Ryu and chizuru relationship

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ryu and chizuru relationship

"Get me some on your way back," said Ryu, and Chizuru smacked him with .. Chizuru began a tentative relationship of sorts with Ryu that she. This is an ongoing (hopefully) short story about Yoshida Chizuru and Sanada Ryu and he developing changes of their relationship. Based on. At the start, they were part of a much simpler triangle relationship, and But if what Chizuru says is true, and she and Ryuu can never go back.

Pin is also the Coach of baseball team. He knew both Ryu and Shota from middleschool since he was their coach. Despite being a teacher he had a close relationship, enough close that when he visits Ryu's father Ramen Shop he goes straight right into his room without even knocking on the door. He knows Ryu and Shota very well and seems to know a lot of embarrassing stories about them too he really knows! Ayane Yano Ayane knows Ryu since middleschool like Shota and is another one of rather close friends of him.

Although it hasn't been seen that these two person talk to each other a lot but the least to be said She is in their group and she and Chizuru visits Ryu's Father Ramen Shop quite a lot.

As Ryu does not talk very much with almost everyone, Ayane did not have a clue that Ryu likes Chizuru for a long timein spite of the fact that Ayane is mostly bright and has a piercing eyes for these matters. Sawako Kuronuma Sawako and Ryu becomes friends after the seat changing session in school as Shota introduces him to Sawako.

Sawako and Ryu does not talk to eavh other a lot too well thats obvious but they do have a very rather important conversation with each other. As in the training days of sports teamsas Sawako was waching Shota practicing baseballRyu almost saves Sawako's life by catching a ball before hitting her face. After that this creates a situation as these two starts talking alone for the first time and He helps her realize Sawako likes Shota romantically.

And as for him i think he is a very nice guy who cares about his friends a lot but tries to hide this very fact. As he grows up and i watched he turns into a very considerate and kind guy and he becomes pretty matureas he finally his feelings toward Chizuru was able to reach her. I hope you enjoyed my blog everyone. Cya all later Kimi ni Todoke ED. I can't read the kanji well. When asked how they first met, Chizuru would tell them that Ayane looked so mature that she thought she was an upperclassman.

The makeup and the perpetual texting to an older boyfriend made the impression likely, but if anyone had noticed the slightest bite in Chizuru's words, then they never said anything. Because the thing about Chizuru was that Chizuru didn't like those kinds of girls, the types that looked like they could try their hand at dating for money or going to love hotels without batting an eyelash. Ayane, for all intents and purposes, looked exactly like that kind of girl, and the excessive adoration for brand name items didn't help at all.

A long attempt at friendship and the insistent reminder that Ayane was at a sensitive age and had something more underneath the mascara and lip gloss smoothened out the initial kinks of their relationship, but sometimes Chizuru couldn't help but remember.

Chizuru was kind of dumb about some things, but the Ayane she'd met in the hallway was sort of scary and looked like she could pin Chizuru down with a nail file in ten seconds flat, never mind that silly rumor about her winning streak being shot down to hell by Ryu. In her mind, Chizuru despaired at the prospect of adding another tally to the list, so she swallowed down the initial urge to roll her eyes and made more room for Ayane in the hallway, even if there was a lot of space anyway.

Those girls didn't really care about things like that. Ayane cocked an eyebrow at her and promptly entered the classroom. But Chizuru had more cause to think less of Ayane inasmuch as first impressions were concerned, after all, even taking away the hair style and the manicured nails and the expensive bags and - well, everything.

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It began with a train station. Chizuru was on her way home from running an errand for her mother when she'd caught sight of a girl with bleached hair and the shortest skirt Chizuru had ever seen. The girl was smoking in an alley in a train station when a boy came up to her, saying, "What's up, Ayane-chan?

It didn't help that the girl had kept her eyes open and trained on Chizuru the entire time, as if to telepathically transmit the message that she would find Chizuru and kill her dead. That kind of memory wasn't something she could have easily forgotten, and the thought of running into Ayane was enough to send her into alternating fits of terror and indignation. To cement Chizuru's long-standing belief of Kazehaya's incapacity to understand people, he said, "She's probably like Kurumi, you know.

You should give her a shot.

Ryu Sanada

She still thought it was a bad idea, but when she marched up to Ayane the next day and gruffly asked if the seat beside her was taken, Ayane almost looked flustered at Chizuru's words.

Kazehaya was right about one thing, though: Ayane was really kind of shy. The first time Ayane heard about Toru was also the first time Chizuru got a vague inkling that Ayane was like that in a completely different way than she'd originally thought Ayane was. Ayane made an impatient, tsk-ing sound and fumbled with her sandwich. I meant, before that. Chizuru was torn between feeling bad and feeling hurt that Ayane didn't even think of her as a girl, even if they were friends.

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Behind her, Ryu turned to look at the window. Chizuru felt the awkward atmosphere rise with every second. Chizuru flushed, despite herself, and wanted to retort that she could like anyone she damn well pleased, but noticed that Ayane's fingers were trembling, slightly. Talk about a downer. What was more disappointing was Ayane's subsequent attempts to brush her off when Chizuru begged her to come shopping with her.

Chizuru had figured that Ayane would be the person to go to in times of extremely pressing matters such as this, but Ayane had given her a look that could freeze a guy's balls and went back to texting her maybe-boyfriend. The guise of being busy didn't hide the sneer too well, and Chizuru almost bristled. Then again, I'm not sure I approve of a guy with pedophilic tendencies like that.

It's your loss, either way. Ayane opened her mouth, but Chizuru started to cry into her scarf and damn it, she was so uncool. It only took a few excuses like that for the lie to fall flat. Ayane definitely wasn't keen on Toru, but she made an effort to hide it, at least. Even best friends didn't act that possessive towards each other, so Chizuru reasoned that it must have been something else. A healthy dose of her mother's day time soap operas and her own 12 AM epiphany one night might have pushed her mind into that kind of gutter, but she knew, instinctively, what the matter was.

Chizuru always spoke her mind, but what people didn't know was that she was very good at hiding some things too. She wasn't completely blind; if anything, Ryu could probably argue that her obliviousness was selective and Chizuru wouldn't shoot the idea down, but she was a girl who relied on her intuition more than calculation, unlike Ayane.

So if Chizuru caught on to Ayane's interest in her, then that was fine with her. Her gut didn't tell her that Ayane was a raging, obsessive psychopath, and she felt more gratification than repulsion, to be honest. If she weren't so keen on keeping Ayane's secret with her to her grave, she would have gloated to Ryu months ago. Besides, Ayane had enough sense not to be as evasive as she looked like she wanted to be; she might have put her foot down on future trips to the mall for skirts, but she had taken to teasing Chizuru about Toru with the kind of misguided attempts at communication that only someone from the sidelines could come up with.

She'd never met Toru, anyway, but Chizuru wasn't sadistic enough to bring up any plans of getting the two to be acquainted. She wasn't dumb like that. The thing about Ayane was that she was in a constant state of denial. She claimed she got bored of relationships because her ex-boyfriends were too clingy, too cold, too insensitive, too touchy - there was never any middle ground for her, and Chizuru could go on and on about the imperfections of Ayane's past lovers, but Chizuru thought, privately, that none of them were good enough because Ayane wasn't really interested in them enough.

Besides, what was wrong with being alone? Chizuru slung her arms around Ayane and Sawako, pulling them closer to her. She looked like she wanted to agree but didn't want to cross a line. Chizuru wasn't a mean person in general, but being good friends with someone meant that they knew each other's weaknesses and insecurities and could push if they were prodded. Chizuru's mindless chatter filled the rest of the conversation, Sawako being too concerned about Ayane to offer much in the way of small talk, and Ayane too reticent and tense to poke fun at Chizuru.

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They parted ways with Sawako at the bus station, and Chizuru and Ayane began the trek to the train station. She didn't mention that she should have, either. Ayane would never forgive her for it, if she did. Chizuru took pity on her, for that, so she reached out to brush her knuckles against Ayane's cheek. She would have looked more mature had she refrained from checking the soles of her shoes and making a disgusted noise at the wad of gum stuck underneath.

It was more play-acting than serious, but Chizuru knew Ayane was just embarrassed. If she turned her face away from the strange expression that Ayane wore, then Ayane made no acknowledgement of it. She didn't know if Ayane looked at her as she left; she didn't bother to check. What Ayane never told Chizuru was that she used to go to an all-girls school. What Chizuru didn't tell Ayane was that he already knew. She wasn't entirely clueless - she knew some things happened in schools like that.

The knowledge drove home the point that Ayane's sexuality wasn't exactly what her boyfriends would have preferred, and that probably didn't help them reach second base, if the increasing rate of crash-and-burn relationships Ayane entered was any indication of that. Joe liked to brag that there was something irresistibly sexy in something forbidden like two girls in a Catholic school falling in love, but Chizuru thought it was more of the repression and less of the preference.

Ayane wasn't just a school girl lesbian, maybe. The rest of the girls in their batch, though, had other ideas. Chizuru had fallen asleep in the toilet when she heard a group of girls come in the washroom, shrieking about seeing some girls from the middle school a few blocks away making out in the park. This isn't your classroom anyway. Chizuru was about to yawn and go back to sleep when the girl drew in a sharp breath and pounded her fist against her palm.

Didn't Yano from the class beside ours come from there? But didn't she graduate from a co-ed school? Maybe she got expelled when she got caught. Have you seen her hands? They look too feminine, she's probably compensating. She wanted to deny the slightest rush of satisfaction of knowing she was right, but she couldn't.

In the back of her mind, she knew Ryu would make this in to a competition of some sort to distract her or even make a game out of it until she figures it out, not to confuse her or be mean as such; but just as a little fun. He knew what made her tick and every last detail about her, he would know exactly what to do in this situation after all he had many a year to study Chizuru and he was patient enough to execute the perfect plot.

Unlocking the door and walking through her living room, Chizuru shouted to her mother to let her know she was home before walking up to her room. She huffed and stomped up the stairs, daydreaming. As she checked the clock it had gone eight, this was technically early for her; she went to slide the door of her room open when her mother called out: If you will spend all the days and nights at theirs the least you can do is return the favour and let them come here once in a while.

Your room is still a mess so you need to clean it too, though I'm sure he won't mind". There was a sly little giggle in her voice and she opened the door to find Ryu sitting on her bed, with a smirk on his face. He looked up with his dark eyes fixed on her, and then darted them towards the messy room which surrounded him with everything from underwear scrawled on the floor to her uniform, laundry and paperwork for school.

She dropped her bag by the door and turned the shade of crimson, picking up an arm-full of clothes and muttering under her breath about her mother.

ryu and chizuru relationship

She had never felt so self-conscious around Ryu and yet here she was, sweating the small stuff. She took her things downstairs and hid away the mess, Ryu was still casually smiling when she returned and closed her door to join him in her room.

Chizuru knew he was playing a game, he was making sure she could establish her feelings and he was doing right by that as she felt her heart beat out of her chest at the thought of him on her bed. He yawned and stretched his arms back, pushing himself down so his head would reach her pillow and so he could lie down and feel at rest. Chizuru watched him with curious eyes as he loosened his school tie and through it on the floor before unbuttoning a few buttons casually on his shirt.

Her mind raced and he could see she was over thinking, this made him happy, he was going to see her like this from now on; curious Chizuru, wide eyed with flushed cheeks and an overactive imagination. He liked the idea of what a new relationship they would have, it didn't scare him he was ready for it.

ryu and chizuru relationship