Sally ride and tam oshaughnessy relationship quiz

Tam O'Shaughnessy, Partner of Astronaut Sally Ride, On 27 Years of Love | Human Rights Campaign

sally ride and tam oshaughnessy relationship quiz

Astronaut Sally Ride, who died last week at 61 of pancreatic cancer, inspired Tam O'Shaughnessy, they disclosed their relationship of 27 years. "Sally never hid her relationship with Tam," her sister, Karen "Bear" Ride, told us in an email. . Can you pass the tools quiz that stumps most U.S. men?. QuizzesVideosAnimalsCelebrityShopping✨ Do Better As the first American woman in space, astronaut Sally Ride lived her life in the public eye. her life with her partner, Tam O'Shaughnessy, for nearly 27 years. . Balancing both a professional and personal relationship proved difficult at times. Back in , when Sally Ride became the first American woman in space as a of 27 years, Tam O'Shaughnessy, a retired San Diego State University psychology While their relationship was no secret to those who knew them, the soft-spoken . Entertainment · Games · Quizzes · Sweepstakes · Travel.

Are you scientifically literate? Ride flew on the seventh space shuttle mission inthe first time a woman was included as a member of the crew. She made a second flight a year later, then served on the blue-ribbon-panel that investigated the Challenger disaster.

Ride left the U. For the past 12 years, her focus had been on Sally Ride Science, a San Diego -based educational agency that develops science camps, projects and publications to promote math, science, engineering and technology. Ride co-founded Sally Ride Science with O'Shaughnessy, a professor of psychology and children's science writer, who serves as the chief operating officer. The two reportedly were childhood friends. Ride was married to fellow astronaut Steve Hawley from to In a statement after her death, Hawley said Ride was a very private person who found herself a public persona.

The Human Rights Campaignthe largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights group in the United Statesposted a tribute to Sally Ride on the front page of its website on Tuesday. Get the Monitor Stories you care about delivered to your inbox. In her obituary on July 23,it was written: Ride is survived by her partner of 27 years, Tam O'Shaughnessy; her mother, Joyce; and her sister, Ms.

sally ride and tam oshaughnessy relationship quiz

Scott, who is known as Bear. Can you tell us about your relationship with Sally Ride? Sally and I had a lot of fun doing the things we did over our 27 years together and actually even before, because we knew each other when we were kids, so we always spent time together and it was actually a big surprise when we got together romantically. In the papers it says that you guys met at the age of Is that an accurate depiction?

We both grew up in Southern California, and we both started playing junior tennis at about the same time, when we were about 10 or And then we both kinda got good enough to start playing the tournaments. All of the great players came to Southern California from around the world, and it was just this great place for tennis.

So, you know, Sally and I met at some time and some place in Southern California, and basically stayed friends the rest of our lives. Billie Jean King was your coach as a junior player. How did that partnership come about? And Billie Jean had not won Wimbledon yet. Anyway, my mom calls her and says, "You wanna play in my little tournament? Maybe you can play with my daughter? I'd love to help you. I met her when I was I think She's one of my best friends. It's kind of a funny thing with tennis, the tennis community back when Sally and I were growing up, it was so close-knit that many of Sally's best friends and most of my best friends kind of came out of tennis.

Do you still play? You know, I really don't. I kind of go out and hit about once a decade for about 10 minutes. And I found it so comforting, it was really interesting.

Sally Ride was gay. Should that matter? -

So I'm actually thinking of joining a tennis club and just hitting. Because it's really a big part of me, and I hadn't realized how much I missed it until Sally died. Sally was the first American female astronaut in space, but she was such a private person. It seems like she didn't really let that accomplishment go to her head. You mean kind of being absorbed by her celebrity? She was able to keep herself a human being, a normal person that everyone could relate to; she was very quiet.

How did that work? But at the same time what Sally loved was a very normal life. She liked doing all that stuff herself. So I think it was just her nature. And one of them was it sort of made us immune to celebrity. Because as kids we were around famous people, like Rod Laver … I don't know if you know these tennis players, but the best tennis players in the world.

What was one of the major life lessons you can recall from that time frame? And then as soon as you lose, they don't really … you're dropped.

It taught us, and it taught Sally, to not take celebrity too strongly.

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  • Sally Ride was gay. Should that matter?

It comes and goes, so make sure that what you care about, what you believe in, and who you are, are solid things. That's a really great lesson. And it makes sense. Now I understand that when you went to the White House to accept Sally Ride's posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom recently, you were there along with Sally's family. Were they always accepting of your relationship?

Sally never verbally, openly told her mother, her father, or her sister, Bear, that she was gay and that we were a couple. So over the almost three decades, I was really part of the Ride family. And her mother is very progressive. Sally easily could have told her a long time ago, and Joyce Ride would not have cared, she would not have blinked.

sally ride and tam oshaughnessy relationship quiz

But it just shows how strong Sally's sense of privacy was, and also I think fear. Her mother actually turned 90 the day before the Medal of Freedom ceremony, so we had a big party at the Willard Hotel that we were all staying in. We had a really good time and, actually, Joyce Ride had made friends with Gloria Steinem at Sally's first launch in and Gloria came to the birthday party.

And we had fun. Well, that's what it's all about. At the end of the day it's all about family. How about your family, then? Were they accepting of your relationship with Sally?

sally ride and tam oshaughnessy relationship quiz

Did they know about it? And the circuit was very close-knit and, of course, some of the women were gay, many others were not. And so I immediately, next time I was home, took my mother out for Mexican dinner and told her I was gay.

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I don't think she really liked it, but she never said anything bad or … we basically never talked about it again. I told them and they were … they wanted to try to understand, and they quickly did, and it was kind of no big deal.

When I told my family it was the mids, but they had already lived through the '60s, so I think that helped.

sally ride and tam oshaughnessy relationship quiz

Let's talk about Sally Ride Science. What was the starting point of the foundation? It actually kind of evolved.