Toshiro and momo relationship memes

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toshiro and momo relationship memes

Toshiro x Momo Bleach Manga, Bleach Art, Shiro, Anime Couples, Anime Chibi. Visit . Toshiro Hitsugaya Bleach Bleach Quotes, Shinigami, Kenpachi Zaraki. incorrect-bleach-quotes Momo and Toshiro This is one of the strongest relationships in this list and will stay one of my favorites for years to come,. 6. Shizuo. Image result for Toshiro and Momo Relationship Bleach Art, Anime Couples, Otp, .. Bleach Hollow Ichigo Background Pictures Free Bleach Meme, Bleach.

While locked up in her room, which is actually a tower, she begins to invent a machine that is supposed to transport you from one place to another, however, due to a mishap, the machine accidentally transports her to Namimori, in the present day. A strange encounter by neenofhyrule reviews Gokudera was minding his own business after a long day at school, when suddenly someone familiar bumps into him.

He doesn't want to lose Haru-nee to Gokudera. So he will do everything in his power to stop them from becoming a couple. When he says something he instantly regrets, he suddenly finds Kate distancing herself from him. Can he make up with Kate while trying to stop Team Dim Sum and figuring out what he is feeling for one of his best friends?

But what Haru never understands is why when she needs a sounding board, she always seemed to call him up. Haru is there to take care of him, and to be there for him when he's lonely. But when she starts talking, she never stops.

what is the relationship between hinamori and hitsugaya?

Tsuna x Kyoko,and other pairings Katekyo Hitman Reborn! What steamy adventure occur? Gokudera - Complete Not what's it looks like! Pity he forgot about hormones and stuffs. Five reasons why there were here, together in one place. This is the ultimate test for each other's feelings. Rated for swearing and weirdness and fluffness galore. T - English - Romance - Chapters: Read and then leave a review plz As their relationship progresses they experience many emotions: Jealousy, anger, happiness, sadness, and above all- Love.

Not as cheesy as summary seems. Hitsugaya - Complete From Enemies to Phone Pals to Lovers by kimikissu07 reviews After five years, from enemies, they become phone pals and friends. Their relationship is revolving. It had taken years for her to reach a point with Gokudera where they could even be called friends, but it had happened, slowly and surely.

Gokudera - Complete Toushiro x Momo by juuban reviews Momo just moved up, and she sit next to Toushiro. How's that going to be? Just read if you like. A slight of IchiRuki. In reality, Kubo simply wasn't in proper health to continue the grind of producing a weekly manga chapter and needed an extended break.

There's a page for that. Never Live It Down: You get kidnapped once, this happens only via a terrible Sadistic Choice that you truly can't refuse and suddenly, you're the Princess Peach of anime. It probably didn't help how similar the arc's setup was to the Soul Society arc, nor did the constant cries of "Kurosaki-kun!

Any scene involving Nnoitra and Orihime.

toshiro and momo relationship memes

It's quite clear what he wants to do. Ulquiorra even calls him on it. In the transition from manga to anime, some of the subtext was toned down; for instance, where the manga has Nnoitra shoves his fingers down Orihime's mouth and throat actually enacting a popular kink in Japanese porn during Ichigo's fight with Tesla, in the anime he covers her mouth with his hand.

The reveal that Shunsui and Nanao are uncle and niece, with Nanao being the daughter of his older brother. Cue many fans abandoning ship. One of the largest, strongest and craziest in the history of Shonen manga serialization. The generous amount of Action Girls and Clothing Damage the male characters suffer are major reasons why Bleach has quite a large female fanbase. In addition, there are several traits on this series that appease to the Shoujo fans: Go to the character section below for the specifics: Tousen, the Modsouls, Riruchiyo and Nozomi.

While the manga was still ongoing, by the time the anime reached the Fullbringer arc, it became more and more obvious that the animators and voice actors were putting less and less effort into it, ultimately culminating in the anime being unceremoniously swept aside to make room for a Naruto spin-off. The latter two are often sick of these endless ship wars breaking out all over the fandom, and more often than not, use Anti Goggles in an attempt to stop the debate by 'proving' that there will not be any canon pairings whatsoever.

While the entry elaborates more on just how bleh it gets at its absolute worst, we'll give you a bit of a preview. The three most prevalent characters in the ship wars are Ichigo, Rukia and Orihime. Rabid fans of both Ichiruki and Ichihime are notorious for clawing out each others' throats on a daily basis, while those that support Ulquihime end up primarily going against Ichihime.

On the more benign side, fans of one pairing generally support another pairing that makes a b-line for theirs.

Those that ship Ichigo with Orihime tend to like Rukia, so they usually pair her up with Renji which makes sense considering their backstory. Those that prefer Ichigo with Rukia are often more than happy to give Orihime off to Ulquiorra or Ishida or sometimes Tatsuki or Rirukawhile allowing Renji to go with Tatsuki. Even when they've never met. In general, any time a character reveals a new form of their Zanpakuto, you can expect a one-to-two page spread of them with their new blade.

Ichigo saving Rukia from execution by casually holding back the Soukyoku, which had turned into a firebird equivalent to a million Zanpakuto. Bleach still has a fanbase, and enough people follow it that it can be considered popular. But the series has a bad reputation among the general anime community, and most casual discussions about it tend to be about the Arc Fatigue and Ass Pulls instead of the elements of the series that are done right.

Generally, it's considered a series that, to put it politely, didn't live up to its potential.

Hiyori and Hitsugaya (Funny)

Strawman Has a Point: Tosen believed that Soul Reapers were inherently corrupt, and did not fight for justice, but their own ends. Tosen eventually ended up betraying his own goalsbut everything he said about them was not only right, but nothing in the story suggests that Soul Society has changed.

For instance, Tosen resented the fact that his friend was murdered by her own husband and was not punished by the justice system for the crime because both were Soul Reapers. And while some prior injustices such as Rukia's sentencing and the banishment of the Visoreds were overcome, these were the actions of General Yamamoto, who Took a Level in Kindness by the end and used his emergency executive power to accomplish them.

It's only after the deaths of Yamamoto and Yhwach that Soul Society begins the slow process of radical change, including disbanding the Central 46 and Hisagi beginning an investigation to obtain proper justice for Tosen's dead friend. Nothing is said about someone like Mayuri, however, who committed horrible deeds even well beyond what were considered Necessarily Evil.

We're told that he was placed on trial for his actions before, but got off either because there were bigger problems at the time or because the Central 46 officially sanctioned them.

After the crises are over and the Central 46 is disbanded, however, there is no indication of comeuppance for him. They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Orihime and Chad in the Fullbringer arc. Both were focused on training themselves to cover for Ichigo, who lost his powers after his final fight with Aizen.

While they show a bit of improvement from before the Time Skipthey mostly end up reduced to pawns for Tsukishima's Book of the End to psychologically torment Ichigo, and get knocked out for the rest of the arc once the Shinigami and with them, Ichigo's powers are reintroduced to handle Xcution.

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The first Kenpachi, the original Yachiru, and the worst criminal of the Soul Society, is perfectly willing to die so she could power up Zaraki. Additionally, her backstory remains undeveloped. We're not told how she got from being the worst criminal in Soul Society to the motherly healer seen throughout the series and it's not explored which, if either, should be considered the "real" personality.

Further, many fans feel that Zaraki's improved abilities are more of a Power Up Letdownsince he's supposed to be so strong that nothing can stop him, and yet he keeps being taken out either by enemies even his zanpakutou spirit says he should be capable of beating alone or by his own powers backfiring, and the only thing he really ends up accomplishing post-empowering is being so powerful so as to essentially scare a Reality Warper Sternritter into killing himself with his own powers.

Considering the fact that the arc was focused on the Quincies, and he was the only truly established Quincy before it began, it would make a lot of sense for Uryu's character to be heavily spotlighted and his backstory examined, especially when it's revealed that he has joined the Vandenreich. Instead Uryu appeared very sporadically throughout the arc with only a little focus on his character when necessary. Worse The Reveal that he was The Mole within the Vandenreich already in itself a Captain Obvious Reveal comes off as poorly thought-out on his part, since he doesn't really accomplish anything in this role and mostly just served as a Conflict Ball.

Uryu doesn't even have a proper fight during the arc getting mostly Curb Stomped off-screen by Jugram before the latter gets absorbed by Yhwach and then only getting to fire a single arrow at said villain to end the final fight. The Visoreds during the final arc. The three returning captains, Shinji, Rose and Kensei are beaten around in each fight they show up in the later two outright die, then are briefly zombified, and despite being cured by Mayuri, they don't appear until the epilogueand they glaringly never even attempt to use their Hollow masks, which would not only augument their powers but could give them an advantage against the Quincies, who are revealed to be susceptible to the essence of Hollows.

The other Visoreds sparsely appear, with their most notable appearance being an utterly incosequential team attack on the enlarged Gerard though at least they tried using their masks. They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: A common feeling towards the series. It's a unique concept with quirky characters, but flawed by long arcs, repetitive writing, too many characters and typical Shonen cliches. The moral ambiguity of the Soul Society and crappy conditions of the afterlife have often been shown but most characters don't really address it, making fans wonder why Kubo made a point of it if he was writing a straight action series.

Kubo did announce that he would address all of the dangling plot threads of the Myth Arc in the final arc, but it was ultimately Cut Short for the sake of Kubo's health, resulting in a very rushed climax that failed to bring real closure. American culture has a relatively strong taboo and in some areas, relatively strong LAWS against first cousin marriage, while in Japan cousin marriage is fully legal and perceived more as quaint and odd than Squicky. Some American fans' reaction to the arranged engagement between first cousins Masaki and Ryuuken which is presented as a casual aside brought the dissonance to the front.

Japanese culture tends to view child abuse as a private problem that should be dealt with inside the family first and foremost, while Western attitudes are much more interventionist. From a Western perspective, Chad and Orihime both living without guardians by age 15—Orihime has been living alone since middle school, specifically because of parental abuse, and having limited economic support from her only living relative instead of living with her—can be difficult to suspend disbelief for.

Reality Is Unrealisticin many Western countries, even America, there are many officially and de facto independent minors in situations ranging from parental abandonment to walking out themselves to separation agreements that provide support but not control.

Kubo really really likes the Japanese Spirit trope, and as a result, many characters especially Ichigo have the tendency to power themselves up through sheer force of will. While it makes sense from a Japanese perspective, in Western eyes it often looks like the characters are pulling new abilities out of their behinds.

Later chapters reveal that Mayuri views Nemu as his scientific Magnum Opusand thus he holds a lot of pride in her growth and is unwilling to see her killed even to save his own life.

This is treated in-universe as a sweet sentiment on Mayuri's part, and the closest he can ever come to Petting the Dog. In Japanese culture "amaeru" is referred to as a type of love that one feels towards a societal inferior such as a child or subordinate by which you are compelled to treat them well for selfish reasons.

The chapter in question was thus demonstrating that since Mayuri has invested so much of his effort and pride in developing Nemu, he feels "love" amaeru towards her. Nemu's thoughts on the matter sum this up for the audience. What Measure Is a Non-Badass? Depending on which portion of the fanbase you talk to, Orihime is either this, an example of Underestimating Badassery or badass for non-fighting reasons.

Most of the good guys at some point achieve Woobie status, but the ones that stand out are, not surprisingly, the nominal cuties: This culminates with her breakdown when Ulquiorra almost kills Ichigo in front of her. After so much, the girl needs a hug. If Aizen's betrayal and stabbing her wasn't bad enough, everyone assaulting her because of Aizen's illusions in the Fake Karakura arc squarely makes her a woobie.

The replacement of " Shinigami " with "Soul Reaper" in the English releases, something that the Japanese studio actually agreed with. The Spanish occasionally gets partially cleaned up as well. Another change in the Spanish: Is it because he truly cares about his friends' safety, or has his trauma from his mother's death fueled his need to save people comes from his own perceived inability to save his mom? The story itself argues that they're both the same thing his desire to save those precious to him motivates him to get strongerbut fans have debated this point.

The villain's big reveal of the Lost Agent Arc is supposed to break Ichigo with the shocking truth. Instead, Ichigo passively dismisses the villain's speech as nothing more than a scare-tactic because he's already figured out and accepted the truth for himself. Unlike Ginjou, he realised Soul Society surveilling a substitute soul reaper was common sense and that Ukitake had worded his description of the Substitute Badge's purpose to deliberately ensure Ichigo could figure out the truth for himself.

Has it's own page Rukia Kuchiki Broken Base: Depending on who you ask, this is either a long overdue development that treats Rukia with the importance that she deserves, or it's the final nail in the coffin of the idea that bankai is anything more than a generic power-up, when it had previously been treated as something that only the most exceptional Shinigami obtain.

Orihime Inoue Alternative Character Interpretation: Her crush on Ichigo, prior to the Lost Agent arc. Was it innocent and sincere, borderline obsession, or her way to actualy strengthen herself? After she gets over the Hueco Mundo debacle, she shows more affection towards Ichigo than normal; is it because she's more open about her feelings, is it because she's back to being her Genki Girl self and is naturally more enthusiasticor is it because she's more comfortable about showing it since he's still clueless?

While the audience knows better, Riruka is weirded out about how casually Orihime mentions that her parents were horrible people to the extent that her brother ran away with her to save her life before dying himself a few years before the story began.

toshiro and momo relationship memes

This leaves her all alone apart from a distant aunt who pays for her education. What's she doing at the time? One of the most polarizing characters in the series. Supporters view Orihime as an endearing and adorable Love Interestand like her supportive role both emotionally and physically. Common criticism against her includes her minimal fighting ability and general aversion to fighting feeling out of place in a battle shounen, and her Reality Warper powers not being utilized to their fullest extent such as her initial vow to do something about the Hougyoku that goes nowhere.

Her characterization during the Hueco Mundo arc is especially controversial; some argue that her gradual mental breakdown is a perfectly realistic response to being held in captivity while her friends risk their lives to save her, while others were frustrated by her Neutral Female role in a Recycled Script of Rukia's kidnapping arc, and came to view her worrying over Ichigo as a Most Annoying Sound.

For the record, Chad - who trained with Orihime - now has a Walking Shirtless Sceneyet nobody is complaining about that quite as much. Chapter tells us it was Urahara who suggested she wear it because "it would make Ichigo very happy", but that breaks other bases as well because some fans do not like how Orihime had wanted to wear an outfit to make Ichigo happy.

During the Fake Karakura Town arc Ulqiorra implies that Aizen has done something to significantly alter her. This is never mentioned again. As well, when she's captured by Aizen, she vows to use her powers to return the Hogyoku to a state of non-existence.

This never comes up again. Most characters in the story that have suffered from break-downs and moments of giving up entirely tend to receive sympathy, justifications and forgiveness by the majority of the fandom, who regard it as good character development in a story about constantly warring spiritual factions. Orihime is a pacifistic healer with shielding powerswho is singled out both in-universe and out as being unsuited for battle, leading to a kidnapping that split the fandom due to abuse of different kinds being heaped upon her without respite until it reaches breaking point.

Part of the fandom believed this to be the natural outcome of her type of powers and personality, given that even talented fighters were struggling to succeed. Part of the fandom believed this made her irredeemable for not transforming into a warrior character to fight back in a successful way. The debate became high profile enough to reach the creator's ears, whereupon he stepped in to explain that Orihime's experience is a natural human reaction to the level of abuse and stress she had suffered.

The fandom uses the author's statement on both sides of the debate.

Momo Hinamori

She already suffered from a broken family. Aizen specifically intended to weaken her resolve when he captured her, and two of his Espada make her watch as the man she loves is nearly killed. Tite Kubo stated the arc was "Sado's Arc" but the fandom was split by Chad's coverage. While some fans were satisfied to see the nature of his power explored and explained, some fans were unsatisfied by his lack focus despite it being his arc.

He was perceived as still generic and with a role that was much smaller than other character had in their arcs. Although the Fullbring reveal explained that Fullbringers arise from mothers who are attacked by Hollows, Chad's back story was not explored, leaving him less developed as a character than the rest of Ichigo's group. His battle record is a common target of mockery, only displaying a decent performance against relative nobodies before getting trounced the moment he comes across a more credible threat Soul Society and Hueco Mundo both had him smacked down shortly after managing a victory.

Coupled with his minuscule plot relevance despite being one of the main characters, he's often ridiculed as irrelevant. Out of all of Ichigo's nakama Sado probably suffered from this the most. Initially he was setup as a strong ally to Ichigo, with his backstory and devotion to Ichigo endearing many in the fanbase to him.

toshiro and momo relationship memes

However, as the series progressed Sado was often used to establish the threat level of antagonists with many of his victories being immediately undercut by crushing defeats. Despite attempts to avert this with Sado being made Kubo never really seemed to follow through. All the training he underwent ending up as a bad case of Hard Work Hardly Works and his character arc unintentionally being cut short every time.

Perhaps the biggest example of this trope in relation to Sado is the Lost Agent arc. The arc explores Fullbring Sado's power type and has him join the Xcution group to help Ichigo regain his Shinigami powers, yet Sado is barely part of the training process, establishes no relationships with the other Xcution members, does not learn anything from his time with the Fullbringers. Ultimately he was used as a pawn against Ichigo by the villains and not even allowed to join the final battle against the Fullbringers.

While a lot of his decisions afterwards were more reasonable sending Ichigo backup in Hueco Mundo, trying to get him out of the way of his suicide attack, restoring his powers and not killing Ishida just for being a Quincya lot of fans probably aren't going to forget about him sentencing Rukia as a traitor. Is she cruelly playing fast and loose with Sui-Feng's obvious feelings and leading her on for her own sense of fun, is she aware and simply does not wish to return the feelings but also does not want to burden Sui-Feng with rejection, or does she love her but is merely torn between different obligations which cause her to feel she must keep Sui-Feng at arm's length?

She makes quite an impression, being badass, intelligent and funny. Despite all that, her appearances after the Soul Society arc are very sporadic. She's given very little independence as a character, with her main role in the story relegated to being Urahara's lackey.