Sportacus and stephanie relationship test

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sportacus and stephanie relationship test

When Sportacus and Stephanie dance together, it is always a partner dance, the two characters illustrates a healthy child-adult relationship. Wiping her eyes is the only reaction Stephanie can muster when she focuses . I had wanted to give it to Sportacus, but he had different interests and well .. This is why I tried to make it perfectly clear that this was only a test of talk regarding relationships between them and their human neighbors. including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn.

Stephanie is her bedroom writing in her diary. Stephanie heard something outside. Stephanie goes to the window and looked out.

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Sportacus is doing his morning routine. Stephanie started to watch Sportacus. All of a sudden there's a knock on Stephanie's bedroom door. Stephanie jumped a little than walked over to her door and opened it to find her uncle standing on the other side.

Stephanie followed her uncle downstairs to find her mother Susanna sitting on the couch in the living room. Stephanie ran back upstairs and got dressed for the day. Stephanie sighed than ran outside where Sportacus. Sportacus smiled a little than followed Stephanie to her house and inside. Susanna looked at Sportacus than at Stephanie. Susanna got to her feet and shook Sportacus's hand. Sportacus started to beep and sighed.

Sportacus goes to leave but Stephanie stopped him and hugged him. Stephanie nodded her head and blushed. Sportacus ran off to save Ziggy. Susanna took Stephanie's hand and lead her out of earshot of her uncle. Stephanie ran out of the house.

sportacus and stephanie relationship test

Sportacus saw Stephanie running. Stephanie looked into his eyes and saw nothing but concern. He scooped her up and carefully got out of their holding cell. Robbie heard the commotion and ran over to see what was going on. Upon Sportacus carrying Stephanie, Robbie made a break for it. Tripping over himself, Robbie landed hard on the ground. Sportacus gave him a look and mouthed the words; I'll be back for you later.

Sportacus asked Stephanie how she was doing and she replied that her side was killing her. He got them out of Robbie's lair and quickly headed to Dr. It was now nine-thirty and the doctor was surprised to hear someone pounding on his door. When he saw Sportacus holding Stephanie he ushered them into his office immediately. Sportacus set Stephanie down carefully on the exam table. Stephanie pointed to her side and the doctor looked at it. A large purple bruise was forming and Dr.

Feels Good felt around for any broken ribs. Stephanie was trying to be brave but she was in a lot of pain. Sportacus held her and she squeezed it hard. Surprised by her grip, Sportacus winced. Satisfied that she hadn't broken any ribs the doctor feared that maybe she bruised one of her internal organs. He asked to see Sportacus outside for a minute.

But I can't test for that here. Stephanie needs to be taken to FunTown's hospital. Sportacus didn't say a word but ran back to Stephanie. I truly have no excuse for this. I work as a nanny and my toddler is obsessed with LazyTown. She watches it two or three times a day; everyday. It's sort of taken over my brain so fanfic was bound to happen I own nothing and make no profit from this story.

She was twirling in front of her bedroom mirror, a cloud of pink gauze and silk whirling around her. Tonight's a very special night, and you have to look your best just in case.

sportacus and stephanie relationship test

I'll have plenty more birthdays before that happens. As much as I want you to find your true love, I'm not sure I'm ready to lose my little girl just yet. Now, how does this work? Surely there must be someone special to you? You are a teenager now, and it's perfectly normal to - " "Mom!

There is someone I have a crush on, but that's all it is - a crush. He'll never feel that way about me, and besides, he's way too old for me.