Yul servo and piolo pascual relationship

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yul servo and piolo pascual relationship

Servo said that they're not affected by the nasty rumor anymore. - Piolo is "ninong " to most of Servo's children. The rumor about Yul Servo and Piolo Pascual. Yul Servo Talks about long-rumored dating relationship with Piolo Pascual Download MP3 free. Yul Servo Talks about long-rumored dating relationship with . “I don't think anybody should be judged based on their relationships . A few years ago, Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby missed a shot at greatness when they write-ups and blind items about his alleged trysts with actors like Yul Servo, now a.

They are victims of beliefs that treat them as moral misfits. The Neanderthals in the Comelec, in effect, disenfranchised a class of citizens on the basis of a set of prejudices. The grounds cited by the Comelec second division are laughable.

It then gratuitously added that homosexuality is against Christianity and Islam.

yul servo and piolo pascual relationship

Are Christianity and Islam now state religions that citizens who do not subscribe to their tenets should be stripped of their right to be voted into office? There is no religious test for running for office. This follows from the doctrine of separation of state and church. Gays and lesbians certainly have not committed any crime that would disqualify them from forming a political organization by preferring their own sex.

Accrediting a party, which is fighting against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, leaves our youth open to moral and spiritual degradation?

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What drivel is this? Homosexuality, if we understand the Catholic doctrine correctly, is not a sin although acts are.

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These old farts at the Comelec are trying to be more popish than the Pope. He is probably right, and I say gays are abound in all other institutions, including the media, the church, the academe, and even the military.

Who is Piolo Pascual’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Piolo Pascual

Otherwise, Ferrer could have named names. Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby missed a shot at greatness when they sued Lolit Solis for libel a few years ago when the latter insinuated in her column that the two may be lovers. All muscles, no substance.

yul servo and piolo pascual relationship

Now is the time to come out. But when they asked him about the possibility of him playing any gay role in a project, the year-old Kapamilya actor said he would not accept such an assignment ever. In the recent press conference for Sunpiology Fun Run by Sunlife Financial, Piolo told reporters that he is not that stupid to play a gay character in any project.

Yul Servo opens up on long-rumored dating relationship with Piolo Pascual ▷ immobilier-haute-garonne.info

You might be wondering why not, if he is secured about his own sexuality. Backlash from breakup But Piolo defended himself that doing a gay role would only put him into further embarrassment. He thinks such a role would only give his detractors the satisfaction of feeding their insinuations about his sexuality.

He asserted that he could do any role but that because he does not need more intrigues just to attract attention.

yul servo and piolo pascual relationship

Up to this day, Piolo said he is still facing the backlash that was created by his publicized breakup with ex-girlfriend KC Concepcion. The two of them broke up two years ago amid speculations that Piolo was only using her as a cover-up for his sexual orientation.

After the breakup, KC graced an interview where she revealed some details in their relationship, which led many to think that Piolo is indeed a homosexual.

Since then, Piolo has been linked to fellow actor and singer Mark Bautista, who was also pointed at as the possible third party in the Piolo-KC split-up.

Pambababae ni Piolo Pascual, ibinulgar ni Yul Servo

KC did not deny or confirm those speculations, an act that only fueled the fire.