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spain and germany relationship

Scientific Relationship between Germany and Spain: Science, Technological Transfer, and International Policy in the Twentieth Century. Department I. Germany has an embassy in Madrid and consulates-general in Barcelona and Seville. Spain has an embassy in Berlin and consulates-general in Düsseldorf. Pages in category "Germany–Spain relations". The following 8 pages are in this category, out of 8 total. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more).

Through cultural events, language courses and through library and information work they contribute to the spreading of a multi-layered and current picture of Germany.

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The German Archeology Institute is represented by a branch in Madrid, which is in charge of Spain, Portugal and North Africa and for years has been funding scientific collaboration in the regions. There are formal cooperation agreements between university-level institutions. A large number of conjoined research projects by German and Spanish institutions also underline the intensive cooperation between the countries.

A large support herby comes from the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung with a large network of former scholarship alumni. The German academic exchange service has also since November operated a new information center in Madrid with nine lecturers from Spanish universities on location.

Apart from these there are also two language assistive schools in San Sebastian and Seville as well as German vocational schools in Madrid and Barcelona. With more than pupils including kindergartens these contribute to the constant intercultural encounters. A generation has passed since German reunification, in ; and Spain joined the European club in Anyone who visits Leipzigwith its beautifully restored facades and the amazing modern architecture of its university, will struggle to spot traces of the bleakness and poverty that once characterised eastern Europe.

spain and germany relationship

I have spent many summers in the Pyrenees, regularly crossing into Spain from France. And over the years I have seen roads improved, hotels built, and prosperity spread — a region shedding the drabness left by the Franco years. The Barcelona Olympics celebrated that success.

spain and germany relationship

The European project is built on the idea that economic ties and social improvement bring people together and help them overcome the traumas of history. In recent years, much has been said about how nationalism, populism and anti-establishment sentiment are a response to globalisation and inequality. Less has been said about a more specifically European ingredient: Britain and the United States never experienced life under fascism, or behind a version of the iron curtain.

Although the latter issue is now less contested, the other two could easily see new controversies. Even with the previous government and despite successive increases in defence spending, the percentage calculation for this year is no higher than 0.

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Trade is another key issue. In this policy area, Spanish interests will likely tend towards an alignment with the rest of the countries of the EU, given that the US has imposed tariffs on a wide range of European products. It is very possible that the need for US support for Spain on issues as complex as the Catalan independence process have contributed to this new perception of Spanish public opinion. Given the important interests at stake in the Spain-US bilateral relationship, one of the most important objectives is to maintain stability, regardless of who temporarily occupies the presidency.

In this respect, in the wake of his recent US visit, the King can play a decisive role. It is well known that for decades the US has cultivated a relationship with the King of Spain, perceiving him as a key to the stability and continuity of the bilateral relationship.

In complex political circumstances like those today and given the transatlantic political realities of the moment, along with the uncertainty generated by the recent domestic political changes in Spain, the King could play a key diplomatic role in guaranteeing a certain level of stability in the bilateral ties with the US. Cultural ties have an important position in the bilateral relationship and served as an additional motive for the trip.

The celebrations will publicise the knowledge of Spanish links with states like Louisiana. The US trip also occurred at a moment of controversy over migration issues —as the two countries have generally opposing positions— but particularly at the European level, where a tightening of EU migration policy is expected at the next European Council on June.

Spain and Germany

But the objective is not very realistic; in any case, it should be subordinated to other more important objectives for the national interest, in line with how other EU countries like Germany, France and Italy manage the issue within their bilateral relationships with the US, which is what the current US Administration would prefer.

A different question is whether common points can be found on issues of mutual interest ie, a solution to the Venezuelan crisis in which Spain could play a leading role. Conclusions The Spain-US bilateral relationship has traditionally been the controversial source of much dissent and debate. The visit of the Spanish Royals to the US came at a particularly complex moment across several crucial debates unfolding on both sides of the Atlantic over migration, trade and defence policies.

Despite everything as mentioned abovethe lack of hostility towards Spain on the part of the US President reduces the most pernicious effects of such dynamics. The new Spanish government should avoid committing the mistakes of the past; nor should it place the Spain-US relationship up for a new debate. Therefore, a policy of continuity should be applied to the bilateral relationship.

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One important factor to keep in mind is the need to dissociate the bilateral relationship from the individual temporarily occupying the US presidency.