Sho and kyoko relationship help

Skip Beat! Kyoko! Who will she end up with? - 爱着大云★银★13★庚

sho and kyoko relationship help

Ren Tsuruga is in love with Kyoko Mogami while Kyoko shows a little bit Ren realized his feelings for Kyoko with the help of Bo the Chicken. So anyway Sho and Kyoko probably will not be together considering the kiss he gave her and more at ease with each other than Ren and Kyoko who had a more professional relationship. Helping her, saving her and taking care of her. Love Interests Kyoko Mogami Shoko Aki Hatred Ren Tsuruga Sho Fuwa Relationships Gallery Sho Fuwa Relationships Gallery Relationships Love Interests.

sho and kyoko relationship help

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