Tamsin and bo relationship poems

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tamsin and bo relationship poems

The relationship between Bo and Kenzi, whom Bo rescues in the first the Lost Girl Bo and Kenzi relationship is my own little love poem to all the the cast of characters and fans of a pairing between Bo/Tamsin named it. Tamsin/Bo a manifestation of Bo's subconscious sexual thoughts (as much of All that said, making out is not a relationship, and let them gather their . light, yet both,” ring like an old Greco-Roman poem issued by Oracles. It follows the life of a bisexual succubus named Bo, played by Anna Silk, as she .. Dyson: Look, I've been through more relationships than you, and I know that lying I think Tamsin's trying to hurt her-: Hale: Forget about Bo for a second.

But there was another, simpler and more personal reason: I think friendship is the fifth element.

So, hidden in amongst all the romance and cleavage and threesomes, the Lost Girl Bo and Kenzi relationship is my own little love poem to all the BFFs out there who do it right.

In the fifth season, Bo told Lauren that she wanted them to be together again and Lauren accepted. Fandom The fandom has grown since the first season after Lost Girl quickly gathered a lot of buzz among Livejournal and Dreamwidth users, and size enough to be a Yuletide fandom in The show is popular for its female lead, and the strong focus on female relationships.

There are a lot of fans focused on discussion or meta and squee about watching and may not be focused on writing or reading fanfic. Shipping The canon romantic relationship between Bo and Lauren helped to ensure an active femslash presence in the fandom.

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It caught on with fans of the couple and became the term used by fandom. Team Dyson and Team Lauren. The "team" idea comes from episode" Dead Lucky ", where in the early part of the episode Kenzi declares herself off Team Dyson, and then later reconsiders it which is a canon shout-out to Twilight fandom practice with Team Edward and Team Jacob.

You made me look like a total tool. What is this scene doing within the framework of the show? Showing us how hard Bo is throwing herself at Lauren, and then Lauren and Dyson.

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How is it shot? Last and not least is communication with and feelings of the actors. I can tell you how it vibed to me, which should partly land under point the first, up there.

tamsin and bo relationship poems

I can tell you I think Silk has good body confidence and presentation, — as well she should, damn, woman. Table for Fae was objectifying a character in the show, essentially presenting her as a sexual object with no recourse, and never refuting that within the scene, either by that character or anyone else.

tamsin and bo relationship poems

Truth be told, all this rambling may be me putting off actually starting the review. I mean, ten minutes in, a full quarter of the way through, all I had in my notes was the following: At that point I simply gave up and grabbed on for dear life.

tamsin and bo relationship poems

I may want a return to more serialized fae-crime-fighting of S1 and 2, with some of the fae becoming pieces of the overall puzzle that is overthrowing the two-party system with occasional stand-alone trope setpieces. In fact, the Groundhog Day trope is my least favorite episode stunt ever.

tamsin and bo relationship poems

The show assuaged my fears slightly when Bo figured it out only the second time around, and then straight-up calls it Groundhog Day. Then Tamsin grabs a random rash-y passerby to demonstrate exactly how absurd it is when people try explaining the loop to those extras stuck inside it, and I let my hopes get up, and thankfully they were rewarded. Through all this, it uses the Groundhog trope to allow everyone to exorcise their demons, express fears and feelings, and indulge all of their instincts.

And I do mean all. Arm wrestling, beer swilling, making out, heck, give it another half hour and Bo would have tried some hallucinatory sweat and Tamsin may have tried more than just the one fae boy. All that said, making out is not a relationship, and let them gather their rosebuds and all that.

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Rosebuds and beer bongs and smooches, oh my. When the cuts came fast and thick of them doing exactly what the two of them would in a world with no consequences, I started to feel like this episode is all about that: Speaking of, the wooden latched object is sometimes referred to as a box, and sometimes as a package, and that is certainly intentional.

tamsin and bo relationship poems

After a couple failed attempts there, Bo and Tamsin interrupt Hale and Kenzi trying to get their groove on for the upteenth time. Oh yes, a conscience. Bo comes to the realization the audience came to when we got a close-up shot of the gas station gumdrops — also especially because they were just out in the open at a gas station, ew — and goes back to the source, where she falls through a car-trunk-portal-to-a-neon-lit gumdrop factory.