Sonam and salman relationship advice

Revealed! A surprising similarity between Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor

sonam and salman relationship advice

Salman Khan, who will be next seen with Sonam Kapoor in Sooraj Barjatya's Prem their on-film romance soon blossomed into an off-film relationship. When asked about the style tips that he got from fashionista Sonam on. Sonam Kapoor Has Love Advice for Messy Relationships: Breakup. Sonam will be next seen opposite Salman Khan in Sooraj Barjatya's. In today's spotted gallery you'll see Bollywood stars such as Salman Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Malaika Arora, Anushka Sharma and Varun.

Do you choose these on purpose? A film would not be complete without a family--a father figure, or even a mother. When you do action movies back to back, there are no emotions involved--it's just another fight-scene laden spectacle.

But my film Wanted was heavy on action, yet it had that father's angle.

sonam and salman relationship advice

So did Veer and Bajrangi Bhaijaan; these were films with enough action and emotions to tug at heartstrings Prem Ratan Dhan Payo: Here's what Nawazuddin has to say about Salman's next film Well, when was the first time Salman Khan fell in love? Was it a school-time crush or a film-star infatuation? Such a long time ago, I don't even remember I guess, I've liked many people and for me, 'like' as a word is hundred times more powerful than love.

Love is old; it's just another word for need. It's just like saying you want something. It is really important to like the person, to know the person. Now the big question, who is Salman's dream woman? I don't have any dream woman, I don't think like that. There's one thing though that I think of, and that's my family and friends, and Being Human. So everything in my life revolves around these. Even if I'm out in the night, partying, and in the midst of the usual guy talk cars, bikes, money, fights and things like thatsuddenly my thoughts go back to Being Human.

sonam and salman relationship advice

And, then I become the most boring guy at the party! What is your idea of a soulmate? Do you believe in a perfect soulmate, or are there many soulmates? Sometimes you meet a person, and you instantly know you would not connect. Then there are times, when you meet somebody and you feel like you've known that person for the longest time.

The lucky ones just connect with each other, and the rest of us just keep waiting for that one soulmate, or may be not just one. Some people are unlucky in this regard, but I ask, what's wrong with that?

There's an expiry date to human beings, so I'm sure there's an expiry date to love as well! Is there a girlfriend whom you bond with?

Salman Khan: I don't have a dream woman, I don't think like that

Sari and blouse, Sabyasachi. Maang tika, Anmol Jewellers.

sonam and salman relationship advice

Yes, haven't you heard that ladka ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte a famous line from Maine Pyar Kiya? And with my life right now, if I make a call to anyone after 11 pm, they get stressed! Are you afraid of any woman?

Sonam Kapoor's Advice for Messy Relationships - Times Of Oman

I am afraid that they have so much faith in me and I'm afraid to let them down, of the respect they have for me. I'm afraid of failing them. Are you romantic by nature? Perhaps, I am the most difficult person to be with, I think it's a proven fact now. Those things like pulling chairs, opening doors, walking together hand-in-hand, candle light dinners, chocolates, and flowers, oh, is that the idea of romance today?

My idea is not trying to be somebody else.

sonam and salman relationship advice

Right from the beginning of your relationship, you should try to be what you are going to be four years down the line. I can't have that candle light dinner, I can't even see the food, and it's boring! Even after all these years. Do you know what ex-lovers Salman and Aishwarya had to say about working with each other?

They are brilliant, and I am nowhere close to being as beautiful as Aishwarya or as talented as Madhuri. So, I don't think the comparisons are fair. But having said that, I am also Anil Kapoor's daughter. And not much grows under the Banyan tree, I know that. So, I am used to comparisons, ever since I started my career. The pressure doesn't bog me down, it just makes me work harder," replied Sonam. While Sonam took the question in her stride and made her point clear, Salman immediately jumped to her rescue and called her even more beautiful than his ex-flame Aishwarya.

I think more, actually. When asked about the style tips that he got from fashionista Sonam on the sets of the film, Salman said, "I was impressed by her beauty. Kapdo pe toh dhyaan hi nahi jaata tha, bas face pe hi rehta tha. Salman, who has worked with Anil Kapoor in numerous films, found it difficult to get close to Sonam during the shooting of the film.