Zari and diamond age difference in relationship

Zari Hassan Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Children, Wealth and News

zari and diamond age difference in relationship News ☛ Popular socialite and mother of five Zari Hassan stunned her Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has always been evasive about the age gap Diamond's younger step father slams haters as he defends relationship with. Diamond was nine years younger than Zari, but the age difference did in Zari Hassan's relationship with Diamond Platnumz, they had some. She is of different heritage, her grandfather on her moms' side is Indian Diamond and Zari Hassan marriage almost ended when pressure.

Zari, severally, has hinted that she would prefer the party cancelled and the crowd set to jet in stays in Tanzania.

Ivan was rumoured to have made a habit of physically abusing Zari. In her interview with NTV Uganda in DecemberZari opened up to presenter Faridah Nakazibwe, saying that she did put in a lot of effort in trying to salvage the union to no avail. I was abused by Ivan even in front of my kids.

zari and diamond age difference in relationship

Sometimes it happened in public places. I think everyone knows that now. Zari Hassan and Diamond After dumping Ivan, Zari moved on and would then fall in love with another basket-baller, Farouk Sempala, with whom they had a short-lived relationship. Farouk then went on the rampage claiming that Zari aborted his kids and that was the reason for their breakup, according to Uganda Exposed.

In Decembera picture of Diamond, who had just broken up with his bongo movie actress Wema Sepetu, emerged showing him canoodling with Zari in South Africa.

PHOTO - What Zari and Diamond Looked Like in Will Shock You

The two denied being in a relationship, with Zari saying that they were working on some music project which never materialised. However, their union was confirmed a few weeks later when Zari graced the red carpet hand-in-hand with Diamond Platnumz during the Channel O Video Music Awards ceremony in South Africa. It added that Ivan was surprised because they had agreed that even with their separation she should never bring someone else to the world but rather concentrate on co-parenting the three sons.

zari and diamond age difference in relationship

With the aid of his close friend King Lawrence, Ivan started attacking Diamond via social media posts asking him to leave Zari alone. As of today, he is not married anymore. He has divorced his wife, Zari Hassan, very recently, when they failed to reach the mutual understanding.

This news was a big shock to those people who liked this couple and considered them to be relationship goals. So, do not hesitate and read the fresh information about Diamond Platnumz wife and baby. So, if you were wondering how old is Diamond Platnumz wife, we have an answer for you. Diamond Platnumz wife age is 38 years old.

Zari opens up on dumping Diamond, kids, wealth and reality show

She was born in the family of Nasur Hassan and Halima Hassan, her mother has unfortunately passed away. Her father is half Somali half Burundian, while her mother was of Indian and Ugandan origin. Zari was not the only child in her family — she had seven siblings: Zari attended the primary school in her native city Jinja.

PHOTO – What Zari and Diamond Looked Like in 1993 Will Shock You

She is a skin care specialist with a degree. A lot of people are wondering whether Zari has bleached her own skin to fit in her high and luxurious lifestyle, even though she denies these claims. Another thing that people have always been wondering about is her lips — some are certain that she did a lip augmentation, just like Kylie Jenner and many other celebrities.

It is also known that she wears braces to take care of her teeth. However, no matter what people say, Zari knows that she is a public person who will be a target of gossips anyway, and is certain that she is the only one in charge of her appearance. Zari Hassan has always wished to become a popular singer. Back in school, she started developing her singing talent.

zari and diamond age difference in relationship

When she entered high school, she already had very high singing skills, which allowed her to participate in different music and dancing competitions, as well as drama clubs.

She won the best actress title twice. Diamond Platnumz was not the first husband of Zari. Inwhen she completed her degree in the United Kingdom, after two years abroad she first returned to her native country Uganda and then relocated to South Africa.

Zari Hassan Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Children, Wealth and News

This group helped the less privileged young people, mostly those from Uganda who resided in South Africa. Zari and Ivan were married for twelve years. They had three sons together, whose names are Pinto, Quincy, and Didy.

zari and diamond age difference in relationship

The happiness ended in when the couple grew apart. Zari and her ex-husband Ivan. They met by accident, and Zari even asked for a picture with Diamond, as she was a huge fan of him.

zari and diamond age difference in relationship

As they met on their journey to Uganda, they had a chance to have a conversation. After this meeting, they would occasionally hang out together and post photos. They officially confirmed their romantic relationship in late Diamond was nine years younger than Zari, but the age difference did not stop the couple from being completely head over heels with each other. Their marriage was blessed with two children — Latifah Dangote, who was born in Augustand Prince Nillan, whose birthday was in December