Rod blagojevich and obama relationship

rod blagojevich and obama relationship

Rod R. Blagojevich, left, and Mayor Richard M. Daley in Chicago in April . Mr. Obama's relationship with Mr. Blagojevich was not much better. Rod Blagojevich is an American former politician who served .. Blagojevich did not endorse Obama in the United States Senate race, and Obama did not invite Blagojevich to speak at. Rod Blagojevich about Obama's Senate seat. has maintained a cordial but distant relationship with Blagojevich during the governor's tenure.

The suggestion to legalize Keno within Illinois was later withdrawn. Congressman Glenn Poshardto develop a capital construction plan that could pass the Illinois General Assembly.

Rod Blagojevich

Quinn and Blagojevich publicly disagreed over [18] Blagojevich's proposed Gross Receipts Tax to increase revenue for schools and other projects within Illinois. Democratic legislator Jack Franks said that the reason Blagojevich had problems passing laws with the cooperation of the General Assembly is that he did not spend enough time with the legislature. Joe Lyons told reporters, "We have a madman.

rod blagojevich and obama relationship

The man is insane. Although Barack Obama served as an adviser to Blagojevich's gubernatorial campaign, by all accounts, Blagojevich and Obama have been estranged for years.

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Daley ; after their dispute over Chicago Transit Authority funding, Daley called Blagojevich "cuckoo" and said he did not want to argue with the Governor since "He's arguing with everybody in America. This measure was being challenged on the show by state legislator Ron Stephens from Greenville, Illinois.

Blagojevich was interviewed by Jason Joneswho repeatedly pretended to be unable to pronounce Blagojevich's name and simply called him "Governor Smith". At one point in the interview, Jones, who was acting as if he were against the governor's order, told him, "I'll be in charge of what my listeners hear.

It's general knowledge for people under 90 years of age. It was when he came off looking so silly that he said he thought it was a regular news program. Even assuming he didn't know about it beforehand, we had to sign a release before the interview.

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During his time on the show, he vehemently defended himself against host Jon Stewart 's critique of things that he had previously said on the show. Stewart focused on how Blagojevich had expressed a great desire to tell his side in court, but then did not. Stewart attempted to get a promise that next time, Blagojevich would testify. Stewart also focused on Blagojevich's previous statement to him, that if one heard the famous "effing golden" statement in context, it would be seen as innocent.

Stewart played the additional recording, and asked him how that sounded any different. The former governor had no concrete answers. Republicans claimed that he was simply passing the state's fiscal problems on to future generations by borrowing his way to balanced budgets.

Thompson Center or mortgaging it. Blagojevich was also criticized for his handling of the state budget. In particular, critics cited his unprecedented use of line-item and reduction vetoes to remove his political opponents' "member initiatives" from the budget bill. During a suspected shortage of the flu vaccine inBlagojevich ordereddoses from overseas distributors, which the Food and Drug Administration had warned would be barred from entering the United States.

Food and Drug Administration.

rod blagojevich and obama relationship

Imported medication would have saved users of the service 25 to 50 percent over domestic drugs. This order was legally challenged. The settlement, which followed the Illinois Supreme Court's decision in September to hear an appeal of a lawsuit challenging the executive order, allowed pharmacists to decline to dispense birth control, so long as they provided information to customers about pharmacists who did. Blagojevich later Morr-Fitz v. Quinnthe Illinois Court of Appeals ruled against Blagojevich's order.

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan called for a vote on a non-binding resolution on whether the state should impose a gross receipts tax.

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When it became apparent that the resolution would be defeated, Blagojevich announced at the last minute that supporters should vote against it, although the vote was intended to be a test vote to gauge whether the measure had any support.

I feel good about it. However, during Octoberpharmacies which had followed Blagojevich's directive to dispense drugs under the plan were informed by his administration that they would not be reimbursed and would have payments given under the system deducted from future Medicaid payments. On December 8,all state agencies were ordered to stop conducting business with Bank of America to pressure the company to make the loans.

Blagojevich said the biggest U. Blagojevich vetoed three gun bills inwhich would have: Deleted records in gun database after 90 days Eliminated the waiting period for someone wanting to buy a rifle or shotgun, when trading in a previously owned weapon Overridden local laws regulating transport of firearms.

Blagojevich summarized his reasons for considering Winfrey on various talk shows: To begin with, she was perhaps the most instrumental person in electing Barack Obama president. She is a larger-than-life figure in America and around the world. She has a huge bully pulpit and tremendous support across America She has a voice larger than all senators combined.

And if she was a U.

rod blagojevich and obama relationship

Senator, she would be a voice for the Obama program, which she supports, and she would be in a position to be able to use an unbelievable bully pulpit to be able to get it done.

As Obama works to set up his new administration and deal with a national economic crisis, suddenly he also is spending time and attention trying to distance himself from Illinois Gov.

Rod Blagojevich and charges that the governor was trying to sell the now-vacant Senate post. They did not then or at any time discuss the subject.

rod blagojevich and obama relationship

And in an interview with The Chicago Tribune -- one of Blagojevich's alleged marks -- that ran Wednesday, Obama refused to say whether his incoming chief of staff Rahm Emanuel had spoken with the governor. I think it would be inappropriate for me to, you know, remark on the situation beyond the facts that I know.

Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said Tuesday that prosecutors were making "no allegations" that Obama was aware of any scheming. And Blagojevich himself, in taped conversations cited by prosecutors, suggested that Obama wouldn't be helpful to him. Even if the governor were to appoint a candidate favored by the Obama team, Blagojevich said, "They're not willing to give me anything except appreciation.

Blagojevich's disdain for Obama was clear in court documents; he is quoted as calling the president-elect a vulgar term in one phone conversation recorded by the FBI. Still, at the very least, the episode amounts to a distraction for Obama at an inopportune time just six weeks before he's sworn into office.

It also raises the specter of notorious Chicago politics, an image Obama has tried to distance himself from during his career. Signs remain, however, that the continuing investigation could still involve him.

It appears that Obama friend Valerie Jarrettan incoming senior White House adviser, is the person referred to repeatedly in court documents as "Candidate 1.

Court papers say that "Candidate 1" eventually removed "herself" from consideration for the Senate seat. Obama has maintained a cordial but distant relationship with Blagojevich during the governor's tenure. He supported his fellow Democrat for re-election ineven though the governor backed someone else over Obama in the U. Senate Democratic primary race in