Wife and husband relationship quotes in telugu

Wife and Husband Relationship Quotes in Telugu | Legendary Quotes

wife and husband relationship quotes in telugu

Here is New Telugu Language Wife and Husband Love Quotes images, Famous Mom Quotes, Happy Quotes, Telugu, True Love, Relationship, Real Love. Here is a 50+ list of the most inspirational positive psychology quotes in the world . Quotes can give you insight into understanding yourself and. quotes have been tagged as neglect: Carson McCullers: 'But the hearts of “If you neglect your fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands, and wives, then tags: abuse, faith, family, god, marriage, neglect, relationship, relationships.

A Tiger at home, but a cat outdoors. Refers to people's inconsistent behavior in their comfort zone vs. Tiger implies confident and aggressive behavior, while cat refers to meek and timid behavior. So, the proverb suggests that one behaves confidently at home tiger when indoors but gets all meeka and timid outside the cat outdoors Toorpu tirigi dhandam pettu[ edit ] Toorpu tirigi dhandam pettu Literal translation: Turn East and pray Used to indicate that all options in a given situation are exhausted, and the last resort is to just pray and hope for divine intervention.

Hindu prayers are done facing east. It is like saying "Tried everything, all we can do now is turn east and pray". Modatikae mosam moguda ante pesarapappu pellama annattu[ edit ] Modatikae mosam moguda ante pesarapappu pellama annattu Literal translation: Wife says its getting impossible financially and husband asks for green gram a kind of lentils, considered premium.

Indicates someone being out of touch with reality. It is similar to the quote attributed to Marie Antoinette about asking people to eat cake when they have no bread.

Illu alaggane pandaga kaadu[ edit ] Illalaggane pandaga kaadu It is a general practice to clean the house on a festival day apart from other things. Here it means thatif you have finished painting your home, it does not mean that the festival is over. This is similar to saying, if you have read 10 answers, it does not mean you have got A grade in exams.

Aadadi tirigi chaedutundi, Magavaadu tiragaka chaedataadu[ edit ] Aadadi tirigi chaedutundi, Magavaadu tiragaka chaedataadu Broadly, this translates to - A woman gets corrupted with too much socializing, and Man gets corrupted with too little.

In current day, this would be sexist and inappropriate. The intended message is more on the lines of: Women spending too much time outside home socializing, gossiping etc. Mose vadiki telsu kaavadi baruvu Literally, this proverb means person carrying the sedan chair a type of human powered transport knows the weight of it. Others[ edit ] This section needs translation.

Mother Wife and Husband Relationship Quotes in Telugu

Please see its entry in Category: Pages needing translation for discussion. If it is not rewritten in Englishit will be removed. This is used in the context when the experience of others is not made to use and people do exactly opposite to what is suggested. No wife yet, No pregnancy yet, but planning to name the son as "Somalingam". This is used in the context of someone daydreaming about things that are so far ahead in time and nowhere in immediate sight.

Someone who is dreaming the future a son's namebut doesnt have the minimum requirements a pregnant wife. Literally, this proverb means unreachable grapes are sour. It is similar to the proverb "The grapes are sour, said the fox, when he could not get at them".

wife and husband relationship quotes in telugu

This can be used in context when a person fails to achieve something and he says it was not worth it. Literally, this proverb means - a person who answer's is taken for granted by the person who question's him. This can be used in the context of a person who asks too many questions to others. Literally, this proverb means-forest lit with moonlight. This is used in context of something very precious is provided when there is no one to benefit out of it.

Literally this proverb means that "Obstacle in starting of a work". This is used when an obstacle occurs at the very beginning stage of a work. Unnamata ante uluku enduku.

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Translating literally it means " Why speaking truth makes angry". This is used when some one gets angry by listnening a truth. Kanchu mooginattu kanakambu moogunaa. Karva mante paamu kopam vidava mante kappa kopam teluku pettanam isthe tellavarlu kuttindanta I am not sure that money is truely has THAT level of importance, but having money does make life easier.

wife and husband relationship quotes in telugu

We all need money. This post is a collection of motivational money quotes. These wise quotes about money are meant to inspire you to go the extra mile to earn more money or to give you some financial wisdom to help you keep hold of what money you have.

While it is certainly true that money alone will never make someone fall in love or guarantee happiness. Having money in a relationship does not hurt a relationship, or hurt your happiness. The flip side is true too. Lack of money, being broke, and constant worry over how to pay the bills does indeed put significant stress on both relationships and happiness.

wife and husband relationship quotes in telugu

Lack of money can easily end both. If you want to be happier study the habits of happy people. Or learn to find happiness within yourself. Or even read some books on happiness. Or perhaps, if you are constantly broke, get inspired by some of these motivational money quotes that can give you the inspiration to earn or save a few extra bucks. Fortunately, I love money.

89 Motivational Money Quotes

Put money in my mom's hand. Between retirement and the possibility of some future disaster that could put strain on your finances it is important to plan for the future. The quotes about money shared below give you some pithy examples of the need to save some money for the future. A fool can earn money; but it takes a wise man to save and dispose of it to his own advantage.

It's learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can't win until you do this. President If you want to learn more about the actual mechanics of how to invest your money for the future.

You are going to need a little bit more than a few pithy money quotes.

wife and husband relationship quotes in telugu

You will want some actual books about saving and investing for the future. Below are two great resources to find books that will help you make your money work for you. These are money quotes that are primarily inspirational. But these motivational money quotes are also designed to impart a little bit of wisdom and knowledge about the best ways to successfully make money. It is hard to earn more money, unless you start some sort of a side hustle. You can improve at your career, and ultimately make more money.

But it is nothing that is instant. All the good money quotes in the world are not going to magically make your boss start paying you more without a good reason. The point is that if you need more money as soon as possible, the best way to get it is by improving your finance habits, not trying to increase how much you earn. Below is a link to show you some finance habits you can easily improve to keep more of the money you earn. Before you write, think. Before you spend, earn.

wife and husband relationship quotes in telugu

Before you invest, investigate.