Triss and geralt relationship quotes

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triss and geralt relationship quotes

With Triss i'm not sure if the Geralt would like this life, i mean living in a big city, Quote Originally Posted by Witchblade77 View Post. Yennefer. stated that Yenn and Geralt had a rocky relationship where they'd break up. Triss is really nice, kind, cares for Geralt and their relationship, she tries to pretend that she . Also gonna quote myself from another thread. Geralt and Ciri on their way to meet the "resurected Whoreson junior" help but notice the tension between you and Yennefer and Triss.

How reading the books reshaped my choices in Witcher 3

Fortunately, I saw on Youtube in advance what that attempt would lead to! Technically, by picking Triss you're also swapping gloves since Geralt had been together with Yennefer before Witcher 1. Originally Posted by Aeula First playthrough?

Yenn, didn't like the ending though. Tried Triss and still wasn't happy.

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My next playthrough I'll have Geralt go with both And thus end up with neither. Somehow Geralt being a loner or focusing on training Ciri seems to fit best. After reading some of the books both Triss and Yen seem as manipulative as the rest of the lodge. So it's probably for the best. Pity Shani wasn't a permanent option.

triss and geralt relationship quotes

Much later, as you say, Triss also played along with the Lodge's plans to snatch Ciri to have her marry a prince from Kovir. In the first game, again as you say, Triss takes advantage of Geralt's amnesia to finally have her relationship with him and this goes on up until the end of The Witcher 2.

Geralt then recovers his memory, remembers about Yennefer and leaves Triss to search for her. I'd also like to add that the Djinn grants Geralt a wish for rescuing him, I believe and plans to kill Yen for trying to harness his power.

The only way for Geralt to save Yen is to wish for their fates to be linked.

triss and geralt relationship quotes

That is why Geralt and Yen are always end up together. They don't have a choice. Yeah, this much is mentioned in one of the in-game books. I'm glad you are forced to make "the cannon choice" of pursuing Yennifer. In real life, I would never waste time pursuing a woman that has no romantic interest, no matter how hot she looks.

triss and geralt relationship quotes

Not to mention using my last genie wish to bind our fates together. It makes Geralt look weak and pathetic.

Witcher 3 ► Triss Romance Ending - Geralt & Triss' Future #164

I probably would highly dislike Geralt's character if I had to play true to the lore with what Geralt would do. Just play the game instead of popping a blood vessel over meaningless sh. But I will never wear a plunging neckline again, Geralt. Her physical injuries were completely gone without leaving any scars, but she was left with a degree of mental scarring. Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski Triss also saved Geralt's life during The Thanedd coup after he was seriously wounded by Vilgefortz and was left there dying at the end of the skirmish by transporting him to Brokilon with the help of Tissaia de Vries.

Triss helping Geralt get to the dryads of Brokilon to save him. The healer was known for her taciturnity. But Milva had already heard excited accounts from dryads in the eastern marches of Brokilon; she already knew the details of the events that had occurred a fortnight earlier. About the chestnut-haired sorceress who had appeared in Brokilon in a burst of magic; about the cripple with a broken arm and leg she had been dragging with her.

A cripple who had turned out to be the Witcher, known to the dryads as Gwynbleidd: At first, according to the dryads, no one had known what steps to take.

Why did Triss & Geralt break up between witcher 2 and 3?

Milva did not believe that at all: Send the sorceress away, said the ruler of the Forest of the Dryads. A witcher leading a stormy life, and tied to her good friend Yennefer in a strange, turbulent and almost violent relationship.

Triss had watched them both and was jealous even though it seemed there was little to be jealous of. Their relationship quite obviously made them both unhappy, had led straight to destruction, pain and yet, against all logic… it had lasted. And it had fascinated her. It had fascinated her to such an extent that… …she had seduced the witcher — with the help of a little magic.

triss and geralt relationship quotes