Thandie newton and tom cruise relationship

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thandie newton and tom cruise relationship

Thandie Newton got all hot and bothered when kissing Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 2 () - because she found it such hard work. Help us build our profile of Tom Cruise and Thandie Newton! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your . Melanie Thandiwe "Thandie" Newton, OBE is an English actress, who has appeared in British Newton played a faithful house slave "Yvette" in the Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise film Newton then starred as Nyah Hall, again opposite Cruise, in Mission: Newton married English writer, director, and producer Ol Parker in

For all this, we are far from the realm of airy-fairy or glitzy or smug. Newton will tell you about Nicole Kidman, sure 'always lovely'or the 'modesty cup' worn by Tom Cruise in the sex scenes in Mission: Impossible II 'last time I mentioned this his "people" rang up to complain'but she would much rather talk about the importance of emotional intelligence in relationships, or the sexual violation of women in the Congo. She is fond of 'hello? She is a woman impassioned, aware of the importance of tackling the issues of identity and pain head on.

It has been a good session: One of the difficulties in her life is being turned down for roles for being too good-looking. I was, like, "Why the f — has he chosen me? When I am out and about I do feel watched.

thandie newton and tom cruise relationship

It's become second nature. The only time I get to be private is in my work. That is when I liberate the ego. Here she discussed her own feelings of anxiety and shame and the experiences that taught her to stop valuing self-worth above all other worth.

Also I am politically astute, active as I can be, a bit of an academic when it comes to psychology. It was so up my alley. I built the shops on that alley. She was born in London to an English father, a lab technician, and a Zimbabwean mother, a nurse, and except for three years in Zambia spent most of her childhood in Cornwall, living above an antiques shop with her parents and younger brother, Jamie now a television producer. Penzance in the s was not the best place to feel different and she struggled with insecurity.

A talent for dance and a scholarship to the Arts Educational School in Tring in Hertfordshire provided something of an escape, but she became bulimic — 'of course I did' — and success as an actor had its own pitfalls: She expounds on those who 'prey on other people's innocence and naivety', on the trusting nature of her parents — 'why would you look over your shoulder at things like that? Am I so shallow, so lacking in substance, that I feel more myself when pretending to be somebody else?

You know' — she shrugs — 'most people's lives are a struggle.

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This is just my recipe. You have a choice with your experiences, even if they have been negative and difficult, and one thing you can do is turn pain to power.

thandie newton and tom cruise relationship

While beauty is a given, what you don't expect is the uncensored river of provocative commentary, delivered with the bemused arch of one thin eyebrow just the left one while her delicate hands conduct an air ballet. Everybody cares so much; they care about your hair, about your clothes," she says, raising that eyebrow to indicate they don't really care at all.

Tom CruiseNewton returned home to Britain to study social anthropology at Cambridge and then went on to do small art-house films with directors like James Ivory Jefferson in Paris and Bernardo Bertolucci Besieged.

Now, at 27, she's back in Hollywood, with a meaty role opposite the movies' biggest box-office star in this season's surefire action thriller. Make that romantic thriller, because from the minute Newton and Cruise lock eyes across a floor of flamenco dancers in M: Gone are the impossible-to-follow plot twists of the first Mission: This is a simple story of a guy, a girl, the bad guys and a plot to wipe out humanity while making a killing in biotech stock.

Everything is gloriously choreographed in Woo's trademark fast-action, slo-mo moves, including a motorcycle joust, a car tango and a heart-stopping Cruise duet with a mountain. He did most of his own stunts. And Newton did, well, some of hers. This last is a reference to her history of landing roles as slaves: Reared in Cornwall in southwestern England, far from the racism experienced in the Bronx or Brixton, she admits she was caught off guard by criticism from the American press, particularly for the vixenish slave mistress Sally Hemings opposite Nick Nolte's Jefferson.

I was from England, and I don't know anything about slavery. I didn't realize I was doing this terrible thing," she says, clearly still not convinced she did anything wrong. She concedes, however, that she did get into a slave-casting rut.

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At one low point, she was offered a script called Hottentot Venus, about African tribal women with enormous bottoms who are spirited away to Europe to perform in freak shows. As if my bottom was that huge! The daughter of a British father, an artist, and Zimbabwean mother, a health-care worker, Newton has always suffered from a sort of double racism. Some people, she says, can't get past the idea of a black woman with a posh British accent.

Really high-powered people who make really, really, really dodgy suggestions about what it is to be black. Honestly, it would leave your mouth open. It's stupid, stupid, stupid! Newton's character is just a beautiful woman in a short skirt straddling Tom Cruise in a bathtub. I said, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah.

thandie newton and tom cruise relationship

The girl's going to be screaming while the men are showing off their muscles. They sleep with a woman, and next day, bye-bye," says Woo. At the urging of his wife, he had been looking for a role for her old friend. By the time Newton got to Australia to start filming early last year, she found herself with a lot more than a sexy little cameo. The size of the role made her so nervous that she tried to break the ice by telling an off-color story about "bums and farts.