills him, but not before getting shot in the leg. While they waiting for Ray to come back for another attack, Holland talked with Renton about why he had to kill Charles and now that he knows what he needs to do, he has decided to protect him and Eureka with his life.

For the first time, he acknowledges Renton as the chosen one, and asks him to take care of Eureka in case something happens to him, but Renton was still doubtful and resentful towards him that he seemed reluctant to accept his request. Soon after, he killed Ray but this left him bleeding profusely as his gunshot wound opened up and Renton needed to give a blood transfusion in order to save his life, which he initially refused out of hate towards Holland but changed his mind after Talho begged him to help Holland.

After this, he drops his abusive and jealous attitude towards Renton, and becomes a true effective leader. Inspired by Renton's ability to keep his word and desire to fight without violence, Holland suggests that they peacefully negotiate with the Tressor scientists to repair and upgrade the Nirvash due to that Tressor works for the military. Although he doesn't get along with the head technician, Morita, Holland is able to convince him to agree to the repairs in peaceful terms.

No longer obsessed with Eureka, Holland is able to focus on reconciling with Talho after he entrusts Renton with Eureka. Due to his gunshot wound to his leg, Holland can no longer lift and not being able to do the one thing he loves, coupled with the frustration at trying to stop Dewey, sends him into a depression.

When the Gekko stops at a sight with high trapar waves to have fun, Talho persuades him to try to lift to cheer him up, but he repeatedly fails. Then, he starts to cry about this to Talho, but tells her that he loves lifting on the planet because it is the same planet he met her on, confirming his love for her and allowing them to truly reconcile and resume their relationship.

renton and eureka relationship trust

He spots her necklace that was destroyed in episode 5 and asks her if he can borrow it. He turns it into matching rings for them to wear. After this, they begin wearing the matching rings on their left ring fingers, hinting that they are engaged. After finding about that Norb has been captured by the military, Holland gathers the crew together and starts off by apologizing for how badly he treated them, especially Renton and Eureka.

He acknowledges that all along, he had used many excuses to run away from his problems and he didn't realize that he was hurting those dear to him when he said he was protecting them through his own selfish ways. Then, he announces to the crew that he intends to disband the Gekkostate and will be going to the Capital on a suicide mission to rescue Norb, and he won't force anyone to come along with him.

Despite this, the entire crew decides to go along. As they prepare for the ambush on the Capital, Holland takes Renton and Eureka aside to talk to them about how he first met Eureka and learned the truth about Dewey and the Scub Coral from Norb.

He ends the conversation by saying that he always believed that he was destined to become Eureka's partner and had trouble trusting that role to Renton after she had already chosen him, but now that he has accepted it, he asks Renton to believe in himself. Talho then tells him that she is pregnant with his child, leaving him shocked and happy. He is worried about putting herself in danger but is more happy at the prospect of having a family. The Gekkostate arrives at the Capital and Holland confronts Dewey for the first time in three years.

Dewey is shocked to see that Holland is moving closer to defeating him when he sees Renton and Eureka piloting the Nirvash together to take Norb.

Back on the Gekko, in a true form of reconciliation, Holland talks to Renton about how he met and fell in love with Diane, and how he became obsessed with her after her disappearance. He further tells Renton that he can never change how he fights but Renton can and only he can protect Eureka. However, he still remains protective of Eureka in a manner that is similar to a protective father.

He demands for Renton tell him about the progress between him and Eureka and sets a limit to how close they get and while he doesn't mind if they kiss, he forbids them from being intimate. When a misunderstanding between Renton and Eureka caused the crew to think the issue was about sex, Holland became very angry and roughed up Renton when he erroneously thought the boy was pushing her for sex.

They secretly sneak into the Vodarac Shrine and he leads the Gekkostate against the military as Renton, Eureka, and the children traveled to the Earth. He pilots the Devilfish after his LFO is destroyed by Anemone, but the new LFO requires him to take special drugs that make his mental state capable of piloting it but drains his lifespan. He helps spread the word about Dewey's intentions after gaining the aid of the Captain Jurgens and the Izumo crew, but he tells Talho that he is actually afraid of surviving the battle because all he's lived through is fighting and questions if he has the right to have a family after killing Charles and ray, who were unable to have children.

He pleads with Dewey to see that his actions are destroying the Earth, but is shocked when Dewey admits he knows that and he believes that he is restoring the planet's dignity by destroying everything on it. Dewey further confesses that he knew there was no way to save the planet from the Scub Coral and it was beyond redemption, and in a desperate but calculated move, he implanted a Compac Drive into himself so that if he died, so would the planet.

Holland tried to stop Dewey, but he committed suicide, and in a rare moment, Holland showed sympathy towards his brother.